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Elder care activities for January

I hope you are enjoying a great festive season and are ready to tackle the New Year with the enthusiasm and vigour which is representative of our industry.

Consider starting the New Year with a yearly plan for the major, special events you want to accomplish.
Just choose tentative dates and adjust when the month comes along.

I would also recommend that you write letters to all ministers of religion and set service dates for the whole year.

I will be spending some time on the Sunshine Coast after Christmas with my family and a whole lot of books for summer reading.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous and safe New Year!

Happy Holidays!

January Activities

8th - Elvis Presley's Birthday Activities
17th - Martin Luther King Day Activities
19th - Sundance Film Festival Activities
23rd - Chinese New Year Activities

26th - Australia Day Activities

Collage with gum nuts and leaves

Australia Day Damper Recipe

Australian Bookmarks for Australia Day

Australian Indigenous Dot Painting

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