Blog Post Published May 2012

Elder Care Activities for June

Here we are, half way through the year; and what a month are we having in June!
There are so many things to celebrate, here are a few:

1st Summer - Northern Hemisphere Activities
Paper Plate Sunflower
Summer Yarn Balls
Recycled Dream Spring Tree
Contact paper mobiles
Recycled Crayon Sun Catchers
Egg carton Spring Flowers
Coffee Filter Sun Flowers
Desert Terrarium
Recycled carton Bird Feeder
Spring Flowers & Butterflies
1st Winter - Southern Hemisphere Activities
Winter Craft – Snow Flakes
Winter Craft – Hanging Leaves
Gluhwein Recipe
Salt Dough Magnets
Garlic Soup Recipe & Trivia
Winter Wonderland Crossword
Winter Craft Club
Winter Quiz
2nd Italian National Day (Festa della Repubblica) Activities
Italian Quiz
The Legend of Tarantella Word Finder
Italian Food Quiz
Bocce Balls Game
3rd Royal Diamond Jubilee Activities
Royal Photo Exhibition NEW
Wheelchair Diamond Jubilee Banner NEW
Diamond Jubilee
Royal Jubilee Decorations NEW
Royal Maze NEW
Flotilla Paper Boats NEW
How to host a High Tea Party
Royal Quiz
How to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II NEW
5th World Environment Day Activities
Scavenger Collages NEW
Sticks & Bark Collage NEW
Environment Quiz NEW
Ocean Conservation Word Search NEW
How to celebrate World Environment Day NEW
Trees of the World Quiz UPDATED
Trees of the World Word Search
8th World Oceans Day Activities
World Oceans Day Poster
World Ocean Day Quiz
Marine Trivia
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish NEW
Go Fish Game NEW
11th Queen's Birthday (Australia except WA) Activities
Royal Quiz
How to host a High Tea Party
17th Fathers Day (US, Canada & UK) Activities
Bow Ties for Father's Day and Special Events
Father's Day Word Search 1
Father's Day Poem
Father's Day Quiz
My Father's Profession Game
Pot Luck Quiz for Father's Day
Father's Day Crossword
Father's Day Word Search 2
Spot the Differences Contest
Ideas for Men's activities on Fathers Day
Father's Day Quiz 2
Table soccer
Nautical Word Search
Greetings Cards for Fathers Day NEW
Movies to watch on Fathers Day NEW

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