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Elder Care Activities for September

September is nearly here!

We can look forward to some warmer weather in Australia and New Zealand and celebrate the arrival of Spring whilst in the Northern Hemisphere the spectacle of Autumn will soon begin.

Father's Day is a great opportunity to give some special attention to the men in your facility, whilst Brazilian Independence Day is a great excuse for a party!

Here are some events to celebrate in Septebmer:

1st - Spring (Southern Hemisphere) Activities
Recycled Dream Spring Tree
Spring Clean Word Finder
Spring Word Search
September Riddle Puzzle 1
September Riddle Puzzle 2
Coffee Filter Sun Flowers
Recycled carton Bird Feeder
Spring Flowers & Butterflies
Desert Terrarium
Contact paper mobiles
Recycled Crayon Sun Catchers
Egg carton Spring Flowers
Summer Yarn Balls
Paper Plate Sunflower
Lovely Hanging Paper Flowers
1st - Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) Activities
Autumn Tree
Contact paper mobiles
Recycled Crayon Sun Catchers
2nd - Fathers Day (Australia & NZ) Activities
Bow Ties for Father's Day and Special Events
Father's Day Word Search 1
Father's Day Poem
Father's Day Quiz
My Father's Profession Game
Father's Day Crossword - Professions
Recycled carton Bird Feeder
Pot Luck Quiz for Father's Day
Spot the Differences Contest
Ideas for Men's activities on Fathers Day
Father's Day Quiz 2
Table soccer
Greetings Cards for Fathers Day
Movies to watch on Fathers Day
3rd - Labor Day (US) Activities
Guess the Profession Quiz
Professions that no longer exist
Labour Day Word Search 2
Labour Day Word Search
Labour Day Quiz NEW
7th - Brazilian Independence Day Activities
Masquerade Masks NEW
Brigadeiro - Brazilian chocolate bon-bons Recipe NEW
Brazilian Quiz NEW
Brazilian Trivia NEW
Brazilian Art Templates NEW
How to celebrate Brazilian Independence Day NEW
21st - International Peace Day Activities
How to celebrate International Peace Day NEW
Peace Maker Profiles NEW
Cultural Trivia from around the World NEW
27th - World Maritime Day Activities
Nautical Word Search
Titanic Word Search NEW
Titanic colouring-in template NEW

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