Blog Post Published November 2010

Employer of Choice 2010

Aged Care Association Australia (ACAA) holds an annual 'Employer of Choice' Awards program. This provides opportunities for aged care facilities to demonstrate to the broader industry what it is that makes staff want to work in aged care and for their facility in particular. The criteria include:
  • Innovation and creativity to support staff satisfaction
  • Strategies to create a team spirit
  • Demonstrated high staff morale
  • Evidence of training and an employee career path
  • A demonstrated family friendly workplace
  • Evidence that your workplace is a happy place.
I am so mighty proud that the winner of the 'Employer of Choice Awards 2010' was won by the facility I work for. Berlasco Court Caring Centre's submission was entered in by staff last August and two weeks ago, after finding out we were among the finalists, we were informed that we were the winners!

Our manager Athena Ermides went to Adelaide last week to receive the award and make known the fundamentals of her award-winning strategies.

It has been such an exciting week, and you would understand if I told you that my colleagues and I have been walking around full of pride. We are happy that the efforts of management to create a positive culture that we believe is quite unique, have been recognized.

Congratulations Berlasco Court Caring Centre! Congratulations Athena!


Debbie 25th Apr 2011 activitiesco_ordinator


ball throwing with diferent textures of the balls .use this game as the same process of pass the parcel. The residents may not be able to see properly but the can still feel the diference of jagged round knobs etc can be made really funny as you stop the music and can say the one with the smooth knobs or who has got the one with the spikey ones. The resident then gets the parcel to unrap and it starts all over again.
judy 15th Dec 2010 Gerontologist


love your work as always....can you help have now a large proportion of residents who want to do things but can hardly see - need success at end of activity to keep self esteem high - running out of ideas!!! thanks....Judy

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