Blog Post Published December 2016

End of Year Message 2016

End of Year Message 2016

Another end of year! Let’s celebrate the successes, however few or small. Being grateful puts the ups and downs into perspective and helps make us aware of all the things we take for granted.

Have a safe and blessed season. Renew your energy; both physical and mental, by spending quality time with your family and relaxing with some good books.

For those working through the festive season, make the most of it! Plan a potluck party for clients and staff to remind everyone that they are not alone. After all the best of all gifts is harmony and goodwill among others, whether at work, at home, or in the community.

Remember that you make a big difference to the lives of your clients with your support, empathy and understanding. Your chosen profession is challenging, all-consuming and gratifying and I salute you for your commitment and kind hearts.

May your Christmas be filled with happiness, peace and love, and may your expectations and goals for the New Year be fulfilled!

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