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How to plan a Mother's Day Raffle

Mother's Day is coming up on the second Sunday in May. This is an ideal opportunity for fundraising because most people will be willing to participate to honor the women in their lives.

Holding a raffle can be rewarding and quite inexpensive. The proceeds are only limited by the number of tickets sold.

Now is a good time to start planning if you want to include a raffle hamper in your Mother's Day celebration in May. It is a good idea to inform management or your intentions and secure their approval.

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dorothy on ANZAC Day Service | 13th March 2013

thankyou for this i will certaintly be using this it is very helpful

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Joy on Treat Trolley | 12th March 2013

We also have a shopping trolley and when marking the prices on the objects, we have a guessing game to see who can guess the correct price.

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Joy on Fun Crossword #7 | 12th March 2013

These crosswords are great for fill ins if I get called away or while we are waiting for morning tea or lunch to arrive. Joy

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on Questions | 12th March 2013

I have also done this a few times.
My residents were confused and asked for a plate, knife and fork.
Im going to try with a diffrent group on Friday .

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Johnette on St. Patrick's Pot of Gold Poster | 12th March 2013

Fabulous activity!!!!! I have Aged Care Residents as well as Day Centre Clients, and we had a ton of fun with this activity. Thanks, well done!!!

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Veronica on Alzheimer's Disease - 16 practical activites | 9th March 2013

In the Dementia Ward where I did the Therapy the most exciting event we did was every Friday lunch when we had fish and chips. I would put servings of fish and chips with a little salt and wrap these in butchers paper. We would sit outside in our under cover area and unwrap the fish and chips and they would eat them with their fingers right down to dabbing their fingers on the salt. We would reminise holiday times at the beach which back in their time is where they used to go at holiday times. Not only for the reminiscing factor it even got the residents who wouldn't eat to eat their lunch. Occasionaly we would decorate with umbrellas and other seaside things.

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lyn on Fun Riddle | 9th March 2013

I am going to give this fun riddle a go with my very high care group and will let you know how I pass with them. Cheers. Lyn.

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Lyn Dobbs on Clown Day | 9th March 2013

Regarding the comment on Clowns. This works a treat for me at the hospital I work in. I found the residents love the colours and me being a clown acting the fool with them. I also go around to the wards and it is amazing how the terminally ill as with all the other patients act and cheer up when they see me. I just love the fact that the residents' who won't participate in many activities, as well as the patients have a good laugh at my clowning around. I just love seeing them all smile it really makes my day. Cheers team, from Lyn

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Linda on Feedback | 7th March 2013

I would like to say the Golden Carers site is fantastic. I use it all the time and will certainly be renewing my membership when the time comes. The ideas for activities & craft are just great. Thank you so much. Linda

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melissa on Treat Trolley | 7th March 2013

we are also running a trolley weekly for our residents but also with our prizes we have bingo dollars so they get to purchase from the trolley using both bingo dollars and real money, the residents are asking for the the bingo dollars to be an option for other things tht we have prizes in so they always have free money.

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Cheryl on Multicultural Radio Guide | 6th March 2013

Do you know where I could get a guide form for Sydney please.

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Marlene on Leprechaun's Hat | 5th March 2013

these hats are amazing , they are a real hit ! thank you for sharing ! I do have photos of our hats if you would like to see them...

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chris on | 5th March 2013

We adopted a greyhound for the nursing home. She is a permanent resident. As far as blending into our program she has been brilliant. The residents light up when she visits with them, she comes to them when they call her. We have one staff member that causes problems but this was anticipated after the pre adoption survey was done. Only real issue is that she moults all the time. We expected her to be hair free. Our dog has been a huge hit with visitors families and residents.

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Cristine on | 4th March 2013

Hi Jackie, I also have problems in the past with noise levels and staff. I had asked staff to be mindful of the noise but with no improvement. I now use laminated signs I put up on entrance doors, and near the nurses station when activities are in progress. The signs say RESIDENT REST TIME QUIET PLEASE...and RESIDENT ACTIVITY IN PROGRESS QUIET PLEASE...these signs have certainly helped to solve the problem.

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The April activities newsletter will be out next week.

The full list of March activities are available here: March Activities


Bernadette 13th Mar 2013 nurse


Thank you so much for the newsletter. I am new at an activities position and am winging it most of the time. Your site is extremely helpful. My residents enjoyed the Easter craft and quiz.
Regards, Bernadette

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