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Mothers Day & Community Feedback

Sunday, May 12 is Mother's Day

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Tissue flowers for Mother's Day

Thank you for your feedback...

We appreciate the feedback we receive each day. Don't forget to comment on activities you have tried for the benefit of the whole community. Below are a sample of some recent comments...

Pauline on Questions | 29th April 2013

Just wondering if anyone is doing the Cert IV Health and leisure Course I would love to hear from you, Iam doing it DE and finding it a bit hard....
Cheers Pauline

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Coralie on Word Games | 28th April 2013

I do this activity every week. We had a list provided by someone, but now the residents are providing the words themselves. Once we are finished the residents look at all the words on the board and try to guess how many words they found. The person who gets the closest gets a prize.

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Morena on Feedback | 26th April 2013

Hi there, I've just become a member, I am so excited. I work in Cumberland Vie Hostel. Hope this web will help a lot.


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patricia on Mother Earth Word Search | 22nd April 2013

My residents enjoy doing word searches. Can you recommend any free websites to go to.

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Lyn on | 19th April 2013

I know where I used to work and we had a lady just like this we got her a doll that looked and felt like a baby, it took her mind off thing and diverted her attention to the baby....

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sandra on Questions | 18th April 2013

Hi everyone, iv got a question for u, I have been a D.T for 2 and a half years and have just this week changed jobs and I have gone from working in a rest home to working in a day care unit for the disabled, the house that I am working in is high care, soooo different from working with dementia, does anyone have any suggestions for activities, noting that a lot of these clients don't respond to a lot of the activities im used 2 doing, (HELP), And a lot of them don't respond at all xx

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Helen on Questions | 18th April 2013

Hi I have just started at a new facility and they have a full size oven for cooking activities. what are some things or recipes D.T's cook for their residents? I made jam drops and they enjoyed that.

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Jane on | 18th April 2013

Hi, where I worked previously we did around 4 dinner dances a year, and these ran successfully over 5 years.

I'm hoping to introduce the same at my new workplace. After a bit of trial and error we worked out that a later afternoon ( start at 4.45pm) time was best. The residents spend the afternoon getting ready, we had much competition amongst the ladies for the best dressed prize. We would start with some light background music and welcome everyone to the room. The entertainer would start whilst a ligh meal (finger food only) was served, then after a sweet treat he would begin to play some songs to dance to.

We found if we had entertainers who did Elvis, Neil Diamond, 50's and 60's stuff that would get people up dancing. We invited families and friends (for a small charge) and encouraged them to dance, we also invited volunteers who helped get residents up on the floor, if residents couldn't stand up we danced with them at the table or in their wheelchairs.

It takes a lot of planning but is definitely worth it to see the joy the residents get from being there. We usually had about 1 hour of music and most of the time we were finished up by about 6.30pm. The staff also got involved and came along to dance as well.

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