Blog Post Published August 2010

Postcard Exchange Program

We've just released an exciting new feature on the Golden Carers website - The Postcard Exchange Program

Suggested by one of our members, the postcard exchange program is a means of connecting with other facilities. Your residents will love receiving postcards from other facilities and the opportunity to make new friends.

How do you join the postcard exchange program?

  1. Visit the Postcard Exchange Program page and login to Golden Carers.
  2. Choose 'yes' to participate and type in a short description to display to other members. Click the update button.
  3. Browse through the list of other participating members and click the 'Make Contact' link to send an email to another member.

Enjoy! A big thanks to Kerry from Western Australia for this fabulous idea.


Sandy 18th Aug 2010 Diversional Therapist


Great Idea, how about sending 2 of the same post card for a match the card game, could also put up a map of Australia and post the cards on in the area they come from.

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