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Record the life stories of the elderly in your care.

Ensure that precious moments from every day lives are not lost forever to the effects of dementia and other conditions.

This Life Story Template is separated into 7 different categories: Biographical history, Extended family, School Days, Childhood, Adult Life, Marriage and Children, Multicultural.

These are only ideas, you may have questions of your own relevant to the person you are talking to.

Life Story Template

2013 Recreation Therapy Calendar - print & plan ahead

If you don't already use a recreation therapy calendar for planning your activities in advance, now is the time to get started. Getting organised means less stress and more fun.

Here is a 2013 calendar you can print and fill out month by month. Sometimes it is easier and faster to plan your calendar by hand than use a computer.

Once the calendar is filled in you may enlarge to A3 and place in the recreation room, reception and anywhere else you deem necessary.

2013 Recreation Therapy Calendar

Thank you for sharing activity ideas

Below are some activity ideas submitted by Golden Carers Members over the past month.
Please share your ideas and activity photos here!

Reflection Box


Masquerade Ball

Poetry Club




Craft Snake


Thank you for your feedback...

We appreciate the feedback we receive each day. Don't forget to comment on activities you have tried for the benefit of the whole community. Below are a sample of some recent comments...

debbie on Questions | 19th January 2013

Hi, I too work at a community centre for the aged in south Australia . These activities can be adapted well to all levels and abilities. I find the quizzes very good and love to here what people are doing across all areas of recreaction.
its a good site and not just for residential care facilities.keep tuned to the site as there is always new ideas.

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Linda on Feedback | 19th January 2013

I work at a adult day centre most of the other golden carers members
seem to be employed in residential faclities. But Im still able to use this wonderful web site.

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sandra on Difficult Behaviour Care Plan 1 | 18th January 2013

Desperate for new ideas for my sundowners. I am one therapist for 45 residents and I have no assistance from other staff. i am finding the expectations unbelievable and three weeks feel like three years any ideas? the Programme I am taking over from was non existant and I am having to start from scratch and am working a full day and having to do all planning documentation etc at home. needless to say I am getting exhausted.
Regards Sandra

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Suzette on Questions | 18th January 2013

Thank you so much for increasing the font on the print friendly option. It is so much more print friendly. Thank You

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Eileen on 2013 Recreation Therapy Calendar | 18th January 2013

Hi Team thankyou so much for this yearly calendar. I will be able to put it to good use throughout the year. This will also sabe time having to load it on a computer by being able to write it out by hand and just photocopying it onto A3. Cheers Eileen

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Julie on Questions | 17th January 2013

Hello to all fellow activity persons. I really need your help regarding new ideas for a group of 11 residents where i work.

These residents have varying disabilities such as Severe Dementia to sensory impairments and mobility impairments.

4 of these residents will attend activities elsewhere in the centre such as Baking, Snoozelen, Art, alongside activity programmes that are held in their unit but 7 decline as they do not like to leave their own unit.

We have the following activity programmes in place on their specific unit: Massage therapy, Quizzes, Reminiscence, Sing a longs, Afternoon Tea and Chat, Sorting Socks ( only 2 residents take part), Exercise, DVD's, CD's, Doll Therapy, Birthday Celebrations and Sonas aPc Programme ( a multisensory programme to aid the potential for communication).

Whereas we have a lot available these programmes are begining to get stale as its getting harder to motivate these residents as they are getting a lot more dependant in regards to their needs and abilities.

I am a qualified nurse and have 2 excellant care attendants with me. 1 is full time, the other is assigned to another area but always assists us in every activity and we would be lost without her.

We get little or no assistance from any other member of staff. We really could do with some fresh ideas that could be implemented for these residents and suited to their needs and abilities.

Thank you in advance.

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Kate on Fun Movie Quiz | 15th January 2013

great work - will use this quizz for sure = what a breathe of fresh air this site is :)

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LORRAINE on Questions | 15th January 2013

Our facility has used the WII but we find the residents really struggle to use it, they just don't have the ability to operate the controls. We are considering getting an XBox kinect as they can use their whole body to participate.

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lyn on 2013 Recreation Therapy Calendar | 15th January 2013

Hi team, thanks for the wonderful calendar for this year I shall try to use it to my best ability, saves me from trying to make my own as it is a little hard finding someone to help show me as I am not sure what to do on the computer to make one. Thanks again. Cheers Lyn

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The full list of February activities are available here: February Activities

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