Blog Post Published October 2009

Remembrance Day

After being overseas for 5 weeks visiting my elderly mother, I am looking forward to resume my input of activities and documentation for Golden Carers.

With Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) a few weeks away I thought I would share with you my way of celebrating this important occasion - especially for those who haven’t done it yet and would like to have a rule of thumb on how to go about it.

Check out the Remembrance Day Celebration activity on the website under Special Days. It includes an invitation, introductory speech and full program - I hope you will find it helpful.

There are also a number of other related activities for this occasion:

Crepe Paper Poppies (including video demonstration)
How to create Crepe Paper Poppies

Felt Poppies (including video demonstration)
How to create Felt Poppies

Ivy Wreaths
How to create an Ivy Wreath

I have wonderful memories of making wreaths with residents at the RSL in Pinjarra Hills, Brisbane.

Thank you to all those who have sent comments and ideas for activities. It is much appreciated!


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