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Special Days in April

April 1st - April's fool Day!
Beware of April's Fool Day on the first day of the month! It is a day for jokes and tricks. If you are going to play a trick, do it before midday, or the joke is on you. Print jokes from the website and have a good laugh reading them to your residents.
April Quiz - words that start with 'Ap'

April 2nd - International Children's book Day
The International Children's Book Day is celebrated all over the world on April 2 since 1967. The date was chosen in honour of the great Danish story teller Hans Christian Andersen who was born on or around that date. A reminiscing session with the
Story Books Reminiscing activity is a delightful way to celebrate this date.

April 4th - Easter

Easter 2010 starts on Palm Sunday on the March 28. This Holy Week is the most solemn celebration of the Christian calendar but whether you celebrate in a Christian, spiritual or secular way it is possible to create meaningful traditions to enjoy the holidays. It is a great time to decorate the facility with bunnies and chicks, have fun dying eggs and exchanging chocolate gifts. I wish you all a very happy Easter!

Here are some related activities:

April 26th - Anzac Day
On April 26 is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. 'ANZAC' stands for 'Australian and New Zealand Army Corps'. These two young countries fought together on the beaches of the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey in 1915 and in many other conflicts since. A morning service is a fine way to honour those who fought for our freedom. Here are some related activities:

April 30th - Arbour Day
On the last day of April we celebrate 'Arbour Day'. This celebration originated in Nebraska City, USA in 1872 and it is a day when people are encouraged to dedicate themselves to the planting of trees. It claims international observance and recognition in many countries. In Australia it is called 'National Tree Planting Day' and has two dates: July 28th for schools across the country and July 30th for the rest of the population. In China they celebrate on March 12th and in Brazil on September 21, New Zealand June 5. Since there is no fixed date I have placed it in April!

Here are some related activities to help you celebrate Arbour Day:


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