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Special Days in August

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In August, Queensland celebrates 'Seniors Week' (14 - 22 August) to honour the valuable contribution of our elders. This is a good excuse for all other states and countries to celebrate too! The aim of this event is to promote positive attitudes towards older people and ageing.

Pamper your residents with an elegant 'High Tea' one day and 'Beauty Therapy' on another day or an exciting mystery tour bus trip.

Here are some activities that are also suitable for this occasion:


Hawaiian Luau (Luau stands for 'party')

  Lucille Ball Look Alike Contest

August also marks the start of Ramadan on the 11th. If you have Muslim residents remember that this holiday is very important to them. It is a month during which the prophet Mohammed first received the words of Allah, or God. Those words became the Islamic Holy Book, the Qur'an. For muslims, it is a time for prayer and deep thought. If you have Muslin residents this is a topic they may be glad to talk to you about.

Winter Crafts
With our winter slowly fading away I have included in this month's activities a couple of winter crafts to celebrate the remaining wintery days; Hanging Leaves and Snow Flakes.


Hanging Leaves
In the Southern Hemisphere, the oaks, maples and liquidambars are fast shedding their leaves while the leaves of the malva, passionfruit and paw-paw are at their greenest at this time of the year.

These lovely leaves will look great hanging from ceilings, decorating glass windows and walls or made into mobiles for people who spend long periods of time in bed.
  Snow Flakes
The stunning Snow Flakes arefun to make and will look great hanging from the ceiling or stuck on walls and glass windows.

They are so simple to make and just beautiful. Make dozens of snow flakes and hang them around your facility or stick them on windows - there are endless possibilities and you can easily create your own patterns.

Have fun and happy Senior's Week!

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Helen 12th Aug 2010 Diversional Therapist


Hi I purchased both WII games of Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. Have tried Trivial Pursuit and it worked well for our residents. You can play 4 people at a time and when one person decided to leave the rest played her turn as an "All Play".
Helen 5th Aug 2010 Diversional Therapist


Just wondering if anyone is using Wii games in high care. I am looking at purchasing Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. I found bowling difficult for many of our residents and some are very good at trivia. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks Helen

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