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Special Days in January

Welcome to 2010! January is already in full swing - here are some activities and monthly observances for your January Calendar:

January 17 - 22, Activity Professionals Week (US)

Our colleagues in the United States will be celebrating 'Activity Professionals Week' starting on January 17th. The event is sponsored by the National Association of Activity Professionals to honour all the men and women caring for older adults in long care facilities, retirement homes, respite centers and day care centers. Fancy having a whole week dedicated to our profession, how marvelous! Happy APW!

January 18 - Martin Luther King Day (US)

A wonderful time to reminisce will be on the third Monday in January; a holiday in honour of Martin Luther King Jnr.

Martin Luther King Jnr's work and wisdom is a constant source of inspiration to millions of people around the world. Dr King led the Civil Right Movement in the United States in protest of racial discrimination entrenched in federal and state law.

Here are a couple of activities to celebrate the holiday:

January 26 - Australia Day

Australia Day is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain. It also marks the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788.

Let's enjoy our fabulous summer weather, ideal for outdoor activities - Happy Australia day!

Collage with gum nuts and leaves

Australia Day Damper Recipe

Australian Bookmarks for Australia Day

Australian Indigenous Dot Painting

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