Blog Post Published April 2010

Special Days in May

Here we are almost in May! There are some worthwhile celebrations in May, and one of the first to come to mind is Mother's Day on the second Sunday.

A little effort and inspiration is all you need to honour all mothers in your workplace. For instance, the tissue flowers are easy to make and should be offered not only to your residents but to all mothers amongst staff and visitors on Mother's Day. Have a happy day!

International Museum Day is also celebrated in dozens of countries on different days in May. Check with you local museum and perhaps take a small group of residents to special events to share culture through performances, storytelling, demonstrations and workshops.

We are continually adding new activities and classifying them as low care/high care. However you and your staff are the only ones capable of making informed decisions as to whether an activity is suitable to an individual. The best policy is to offer to as many people as possible and wait for their reactions. Sometimes you will pleasantly surprise.

Here are some activities to help you celebrate Mother's Day:

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