Blog Post Published September 2010

Special Days in October

October is an excellent month for activities with the traditional celebrations of 'World Animal Day', 'Halloween' and 'October Fest' and this year, with the 19th Commonwealth Games in India (3rd to 14th October) it is going to be even better!

Commonwealth Games
Have a cultural 'Indian Day' with all sorts of games, food tasting, music and dancing to the sound of Hindustani or Indian folk melodies or if you prefer; the current 'Bollywood' music. Of course it may not always be possible to celebrate everything that October has to offer on a grand scale but you may choose one or two events to have big parties.

World Animal Day
'World Animal Day' started in Florence, Italy in 1931 at a convention of Ecologists. The date was set for October because of the annual feast of St Francis of Assisi who was a nature lover and the patron of animals and the environment. Today, it is observed by animal-lovers of all faiths. This promotion for the preservation of wild life and endangered species in the forests and jungles of the world has ensured that these animals may be observed, studied and enjoyed for generations to come. Have a 'All Creatures Great & Small' themed day!

Be sensitive to those who considered this pagan event incompatible with the Christian faith. Despite it being a fun event for children in the USA and Britain it can be offensive to some people. Halloween precedes All Hallows' Day, better known these days as All Saints' Day. You can celebrate Halloween with gothic stories, poems and movies that deal with the mystical part of life. Happy Halloween!

Colombus Day
Lastly, our colleagues in the United States and Canada are celebrating 'Columbus Day' on the second Monday in October. Happy Holiday!
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Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to early October. This year it starts on September 18th.

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