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Special Days in September

Hi, here we are heading into Spring or Fall depending on where you are in the world. Australians and New Zealanders celebrate Father's Day on the 1st Sunday in September and on the first Monday, Canadians and Americans celebrate Labour Day.

Father's Day
One popular activity to make for Father's Day is a 'Bird Feeder' from recycled material. Gather a group of fathers around a table and have fun with this simple and satisfying activity.

Other Father's Day activities:

Labour Day
Labour Day in North America is usually celebrated by a day off from work and the opportunity to have a BBQ or go to the shore for the last vestiges of summer. Labour day is celebrated on different dates all over the world. Take the opportunity and make a special day of it in long term care facilities, special schools and respite care organizations. Celebrate with a BBQ or a picnic in honour of those who struggled for the achievement of economic and social justice of workers. For our seniors, it is a great time to reminisce; they may well remember the changes for fair working conditions and pay.

Here's a Labour Day Word Search to help you celebrate.

Other dates to celebrate in September:

Brazil is commemorating its national day on September 7. One of Brazil's largest contributions to show business was a singer called Carmen Miranda. During World War II she was the highest paid female performer in the USA and in Brazil she is a legend. Many seniors will remember her well. Why not hire a Carmen Miranda movie? Have pop corn and ice cream for a gala occasion!

Yom Kippur holiday starts with the 'Rosh Hashanah' or New Year on September 8 and lasts 10 days. Also known as 'Day of Atonement', this is perhaps the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. It is marked by repentance and many people spend the day in prayers and deep thoughts. People of the Jewish faith will appreciate your sensitivity in facilitating and supporting their wishes on this holiday.

Two famous people share birthdays on September 8. One is the English comic actor Peter Sellers and the other US entrepreneur par excellence Colonel Sanders (Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken). Why not use this occasion for a special afternoon, perhaps on Father's Day? Hire the 1960s movie 'The Pink Panther' and order KFC for supper.

Other Activities
I have added a couple of puzzles suitable for individual and group activities. If you use them in a small group setting (2 to 4 people) it is recommended enlarging the puzzles to A3 size and placing them on a white board for all to see.

September Riddle 1

September Riddle 2

Piggy Riddle

Some Spring Activities have also been added to the site:

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Spring Flowers & Butterflies

Coffee Filter Sunflowers

Spring Word Search

Spring Clean Word Finder

Create a Desert Terrarium

Have fun!

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