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The Benefits of Colouring-in for the elderly

Colouring-in pictures is a very relaxing activity for seniors in long term care, in fact it is very therapeutic.

There are numerous benefits including:

  • allowing the mind to let go of thoughts for brief moments and concentrate in the task at hand;
  • providing a venue for self-expression
  • improving dexterity (grip/control) and hand-eye coordination
  • providing a sense of accomplishment.

Even though many clients, when first asked to join a colouring group may seem hesitant, they will often be encouraged to try when they see the work of others.

Finding age-appropriate pictures for them to colour-in is important. Golden Carers provides colouring-in templates across a wide range of themes including templates based on well known artists.
Visit our colouring-in library. You can also search online for more pictures suitable to elderly people.

Always display the work of your group of participants.
Gather 20 or 30 pictures and then display for all to see (relatives, friends, staff).

Below are some popular colouring-in themes. The Christmas category includes some nativity templates as requested by subscribers.


Colouring-in categories

Christmas & Nativity
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Famous Artists
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Animals & Birds
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Marine & Nautical
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Aboriginal Artwork
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Thank you for your feedback...

We appreciate the comments and feedback we receive each day. Don't forget to comment on activities you have tried for the benefit of the whole community. Below are a sample of some recent comments...

Amy on Aussie 12 days of Christmas | 4th December 2012

we have started this activity, and sing after lunch each day. It is really fun, and suprisingly as we do it at the dining table even the residents who usually do not engagfe are joining in. Every body is wondering " what tomorrow picture" will be. Very fun and exciting. Great idea - thank you

Amy on Questions | 4th December 2012

just wondering if any one has a list of movies suitible to play in my facility. Saturday afternoons is " movie afternoon" . Im searching for movies that are classics as well as older movies that my residents will enjoy. The resident age from 70 - 102 years old. Any Help would be appreciated - oh and music too would also be appreciated, bands, song titles etc etc

Solange on Individual Music Activity | 2nd December 2012

Hy Lyn, congratulations on your decision to play the ukulele for the residents. As you see, it was very successful; and what a good idea to have volunteers to come periodically to sing. You are an asset to your facility!

Lyn on Individual Music Activity | 2nd December 2012

On the first Friday of each month a group of (6) volunteers come in and sing for our residents. There are (6) very high care residents and they have warmed to the idea of the performers. I can play the ukulele and thought of bringing it in to play along as well with the singers. I was a little shy at first and stood back, being a different instrument caught everyones attention. Well I was well recieved from all around the hospital and everyone enjoys the venue of two hours. comments were made of how they had not heard of the ukulele for years. The residents look forward to seeing the group and hearing them sing and even put in requests. Those that didn't appear to be interested at first are waiting in anticipation for the singers next arrival. Even those who you would not expect to comment and ask are doing so. WOW, music is good therapy and enjoyed by all.

Carolynn on Feedback | 1st December 2012

Not a member at the moment, but have heard some great things about Golden Carers and the great things on here for the residents we care for to do and stimulate their minds, I can't wait to join, thank you

Janice on Sample Activities Calendar - Monthly | 1st December 2012

Thank- you so much,I have had headache creating a calender to please our ILU's,this should do it.

The full list of December activities are available here: December Activities

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