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Valentine's Day activities and community feedback

Thursday, 14th of February is Valentine's Day!

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Valentine's Day

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Thank you for sharing activity ideas

Below are some recent activity ideas submitted by Golden Carers Members.
Please share your ideas and activity photos here!

Sensory Lap Quilt

Inventions over the years

Thank you for your feedback...

We appreciate the feedback we receive each day. Don't forget to comment on activities you have tried for the benefit of the whole community. Below are a sample of some recent comments...

Kate on Checklist for Social Outings | 11th February 2013

Good list. We also have to take a folder containing residents mini care plan which as their Doctor and relatives phone numbers, allergies, medical conditions etc.

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Leona on Questions | 11th February 2013

We have a dementia programme everyday between 3-5pm, some of the residents are able to see and do activities, two are vision impaired, one non comprehends anything, There are between 10 and 12 people on any one day, what activities cna I actually do to include everybody, not just talking and reminicing, any comments and help would be most appreciative.

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reena on Scented Bath Salts | 11th February 2013

This looks like a great idea. Does anyone has simple recipe to make homemade soap that i could make with the residents if possible without many chemicals.

Many thanks

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Kate on Newsletter Template 1 | 11th February 2013

new ideas here for our newsletter, thankyou. I also include other information from our Council calendar. eg. festivals, days or weeks of recognition. Your local newspapers are also handy resources. Residents enjoy reading whats going on in their community and some arrange family to take them to some events. kathy

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Margaret on Word Lists for Group Games: | 11th February 2013

We have a great time with word games & brain teasers like this in high & low care. Once we have made up a list, we play HANGMAN on the whiteboard with that list.

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Kate on Dementia Program - Weekly | 11th February 2013

i've worked in various facilities and i've noticed that most residents in the hostel area and Dementia Specific enjoy helping with domestic activities from making beds, washing and drying dishes, baking - mixing ingredients, hanging and folding washing, folding napkins, help setting up activities etc. They feel needed and a have a sense of self worth. Kate

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Kate on Getting Started with Aromatherapy | 11th February 2013

I am interested in the Cert.III or IV in Aromatherpy Course. Can anyone recommend an organisation who covers this. Kate

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Gaye on International Flag Decorations | 6th February 2013

Thankyou again so much. We get the clients to color their country flagand we are making a wall mount for everyones country of birth and some info about their country. Thankyou so much again. Brilliant website very helpful.

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matylda on Questions | 5th February 2013

I am planning to have Potting Plants as a new activity with my residents.Would anyone have any suggestion how to succesfully do it ...Thanks Matylda

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Helen on Alzheimer's Disease - 16 practical activites | 5th February 2013

For Julieanne Here is a link to fiddle aprons, fiddle tablecloths etc. If you can sew you can make these cheaply.

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colleen on Crochet and Knitting Club | 5th February 2013

We have this activity, fortnightly, depending on what project we have going at the time, it is a great interaction activity for staff and residents, our residents make things to sell on our craft stall and to put things in our local show, we have quite a big group now 12-15 somedays, they don't want the afternoon to finish, a big success

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dorothy on Alzheimer's Disease - 16 practical activites | 5th February 2013

in the unit we have 4 men very physically able we have started a mens shed with tins of screws, nuts, washers to sort, timber to sand and with a male volunteer. There are a few happy hours wittled away chatting, laughing and sometimes deep conversations about the past. I suggest if you have this situation discuss it with your manager it creates something for men away from the female folk it gives validation, socalisation and boosts self esteem and self confidence reducing discontentment, depression and feelings of inadequecy.

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Fess on Poetry Club | 4th February 2013

I have been running a poetry and music group now for around 2 years, if your Residents are anything like mine, the love for this group will grow stronger every week and you'll get in trouble if for some reason you can run the group on the scheduled day.
Good luck with your group.

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The full list of February activities are available here: February Activities

The March events newsletter will be out next week!

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