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Word Lists for Group Games

I have had a number of requests to provide lists of words suitable for word games.
Here are a few word lists in themes, which can be used in quizzes, word games, word searches and other white board games like hang-man.

Don't forget you can create your own word searches here: Word Search Generator

Thank you for sharing activity ideas

Below are some activity ideas submitted by Golden Carers Members over the past month.
Please share your ideas and activity photos here!

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Thank you for your feedback...

We appreciate the comments and feedback we receive each day. Don't forget to comment on activities you have tried for the benefit of the whole community. Below are a sample of some recent comments...

Sonia on Questions | 26th November 2012

I work with a client that has little or no vision, is hard of hearing and it confined to bed. I am always on the look out for interesting activities to do with her.

We have worked on her life story, do her nails and hand and foot massages, I take her outside into our garden, I try to get her to fold "washing" for me, we have a box of rice that she gets items out off and trys to guest what they are, I usually try to read something to her, (local paper, poetry, jokes ect), although she does not always hear what I am saying, her sense of smell and taste is not so good either, I am running out of ideas, and she sometimes appears bored. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the other ideas you have, I am always keen to see what new items you have. Keep up the good work

Solange on Questions | 26th November 2012

Hi Sonia,

Depending on the level of education she has, you could do quizzes, riddles, crosswords, and other 'word' games. Also make a few 'Who am I?' riddles involving staff or other people in your workplace that she has some rapport with e.g. gardener, visiting doctor, manager, volunteers.

Hollywood quizzes from her era may be of interest and another activity that rarely fails to succeed is unravelling a knitted jumper and wrapping the yarn for craft or re-knitting.

Shirley on Xmas Chains | 24th November2012

Looking forward to trying this activity this week, a wonderful way to use up our never ending supply of cards - Thankyou - Shirley NSW.

Linda on Holly Leaves Christmas Wreaths | 23rd November2012

Love this idea, I am going to use old CD's for the base instead of cardboard

Amy on Tissue Paper Sun Catchers | 22nd November 2012

I have tried this and it looks great - we have used stars and flowers instead of the bunny.

Joanne on Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees | 22nd November 2012

We glued tinsel and glitter on as well...the Women's Weekly (Australian) is thick and easy to use as well. This is an age old idea and well worth trying. Thanks for posting this.

Glenda on Picture Puzzle | 22nd November 2012

Love this idea. Have tried it and both people have responded well to enlarged photos of themselves. Am now preparing to try with old calendars and familiar items such as tractors and animals. Regards, Glenda

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