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Susan 13th May 2020 Activity Director
Hi Peggy
No matter what CD or DVD you get you are going to have to adapt and modify it to your group
So if you cant find some thing you could visit YouTube because they have suggestions for chair dancing
Let your residents help you and let your imagination run wild
Susan 26th Apr 2020 Activity Director
The name of the DVD CD is chair dancing‘s favorite hits
Here at the songs
A Fantasy Trip
Chair Cha Cha
Fans of Mozart
Brazilian Samba
The Twist
Hand Jive
I Feel Great
Funky Fun
Chair Yoga
Knee Hugs
How ever you can use any cd where residents feel the need to move and make up your own routine
These comments may help you
Good luck
Peggy 13th May 2020
Do you have a DVD and instructions somewhere? Trying to find where/how to purchase the DVD from
Bernadette 22nd Apr 2019 Recreational Officer
Hi, thanks for your helpful post.

Tried to find this but am having trouble, can you advise.

Thanks :)
Janet 17th Jul 2018 Activities Aide
I would love to purchase these, please tell me the name and where to buy.
Katja 13th Jan 2017 Recreation Activiites Officer
I bought two excellent DVDs from SMILE and Sway here in Australia,here are some of her examples . The residents enjoy it. She has two options on it one with the music and just follow or the other one with music and her voice. - Trailer

Below are three clips of three different dances:
Jashmine 10th Jun 2016 Diversional Therapist
hi can i also please know the name of that cd /dvd
Robyn 6th Nov 2013 Diversional Therapist
For Kirsten in NZ - there is a DVD in new Zealand called sit dancing which is for sale via the net - you will need to google it.
Bev 2nd Nov 2013 Occupation Therapy Assistant
Hi there
How would I go about ordering one to new Zealand
debbie 30th Oct 2013 day centre coordinator

I have looked on the web site for box n dice there are a couple for sale. Can you give me the name of the C.D please.There was one there with a video to play, but oh my goodness...very fast , my clients would not be able to keep pace with the music. I am looking for something slower.

Cheers Debbie
Kerry 29th Oct 2013 Recreational Coordinater
Hi Debbie, You purchase it from "Box & Dice" cost $80.00 Peta is the owner of this company & she is great, tell her you contacted me, you will not be disappointed with this package. Just google Box & Dice they are in W.A. and have very fast service. Good luck.
dianne 28th Oct 2013 diversional therapist
Thanks Kerry, this sounds great. Could you please let me know the name of the dvd and cd and where it is available.

Thank You
debbie 28th Oct 2013 day centre coordinator
can you tell me the name of the C.D and its price

thank you Debbie
Cheryl-Lee, Katinka, Rebekah, Dan, Cindy 24th Apr 2020 Recreational Activities Officers
I also would like the name of the DVD please as there is a few.
We have the smile and sway which is fun in our dementia unit also.
talita 23rd Oct 2013
Thanks Kerry, this sounds like lots of fun!