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Margaret 3rd May 2021 Life Enrichment Assistant
I would love to know what the specific chair yoga exercises you are using, do you have an instructions sheet for this activity It sounds wonderful!
Susan 3rd May 2021 Activity Director
George 19th Nov 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator
hiya my names is Joyce I work at a care home the residents will benefit from chair yoga sound amazing could you give me contact details please I am new to activities and need to put a planner together with year help with thank you Joyce
Heather 19th Jul 2016
Hi my name is Heather but i am known as Lisa & i am also very interested in the Chair Yoga for my Residents i would also love to have any information that may be available ? Thanking you, Lisa.
jenny 16th Jun 2016 activities coordinator
Do you have the exercises in picture form for a new staff member to follow. My residents don't like the CD as they have trouble hearing
Mike 14th Jun 2016 Manager
Hi, we have a lady come in fortnightly and take a session on chair yoga, our residents love it, and even the ones in big chairs who cant stand do it in their chairs ,arm movements, feet and legs to their own comfort, very relaxing and our instructor is amazing, relates very well.
Michelle 10th Aug 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Mike,

Is it possible if you could provide me the contact details of the yoga instructor that comes to the facility you work in?


Heather 9th Jun 2016 Recreation Activities Officer
Hi Dee
Most of the movements she does we were doing them, I feel the session just works different as she adds her personality into it which is bubbly and fun. Today we darkened the room and had lavender in a burner just to add another sensory/relaxation mood the residents loved it as it was so calm. Try looking on you tube. Hope this helps.
Dee 7th Jun 2016 OTA
Hi my name is Dee and I work as a OTA in an aged care facility and very much interested in any available information on Chair Yoga. Thank you
Cheers Dee