Decorate your facility or home with these beautiful evergreen balls.

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Solange 24th Nov 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Shirley

The origin of the Kissing Ball comes from England's Middle Ages - 'Holy Boughs' - made from evergreen foliage with figurines of baby Jesus and the Holy Family featured on them were popular.

'Holy Boughs' were placed in doors, foyers, and entryways as a sign of goodwill. At the time, mistletoe was a symbol of fertility and the holy boughs began to emphasize romance.

The kissing tradition came from an ancient myth in Scandinavia; the story says that when Loki, a troubled God, shot Balder (another young God) with an arrow made of mistletoe, Balder’s mother Freya was inconsolable and her tears became the berries of the mistletoe. The Norse Gods took pity on her and decided to restore Balder to life.
In gratitude Freya is said to bestow a kiss upon anyone who passes beneath the mistletoe. And so the custom of kissing under the mistletoe became part of the folklore to denote love and fertility.
Kathleen 20th Nov 2014 Support Worker / RAO
I was wondering the same thing? is like Mistle toe idea????
Shirley 17th Nov 2014 Recreation Officer
why is this ornament called a Kissing Ball? Shirley NSW