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Sharon 8th May 2016 Activities Coordinator
I work as an activities Coordinator at a rest home. We have a few female residents, with mild dementia, who believe there is nothing wrong with their minds. I have found that giving them more meaningful tasks to do, involving sorting, is very successful. This has included: sorting buttons by colors (supervision is necessary if the people tend to put items into their mouths); sorting cotton reels in the sewing box; and sorting and winding balls of wool. This is also helpful to me as the cotton reels and balls of wool quite often become tangled with frequent use.
Veronica 9th Oct 2015 Diversional Therapist
That is a great idea with the pegs. I would never have though of that. Thanks for sharing
Solange 7th Nov 2010 Diversional Therapist
You can also use discarded game tokens, or children's wooden building blocks; as long as they have a fair size so that if placed in the mouth there no danger of choking.
Pauline 7th Nov 2010 Activity Officer/AIn
This works really well with High Care Dementia residents I also use pegs of different colours as the residents are able to work out that they can peg the pegs onto the sides of the baskets they use and the activity lasts longer. Pauline