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Kymberly 23rd Nov 2016

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i would like to conduct a sitting down dance activity, with songs that invoke memories, but also encourage movement. Such as 'Delilah' - it seems to lead in to rocking & singing. Would this be seen as a physical activity only qualified physios should do because i've recently been replaced with the physical exercise classes, after many years...i am a qualified diversional therapist. Perhaps if it was promoted as a sing-along...?
Solange 4th Dec 2016
Hi Kymberly, sitting down dancing is a meaningful activity that promotes laughter and social connections. You may promote it as a sing-along or a ‘Movement to Music’. Being a qualified recreation staff you have the knowledge and the common sense to conduct a safe sitting music exercise. Best wishes!
Yvonne 17th Dec 2016
Hi Kimberly - I have only just today had our chair dancing activity- they LOVE IT - smiles all around - it consists of singing, wheelchair dancing - myself & a carer move them around the room in movement to the music, walker people stand & dance with their walker or dance with us staff for support & non aided also dance with us- I start with a jazzie one to get them in the mood - today was Christmas music - they wave, clap & cheer each other on - it's suitable for all residents - you just accommodate to the need- happy dancing!
Kymberly 19th Dec 2016
How wonderful. I would LOVE to hear about it Yvonne. Do you guide the residents with movements up in front or just let them do as they please? Residents i work with are semi-dependent, and i would imagine they would be a little self-conscious. Most of them would be seated...i would like to encourage those who are capable to stand behind the chair. I'm also just a DT so I dont know I'm qualified to do such a physical activity

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