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Marina 22nd Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist I/T
Hi I work in a secure dementia unit and I discovered how much my ladies love wearing necklaces and earrings. I started buying necklaces on trade me it is amazing how cheap you can get them, and how pretty they are. I then got the residents to make them, they did really well. I put
all the necklaces in a box saying the Crown Jewels, and each morning either the caregivers or me, get the residents to choose what they want to wear. Often I will put the box out in the middle of the table and they love to untangle them all. The latest is, I make earrings out of buttons
(also bought on trade me) all my residents had heaps of one earring. I clip off the plastic post at the back and glue on a gold clip on the back.
Very easy. I make several pairs the same, so it doesnt matter if you lose one. Bye for now Marina Diversional Therapist.

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