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Deborah Hundley 23rd Jan 2021
I would like to know what everyone is doing in activities during Covid-19 crises its really have been hard to keep residents in rooms and masked up when out of their room. What kind of activities are you doing .
Susan 23rd Jan 2021 Activity Director
There are many things you can do
Have you looked at the covid 19 activities
I especially like these
Make sure to check out the comments on these activities
Also making activity packets to hand out every so often is a good idea
Let me know if you need more ideas

Cynthia 24th Jan 2021 Manager Of Life Enrichment
Our home is limited to 1:1 in residents rooms with staff wearing full PPE. Our residents currently are not permitted out of the their rooms. We offer the standard 1:1 programs in the resident room and try to set as many residents up with self-directed programs as possible however, I do feel there are days we fall short with only 6 recreation staff and over 200 beds we do the best we can. Each day we find joy, try to celebrate successes as a team and as a home. I recently purchased the "Our Sensory Table" from the this has been one of the best "year end" spends of my career. Residents are engaged with the apps and will use for great lengths of time. Most recently at our Professional Advisory Committee Meeting an RN gave the Life Enrichment team several compliments for the work they are doing with the "Our Sensory Table."
Susan 24th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Cynthia
I have not heard of your sensory table
Can you describe it further
I am glad it is working for you and it could work for others
Thanks again for sharing

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