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Linda 19th Jan 2013 Activities Assistant
I work at a adult day centre most of the other golden carers members
seem to be employed in residential faclities. But Im still able to use this wonderful web site.
debbie 19th Jan 2013
Hi, I too work at a community centre for the aged in south Australia . These activities can be adapted well to all levels and abilities. I find the quizzes very good and love to here what people are doing across all areas of recreaction.
its a good site and not just for residential care facilities.keep tuned to the site as there is always new ideas.
marie 22nd Jan 2013 diversional therapist
I too work in an Adult Day Centre Linda, I have found many of the activies can be adapted to our needs.I love the word finder we always start the day with one to get the members thinking especially when we have a theme day like Australia Day,Easter etc

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