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Wendy 9th Dec 2013
Hi, I have just taken over the management of a Dementia Day Group (which is unfunded). Does anyone have any cheap or free ideas on how to keep reluctant people who have become staid and set in their ways in this group more involved and active. They are moderate level dementia and multicultural.
Suzette 10th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
I have found that for any activity to work there must be a purpose. The lure of money usually works. Fundraising for a trip out or away can be fun. Growing and selling vegetables, seedlings and tomato sauces is a great way to motivate and raise money. The locals will soon be dropping in to buy their tomato seedlings etc.We have found our local Lions club to be very helpful. Maybe approach your local club/s for start-up funds to get started. Good luck.
Lauretta 10th Dec 2013 Diversional Therapist
First stop is to ring the Alzheimer's help line 1800100500 and tell them your issues and they will refer you( free). Is your organization a member of AA in your state? then you can borrow from the library which has many resources ( free) also download some help sheets from the website. Need more? email me [email protected] I worked for them for 10 years
Michelle 10th Dec 2013 Recreation Activities Officer
You may be able to make some small craft items - paper maiche bowls or pottery items that could be sold to help raise some money.
Wendy 11th Dec 2013
Hi all who have answered
Thank you for your comments, I appreciate the response. Unfortunately Michelle, these clients are not capable of making anything to sell but Suzette, I like the idea of approaching local clubs/ for some funds - Ta. Yes Lauraette we are with AA and I have already gotten some awesome ideas from there and thank you for the offer of assistance.
Elizabeth 11th Dec 2013 Recreation Officer/AIN
I work in an aged care centre with 6 residents. Lack of motivation is a problem. I find the thing that works best is person centred activites, eg one resident loves playing Rummy King, but hates craft etc. Just talking to them all the time finding out what their life has been like and what their interests have been. Getting them to do gentle exercises,even in bed seems to help a bit, gets the blood flowing!!! I will read articles that appeal to them when they are in bed, just lying there looking at the ceiling. It can be very challenging, I'm always after new ideas and suggestions. Good luck Elizabeth
Wendy 12th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Manager
HI Wendy
Look at cutting out pictures of different birds , cats, dogs, ect and discussing what type they are, if they had a pet what name ect.
We looked at our Greek cleints and how they came to australia ie ship then develoepd a book on all the ships, pictures, information whihc wwe got form the net and their families very interesting to discuss wtih them , meet several standards too
also we do a varitety of activites, painitng, carft , like for xmas soloured chains like you use to make as a child very easy but look good.
Raindeers out of pegs look on the net it a good source
Michelle 16th Dec 2013 Recreation Activities Officer
with the pictures you cut out you could also create a memory box with toy boats and travel brochures of their original country, pictures and recipe of food, national dress, songs from their country etc. As part of an activity they could help suggest pictures to decorate the box.
Lauretta 17th Dec 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kate 1. Use original artwork of your clients for the front of a greeting card. Trim and mount the work. Print off stickers in colour for the inside or use stamps with greetings. Package 6 cards in glad bags and sell for fundraising for more supplies.
2. Use the software Publisher from Microsoft office for all type or cards. Add your facility pics from your photos to make the cards personal.
from Laureta

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