Mother's Day Quiz


What flower symbolises Mother's Day?

White Carnations


What is Mother's Day called in the UK?

Mothering Sunday


Who was known as 'The Mother of Calcutta'?

Mother Teresa


Liza Minnelli had a famous mother, who was she?

Judy Garland


According to the proverb 'who is the mother of invention'?



Paul McCartney wrote a song for his mother, do you know which song it was?

'Let It Be'


In Greek mythology who is the 'Mother of Earth'?



Can you remember two songs with the word 'mother' in the title?

'Mother Love' by Queen
'Mothers Little Helper' by The Rolling Stones
'Mother Earth' by Neil Young


The meal most associated with Mother's day is....



Which movie star appeared pregnant and nude on the cover of "Vanity Fair" in 1991?

Demi Moore


What is the name of the popular 1970's TV series where the mother was a witch?



In which of Alfred Hitchcock's films would you hear the words 'Mother is not quite herself today!'?



Where do 'mother of pearls' come from?

Oyster's shells


Who is Pebble's mother in the TV series 'The Flintstones”?



Maureen O'Sullivan who played 'Jane' in six Tarzan films is the mother of a famous star; what is her name?

Mia Farrow


Who released a hit song called "Mamma Mia" in 1975?



What's the word mother in Italian?

Madre or Mama


What film featured a mother named Mrs. Robinson, who has an affair with a younger man?

The Graduate


What does the word Matriarch mean?

A female head of a family or tribe


What TV show featured a mother named Morticia, who was married to Gomez and had two children, Wednesday and Pugsley?

The Addams Family

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