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This is a modified version of Bingo that uses images instead of numbers.

It has been designed to keep players actively engaged by having to search and find the correct image. 

A traditional game of bingo may have 75 to 90 potential numbers and can take up to an hour. This Easter Bingo game has 75 potential answers.

To play this game:

  1. Each player will need a Players Card and 24 square covers (plastic coins are best)
  2. Cut out each of the "Call Out" cards for the facilitator

How to play:

  1. The facilitator slowly calls out each "Call Out" card, giving participants time to find them
  2. As results are called out, each player should mark off any hits on their card with a plastic coin
  3. The first person to get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, and calls out BINGO, is the winner.

Total Play Time: around 15 to 30 minutes per game

Files included:

Download Image

Easter Bingo

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Abigail 9th Apr 2020 Activities Coordinator
Catch the Bunny game. Where residents chuck bean bags on to bunny feet.
Susan 11th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Great idea
Thanks for the picture
Aranui Rest Home and Hospital 6th Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist I/T
I love your idea! We've got bean bags and I will use this idea to do Bunny Hunting for the coming Easter. Thanks!
Talita 14th Apr 2018
Thanks so much for your lovely feedback everyone! We will be releasing some more themed bingo in the coming months. x
meredith 11th Apr 2018 Activity co ordinator
Played this over Easter and since......residents love it......lots of fun

Claudia 29th Mar 2018 Lifestyle
The activity was a big success, residents that usually refuse to engage in group activity were actively involve!!! I'm very happy :D

Raelene 27th Mar 2018 Diversional Therapist
enlarging to A3 and laminating
Michelle 19th Mar 2018 Carer
Thanks Golden Carers for the great resources ! looking forward in using the Easter Bingo
for our group such fun !
Lori 22nd Jan 2018 Activity
It looks fun can I make it big for poor eyesight
Maurice 25th Jan 2018
Hi Lori,

Yes of course!

You can click "Download and Print", and then print the cards on A4, or even stretch them up to A3.
Sharon 11th Apr 2017 Recreational Activities Officer
This looks fabulous - can't wait to try it out at our Easter Parade Game afternoon and also with our Dementia Unit.
Johnette 10th Apr 2017 Activities Officer
Fantastic!!! my Day Centre LOVE BINGO!!!! Cant wait to play tomorrow.
Thank you so much
We will have to do one for Christmas!!
meredith 4th Apr 2017 Activity co ordinator
Have printed copies ......looks fun ......thank you.

meredith 4th Apr 2017 Activity co ordinator
Have printed copies of Easter bingo........looks fun......Thank You for new ideas.
Jennifer 31st Mar 2017 caregiver
Love this. Looking for Easter ideas. Thank
Lynley 24th Mar 2017 Activities Officer
I tried this game last Easter but a lot of the residents could not distinguish between the eggs and colours (due to eyesight issues) and found it very frustrating. Maybe I might make a smaller version and larger when time permits.
Shannon 16th Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Love this take on the traditional Bingo game. Would you be able to provide a modified version of this game for dementia clients eg reducing the number of squares on each card from 24 to 8 or 10
Talita 20th Mar 2017
Yes, thanks for this suggestion. We're working on it and will publish another version shortly. Will let you know.

Thanks Shannon!
Sharron 22nd Mar 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi I have been a member for several years and I love Golden Carers and appreciate the help that is always available at my finger tips. I am looking forward to using the Easter Bingo. Happy Easter to you and all Golden Carer members.
Talita 22nd Mar 2016
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving feedback Sharron, this is much appreciated.
A very happy Easter to you too from all of us at Golden Carers!
Nicole 3rd Mar 2016 Activity + Respite Worker
Have just printed off A3 copies and looking forward to Easter Bingo Fun with our groups
Kerrie 2nd Mar 2016 studying Cert IV Leisure & Health
This looks fun
No Avatar