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Talita 17th Sep 2018
If someone is able to share a photo of their egg bingo to add to this activity that would be wonderful!
Robyn 8th Sep 2018 Rao
Have played at work the residents love it because they were involved in creating it we have different residents every time we play
Kellie 4th Sep 2018 Support Worker
Will give this a try ....sounds great.
Mary 1st Sep 2018 Activities Coordinator
This souds great! I'm going to try try this and I will let you know the out come!! :)
Maree 31st Aug 2018 Diversional Therapy
Love it great fun
Shevell 31st Aug 2018 Life Enrichment
I really like this, I am going to do this with plastic Easter Eggs since I have a ton in storage. Great idea, love this!!!!! Thanks
Robyn 30th Aug 2018 Rao
Love the idea am new to the Golden Cares anything that will help us and give the residents something new to do is a bonus.
Marguerite 29th Aug 2018 Support Person
what a great idea. Even our residents with Intellectual disabilities could play this.
Tracey 28th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Cute idea for multi-generational "Bingo"! I'm def. going to try this, but instead of buying table tennis balls I will use my easter eggs....we already have tons of them. Thanks for the idea.
Adel 28th Aug 2018 DT
Sounds Awsome
Sally 28th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Love love love it!
Carol 26th Aug 2018 Manager
Good evening, are you able to please post a photo of the egg cup/board? Sounds like an awesome game to play!
claudia 21st Aug 2018 RAO
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Egg Bingo!