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1. Where was Elvis born? __________________________
2. What was the name of the first of Elvis' 31 movies? __________________________
3. What was Elvis' favourite sandwich? __________________________
4. What was notable about Elvis' 3rd and final appearance on the Ed Sullivan show? __________________________
5. Besides 'King of Rock' what else was Presley called? __________________________
6. In which of his movies does Elvis sing and dance through a cell block? __________________________
7. What is the name of Elvis Presley's residence? __________________________
8. Who co-starred with Elvis in 'Viva Las Vegas'? __________________________
9. Elvis only performed once outside the USA; where was this? __________________________
10. What were names of Elvis Presley's parents? __________________________
11. What was notable about the TV special 'Aloha from Hawaii'? __________________________
12. Which of Elvis' songs was based on the Italian music 'O Sole Mio'? __________________________
13. What was Elvis' last number 1 hit? __________________________
14. What was Elvis' first number one hit in the UK? __________________________
15. How many children did Elvis have?__________________________
16. What was the name of Elvis' wife? __________________________
17. In which year did Elvis die? __________________________
18. How old was he when he died? __________________________
19. What caused his death? __________________________
20. What was Elvis' middle name?__________________________


1) Tupelo, Mississippi 2) Love me Tender 3) Peanut butter and banana 4) He was filmed from the waist up to placate moralists 5) Elvis the Pelvis 6) Jailhouse Rock 7) Graceland 8) Ann Margret 9) Canada 10) Gladys and Vernon 11) It was the first concert to be shown via satellite; broadcast to hundreds of millions of people in 40 countries 12) "It's Now or Never" 13) Suspicious Minds in 1969 14) All Shook Up 15) One; Lisa Marie 16) Priscilla 17) August 16, 1977 18) 42 years old 19) A heart attack 20) Aaron

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