Finish the well-known Proverbs

Finish the well-known Proverbs

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Owen 17th Feb 2019 Retired
Glad that you and your residents enjoyed it Debbie. There is another similar one of Proverbs and several other quizzes to complete the sayings. Enjoy.
DEBBIE 15th Feb 2019 Activities Assistant
Thank you so much for sharing this. My group absolutely loved it and all joined in shouting out the answers.
I'll have a look to see if there are any similar activities :-)
Tricia 11th Feb 2019 Occupational Therapy Assistant
I started this Proverbs and Parables and a Quiz yesterday. This is age-old wisdom that transcends time. If you get them to guess the endings and then ask them what it all means, you can come up with an unusual, thought-provoking discussion, much like a university lecture. It gets Residents/ Clients involved with what you are doing, and by including them in the discussion, they feel happier. (hopefully)
Owen 6th Feb 2019 Retired
How many of these proverbs are true? You will be surprised if you think about it for a while. Enjoy the game.
Lisa 2nd Feb 2019 Activities for Seniors
Talita 2nd Feb 2019
These are great aren't they Lisa! Thanks for your feedback!
Talita 27th Jan 2019
This is a wonderful activity Owen, thanks for sharing!
Owen 27th Jan 2019 Retired
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