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Footy Tipping

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Talita 5th Mar 2020
For those that may be interested, 2020 AFL & NRL Tipping Spreadsheets and Score Cards are now available:
Newcastle 20th Sep 2018 Activities officer
Thanks for the replies.
How I run the tipping is as follows:
I created a basic table in Word, 3 columns, Date, Team 1, Team 2
Then each week I updated the table with the teams playing for that week.
The following Monday, I tallied up the scores.
Printed out the table so ressies could see how they went.
At the bottom I listed the teams who won.
Created a basic spreadsheet in Excel where I kept a tally.
The actual paper copies were filed (i will dispose of them when it is all finished) in a separate file for that person only.
There is no money being placed and at the end we are having happy hour to coincide with the presentation.
Staff will also be dressing up for the day, and of course residents if they wish.
We will present each participant with a certificate with their score noted.
Mandy 16th Aug 2018 Leisure And Lifestyle Team Leader
Can anyone point me in the direction for pre made certificates for NRL footy tipping please?
Angela 13th Apr 2016 Lifestyle and leisure in aged care
Hi go on Internet type in afl fixtures 2016 then scroll to end of page click on full season PDF we print these for our residents to use for tipping. You could print it and glue to cardboard that the resident has painted in their footy teams colours.
To keep track of results do a spread sheet on computer which put a line thru to make 1/2 squares. I can post a copy of spreadsheet it you want to see it
From Angela
Springhaven 1st Apr 2016 OTA
Can anyone provide ideas on how to organise footy tipping in a facility? how do you keep track of all the tips for 20+ residents?
Annemarie 5th Apr 2016 Activities Coordinator
Hi Springhaven,
We've recently started the Footy Competition in the Aged Care Facility where I work. The problem we came accross was that each participant would need an individual email address when using the ESPN website which is a good site to use by the way. I've signed up for ESPN with the Footy competition for staff within the organisation so I receive all the information needed to work out the rounds. The graphic designer has made a form to enter all the teams per round. This sheet is handed out to the residents, residents fill in their tips for the week, we collate the forms and on Monday we check the results and fill in the Tipping chart. We don't play for money but for the honours of the week and the Wooden spoon of the week. These are perpetual trophies. So far it's working and we attract residents who may not come to other activities.
Have fun with it, Annemarie
Springhaven 8th Apr 2016 OTA
Hi Annemarie,
Thank you yes that is the same problem I found. :(
I was trying to find some printable tip sheets that I could hand out to the residents but couldn't anywhere. We don't have a graphic designer, or anyone/thing like that. Would it be possible to get a copy of your tip sheets please?
Anna 9th Sep 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
In regards to the Footy Tipping competition,this year I have one 1st prize winner, three 2nd prize winners and one 3rd prize winner. In past years I have divided the prize in percentages i.e 50%,25% and 15%..
Any suggestions on how to divide the 2nd prize when there are 3 winners???.
We also give out the wooden spoon dressed up with a scarf in the 'lossers" favorite team color.
Talita 1st Sep 2015
Hi Debbie,

Yes, footy tipping is a large part of the AFL culture. I don't follow it myself but I believe it goes something like this:

- Each week, everyone that is part of the competition 'tips' 9 winners. (There are 18 teams that play each week)
- If you tip a winning team you get 1 point. If you lose, you get none.
- At the end of the season (24 rounds), the person with the highest score wins.

You can also celebrate a winner each week to make it even more fun.
The grand final at the end of the season is a great opportunity for a party and celebration.

Perhaps you could share with us some NF L culture sometime!
Debbie 1st Sep 2015 recreation director
THANK YOU Talita...... I'm still confused about the activity. do the residents bet on teams during the season and then have the party & competitions at the end of the season?
Debbie 28th Aug 2015 recreation director
Hello, I'm new to this site and I guess a little confused about footy tipping. Is that soccer, rugby or american football?
Talita 28th Aug 2015
Hi Debbie,

This activity was posted by a member in Australia - it relates to AFL (Australian Football League), which is a very popular football code in Australia. It is different to soccer, rugby and american football.
maryrose mintoff 4th Aug 2015 recreation Therapist
We do Footy tipping too in our facility & have special lunch as well we have a footy day we have a special happy Hour at the end of the season Bring in an entertainer and sing all the footy teams songs and we give trophies to the first three footy tipping comp. & medals to all the others that participate .You find some trophy shops when you tell them it is for a nursing Home they will give you discount . Residents love it & enjoy the competition during
the season.
Annette 4th Aug 2015 Lifestyle assistant.
This is a great activity. Have been doing it for many years now We have a big presentation day at end of season with staff dressing up in footy gear.... We have a great day
Karen 4th Aug 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
We also have an AFL footy tipping competition for our Seniors.
We have a wind up at the end of the year. We have secret rounds,
(doing it like the Brownlow)best dressed, Quizzes, pie eating competitions, hand ball competitions, prizes for 1st, second and third, plus a boobie prize. We finish with lunch also with pies pasties etc. Lots of Laughs!!
Cheers Karen