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Tracey 31st Oct 2020 Wellbeing Assistant


Hi. I don't know if anyone done this. But I did an apple Bob lucky dip with my residents yesterday and they all enjoyed it. It was easy to participate so all abilities could take part...if not able to have a sweet treat I gave moisturise and massage as a prize.
I cut pictures of apples pumpkins snails frogs and worms...folded up and put in a cauldron. They simply lucky dipped to monster mash or Ghostbusters music and an apple or pumpkin got a sweet treat... XX good fun I followed this with golden carers Halloween bingo which went down great.. XX
Samantha 23rd Oct 2020 Registered Manager


We're doing activities such as "what's in the box" which is a good sensory activity (albiet a bit messy)!

Adding things like peeled grapes, cold porridge, wire wool and fun things to touch and then adding a Halloween theme is good fun. Peeled grapes can be "eyeballs", wire wool can be "witches hair", strawberry laces can be "worms" and so on. You can blindfold residents or simply craft a box for them to put their hands in and guess what they're touching. :)
Fiona 21st Oct 2020 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord


Why not use a stick string and hook for all the halloween games such as apple bobbing eat the doughnut
Abby 7th Oct 2020 Service Coordinator


Hi All,
Thought I would add what we are going to do. We are putting together little Halloween goody bags for each person, and hanging it on their door as to help with social distancing. We are doing a Spooktober Soup Social. We will have soup and decorations, people will be able to space out or take their soup home. We are also doing a "BOO" fundraiser. We have made cute door hangers that have a Halloween theme and a "BOO" and a treat (candy). Residents and loved one's can purchase a "BOO" and management will secretly place the treat on specified residents door. All the money we collect from family and residents will help fund a Christmas celebration. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas!
Gwyneth 6th Oct 2020 Volunteer

Halloween Songs to Other Songs

Halloween songs to other songs
Hello Joanne, I was amazed to see all the halloween carols you are sharing with Golden Carers, it's absolutely wonderful, what a lot of work you have done to produce this. Congratulations Gwyneth
Elisa 30th Sep 2020 Senior Activity Coordinator


My experience is that we young people have more interest in celebrating Halloween that the people living in nursing homes at the moment (it will change soon).
Because of covid we are not celebrating Halloween at all but are focusing on being ready for Christmas. We asked the residents and they didn't fell they'll be missing out.
We will be celebrating all souls day though. We have mostly Catholic residents and thought that it is a good idea to remember the dead specially this year.
Kristen 18th Sep 2020 Activity Director


It's so hard Abby with COVID! I'm going to do room to room sensory items related to Halloween, spooky treats, arts and crafts, pumpkin painting, etc. For Halloween I'm kind of stumped because we normally have a party with entertainment. I might do a parade down the halls but besides that I'm stumped!!
Susan 26th Aug 2020 Activity Director


Hi Tonya
How proactive of you to think about Halloween
Halloween can be one of the residents favorite activities
In order to think about what to do you have to think about you budget your residents abilities iand resident likes and dislikes
Also you have to think about available technology and how strict your facility is for the COVID-19 virus
I like to mix fall with Halloween because Halloween is only one day but fall last several months especially if you are making decorations
I like to have decorations for each season that makes things a lot easier
Here are some ideas for Halloween that you can adapt and modify depending on the items I listed previously
Here are some things for fall

Remember you have to adapt and modify things
Let us know what you decide to do

Gwyneth 3rd Jun 2020 Volunteer Not Live

Halloween Word Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: 31st OCTOBER - HALLOWEEN WORD GAME
Marla 5th Oct 2019 Recreation Specialist Senior Retirement Home

Cheesecloth Halloween Ghosts

This is a very cool project. I will use these for our Halloween party!! Thanks for the video
Cathy 23rd Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Our residents love snack size chips ( crisps). We also have snack size chocolates and lollies ( what ever is on special at the supermarket). When it's Easter we have Easter eggs, Christmas we have small lolly ( candy) bags with Christmas mix lollies and so on for Halloween etc. I occasionally throw in little essentials such as pens, little packs of tissues, little packs of handi wipes, mini shampoo and conditioner, hand cream and trinkets but the biggest choice by far is the chips LOL!! We have a limit of 2 packs of chips they are so popular, if they win again a choice of other items.
Kath 28th Oct 2018 Activities Co-ordinator

Halloween Bingo

I am planning to play Halloween bingo with my residents and I thought that if they get a line I could have a box with different gifts wrapped up individually which they can choose, It will be a trick or treat box which will be just for fun. would like to say thank you to golden carers you all give us so much information and ideas.
Diane 23rd Oct 2018 Social Worker


We too are having a Halloween Party but ours starts early. We have used this in the past and it has really been successful. We use carnival games.
Their favorites are:
1. Using a noodle bat and beach ball/or smaller and have them try to hit the ball between 2 chairs. If they hit the left chair, it's one point, right chair is 2 points and between them is five points. They get two tries.
2. Target toss: this is a purchased game with 3 fuzzy tennis balls. Scoring is adding up where they land.
3. Two laundry baskets and bean bags.. They throw the bean bags into the baskets. It's a point for each one in the first basket, and 2 for the second basket.
4. Animal toss: we have a set of bean bag animals. We have tried throwing them at different things. The one that is the most difficult to get into the circle (for instance, the hippo), is given the highest score and marked on the bottom of the animal. The easiest gets 1. You throw these into two hula hoops. If they get in the first hoop, it's the score on the animal or if in the second, you double the score.
We divide the residents in four groups and have them start about 10:00 in the morning. Each start at a different spot and rotate until all games played (must have helpers at each place). At the end, all score cards are given to someone to add up.
We go straight to lunch which usually has the theme of the day and a short nap time. At 2:30, we have our costume party where even staff are judged. Local police officers usually our judges. While the judges are "contemplating" the results,, we announce the winners of each of the games and a grand prize. Following that the costume winners are announced and we have refreshments. Make for a busy day but loads of fun. Sorry this is so long.
Tracey 23rd Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator


Hi I suppose it depends on ur people, ours enjoy art and crafts and word games, I am also making a Halloween bingo .
Pass the parcel in shape of a pumpkin may be fun, carving a pumpkin or decorating a pumpkin .
Denise 23rd Oct 2018 Recreation Coordinator


Hi there, I am planning a Halloween party for next week. I am going to be playing some music to dance to. But what are a few fun halloween type games we could play ?
Catalina M 21st Oct 2018 Activity Director

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thank you so much for sharing bingos games of the seasons. We enjoy our Halloween game and they get special candy for a full card.
Angie 10th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Halloween Bingo

Ive dowloaded the Halloween Bingo for our residents . I have a few regular bingo players. Im sure your picture halloween version will enable more to join in .
Thank you so much Sara
Mandy 9th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Halloween Bingo

I am going to play Halloween Bingo with my residents. They love Bingo, so this will be different for them. Also printed the Halloween quizzes too. Some great ideas so glad I joined! It is hard at times to find different activities to do that residents will enjoy! Thank you!
Solange 4th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi Belinda,

You could try themed fundraising. For instance, Halloween is celebrated soon and you could buy a pumpkin for them to guess how many seeds there will be when cut open. The pumpkin would be placed in a prominent position where Happy Hour takes place. Nearby, have a sheet of cardboard and a pen for people to write their guesses. You would charge whatever you think they can afford for each guess.

Residents could have as many guesses as they wanted as long as the token fee is paid. The prize for the guess is up to you and the winner should be the closest to the real amount of seeds found. Before Halloween, you cut the pumpkin and separate the seeds into four or five parts. Give one part to each resident capable of the task, and add it all up when done.

You could extend the fundraising to visitors and residents’ relatives by transferring the pumpkin to the Reception area after the Happy Hour so they can also enter the guessing competition. Also, check these links for future use.

Fundraising Ideas For Nursing Homes:

Optimal Activities - Marketing, Fundraising & Sourcing Free Resources:
Sara 4th Oct 2018 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

Halloween Bingo

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Halloween Bingo
Bonnie 4th Oct 2018 Executive Director

Halloween Songs to Other Songs

How fun, thank you for the darling Halloween songs. We will be using this in our Intergenerational Theater Program today and can’t wait!
Joanne 16th Sep 2018 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator

Halloween Songs to Other Songs

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Halloween Songs to Other Songs
Joanne 12th Sep 2018 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator

Halloween Carols

As promised here is a book I did many years ago from sourcing songs for Halloween Carols
Kathryn 3rd Jul 2018 Activity Director

Funny Skit for International Joke Day

Does anyone have any other short skit ideas.
I'm thinking ahead...we don't really do Halloween in the typical way. It has gotten to be such a "dark" holiday. And some of our staff for religious reasons, don't celebrate this. So one year we did Pumpkin Patch Party. we did a Talent Show. and an All Saints Day Costume Party, (residents, staff picked a famous Bible person or Saint, dressed up like him/her and had to give a short bio of the saint.) Some very creative costumes appeared! St. Peter with a fishing rod etc.....St. Appolonia the patron of dentists had a big tooth and pliers from maintenance....) We had Hillbilly Holiday, with the kitchen band, jokes and a skit. We had a grand time. So this year, I want to put on a couple skits with the staff and residents. Any ideas fellow activity people? THANK YOU
Renee 23rd Oct 2017 Music Practitioner

Halloween Carols

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Halloween Carols
Emma 25th Sep 2017 Senior

Halloween Ten Pin Bowling

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Halloween ten pin bowling
Janet 6th Sep 2017 Group Leader

Halloween Quiz II

This quiz is great. I am loving the resources available which our forthnightly dementia friendship group are loving

Is there a Halloween Quiz 1 as I have been looking but can't seem to find it. Can you point me in the right direction please.
Solange 21st Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist

Words in Words Game

Hi, Michelle, any word will do, ask for clients opinions. For themed word games, you may join words like CHRISTMASTIME, or EASTERBUNNY. Here are some Word Game words for you to try; I added the number of words you may possibly find in each. CALENDAR (60 plus), SQUIRREL (30 plus), HOSPITAL (60 plus), SERENITY (80 plus), EASTERBUNNY (150 plus), VALENTINES ( 100 plus), PEDESTRIAN,( 100 plus) JACKHAMMER (possibly 50), LUMBERJACK (100 plus), BRILLIANT (80 plus) , CHRISTMAS, ( 50 plus) HALLOWEEN (60 plus)
Solange 22nd Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist


Hi Amanda, you are very lucky to have volunteers, they are invaluable assets for any care facility. Volunteers can teach a small group (2 to 3 persons, cognitively similar) how to play card games; they may have to learn simple games like: Go Fish! Crazy Eights, or any other game they know. Volunteers could also facilitate small groups for these activities:
1)Take a couple of clients to a coffee shop (approval from management and written consent from clients or family is necessary).
2) Creative work: sculpting, painting, colouring.
3) Board games.
4) Cooking activities: frosting cupcakes, filling Halloween bags of Trick or Treat, making fruit kebabs, decorating half boiled eggs,
5) Craft: Chocolate Holder Chicks for mothers’ day, Festive Wall Art, decorating eggs for Easter.
Best wishes.
Wellington 24th Oct 2016 Diversional Therapist Not Live

10 Activities for Halloween

Hey it won't let me open the Halloween letters file.
Kymberly 6th Apr 2016 Activities Coordinator

Share your Jokes

A cab driver picks up a nun. She gets into the cab, and the cab driver wont's stop staring at her. So she asks him why he's staring.
He replies, "I have a question to ask you, but i dont want to offend you."
She answers "My son, you cannot offend me. When you have been a nun as long as i have you get a chance to see and hear almost everything. I'm sure there;s nothing you could say that i would find offensive."
"Well" says the driver, "I always had a fantasy to have a nun kiss me."
"OK" says the nun. "lets see what we can do then. But first I have to know that you are single, and you are a Catholic." "Yes, yes" says the cab driver. "I'm single, and I'm a Catholic!" So the he pulls over and the nun plants a whopper of a kiss on the cabbie. But when they get back on the road the cab driver gets emotional. "My dear, why are you crying?" "Forgive me", says the cabbie. "I've lied. I'm actually married, and I'm Jewish". The nun says, "Thats ok, my name is Kevin, and I'm on my way to a Halloween party".
Fiona 24th Sep 2015 Occupational Therapist


Does anyone know of any really good entertainers for aged care in Perth? Would like someone enthusiastic that will get the residents up and dancing as it is for a Halloween Happy Hour event.
Fiona 6th Dec 2013 Recrecation Therapist


Hi Jodie, we had a trivia evening for Chinese New Year & it was fantastic. Some dressed up & we had 6 to a table & a volunteer to help with the questions. With 10 question per round with 4 rounds. And bonus rounds which are for fun. U get to win 10 points, it could be a treasure hunt that the volunteers need to find something. We had supper which was fried rice, spring roll & everyone got a fortune cookie. Visit a cheap shop & do a lucky door prize with Chinese items in mind. The residents still talk about it & we had a Halloween trivia night also.
Joanne 30th Oct 2012

Recycled Hanging Halloween Bats

My residents made the egg carton bats for halloween and they look great hanging in our dinning room
Kerry 12th Oct 2012 Recreation

Halloween Witches Shoes

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Judith 13th Oct 2011 Diversional Therapist Not Live


Halloween table centre pieces template will not open properly