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Susan 31st Mar 2019 Activity Director


Hi Sharon
This is a fairly typical situation because your residents are there for different reasons and abilities can vary greatly
Here are some ideas I had for Caroline that are specially good low functioning groups
Unless you can divide yourself it's probably easier to do a group that can accommodate most residents
For example during bingo you can play but a bingo partnering up higher and lower functioning residents and saying that if one of the players win then they all win
I like exercise groups where are you can go around and help those having trouble
Here is an article I wrote about that
I like playing card games also
Dice games are games that can be adapted to meet the needs of most of your residents
Bunco is a fun game that takes no skill and can be adapted to make the need most groups
What about reading a short story to a group make sure that it's very interactive
You can ask higher functioning residents what a person who is nonverbal might be thinking or feeling
Say tell me what you think about what I just read do it often so people pay attention and our part of the group
Also you can read these comments and see if that helps

This is a lot of information for you so try these things and if you need more help let us know
Susan 6th Mar 2019 Activity Director


Hi Carolyn
I like Chereyne's suggestions
I like music also
I've played it a game that I called name that tune but instead of playing the music I would say the first word of the title and then see if someone could say the whole title
I would keep adding words to the title till someone would name the song
Then we would sing the song
If you have a really low functioning group then make cards with numbers one through 12 one number on each card
Then make a list of 12 songs of the residents favorite songs
Give each person a turn picking a card and sing the song with the matching number on the list
Using touch is very important squeezing a residents hand or patting or rubbing their back makes them feel good usually
Make sure to address each resident by name
Here are some other suggestions on Golden Carers https://www.goldencarers.com/how-to-plan-music-activities-for-dementia-care/3192/
Let me know if I can be of further assistance
Susan 5th Mar 2019 Activity Director


Hi Carolyn
I had a group of low functioning residents
I like to do a one to one activity with in the group
Low functioning residents need one to one interaction
I used to go around the room and talk to each person individually facilitating a group interaction
I would say the resident's name and say
How does that make you feel
As you know feelings are the last thing to go
I think a Music activity would be good because it does not take up a lot of space and many residents can relate to music even if they are non verbal
Melissa 30th Dec 2018 Life Enrichment Coordinator


Happy New Years to all. I am a Life Enrichment Coordinator in a memory care locked unit. My residents are extremely low functioning. I welcome any and all ideas for easy activities.

Thank you.
Molly 10th Nov 2018 Activity Professional & Writer


Chicken Soup for the Soul really is a great read our residents always love it, too! Sounds like your program does a great job at engaging resident's who wouldn't normally be involved. Is the program adaptable based on the resident's preference? I just love that because of your group you've been able to invite her to other activities, too!

How about:

Person-Centered Activity Interventions for Non-Verbal and Low Functioning Residents.
Small-Group Activities to Ensure Continued Engagement
Sherri 17th Oct 2018 Activity Assistant

Sip and Paint

What type of clip art would be best? I have Beginner Crafts (low functioning) and Advanced Crafts (high functioning) Any ideas?
Lori D 30th May 2018 LNHA

Sensory Rain Sticks

I love rain sticks! I have many at home that I purchased for my granddaughter when she was born. They have such a soothing sound. We have 3 levels of care and I am going to have my Independent and assisted residents make these for our low functioning residents. Will incorporate into our 1:1's
Morgan 30th May 2018 Activity Director


If they like puzzles, JigZone is a really great app for puzzles. Another great one if they like taking care of things is TinyZoo. TinyZoo is where they build their own mini zoo and feed the animals and take care of their mini zoo. It is an app for a more higher functioning person though. Another good one that I like if they are really low functioning is BabyBubbles. In that one literally colored bubbles float on the screen and you just tap them to make them pop. If you turn the sound on it plays lullabys and baby laughs. I am in the USA, not sure how apps go from country to country if you are not in the USA. Hope this helps!
Susan 29th Oct 2017 Activity Director


I am in the process of writing an article for low functioning residents having to do with a die(singular for dice) that would probably be helpful

Also check out the article I wrote about playing card games https://www.goldencarers.com/playing-cards-all-inclusive-games-for-seniors/5236/

In addition read the comment I wrote about the game called "One" after the dice game article https://www.goldencarers.com/dice-game/4903/

Another idea is to have them rub pieces of wood with sandpaper and then paint the wood if they are capable of doing this
Patricia 20th Oct 2016


hi, I am new to your site and have found some really great things. I am getting ready to admit our first residents into the skilled nursing part of our community. Their skills are quite diminished and I am searching for latest greatest proven activities for the low functioning folks. I would love any ideas that you may have to share. I know music is the tried and true but looking for other ideas.
Solange 22nd Jul 2016 Diversional Therapist


Hi Shelly, it would depend on the functioning and cognitive level of your clients.

High functional clients could have puzzles, riddles, crossword, quizzes, books, poetry, and colouring books.

For low functioning clients you could try hand massage, tactile stimulation such as bean bags (rice/lentils), chai tea, play dough, facial for the ladies, sing-alongs, balloon playing.

Group activities I assume would be very difficult to organise.
Best wishes.
Sandra 3rd May 2016 Activities Assistant


We have had several people pass away within the last three months. At this point I'm at a loss as to what activities to do. Everyone we have left are very low functioning. Most of the activities I have scheduled are not working, and most of the residents sleep during many of the activities I do now. Right now we do a lot of music, trivia, and reminiscing. Anyone have any other ideas?
Elizabeth 9th Apr 2015 Activity Director


has anyone out there have any neat ideas for bingo prizes for a nursing home that is very low functioning? I cannot give them candy or popcorn or thing in that nature so I need help....Thanks