We decided to create a guessing game for our residents and adapted it so that it could be used with a wide range of abilities.  It was a really fun and easy to make activity, you can add celebrities that are well known in your area!
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We decided to create a guessing game for our residents and adapted it so that it could be used with a wide range of abilities.

Print the game double sided and then hold up each photo allowing the residents to recall/guess who the person is.

After the identity is established they try to guess that person's age (Last updated January 2019)

There are a few movies/shows written on the back to use as hints or to reminisce about.

Our Assisted Living Wing enjoyed sharing memories or stories about each person, and our Memory Care Wing enjoyed looking at the photos and guessing the ages!

It was a really fun and easy to make activity, you can add celebrities that are well known in your area! (Make sure to use people who are still living, or else the game can take a grim turn...)


Files included:

Download Image

Guess the Celebrity

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Shaquira 30th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Great game, it should be made yearly.
Christy 25th Feb 2020 Memory Care Director
BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it and Thank You!!!
Stephania Bejma 21st Jan 2019
When doing this sort of an activity for people with dementia I will ask what sort of person they think the person in the picture is rather then asking them to name the person. This generates some fun comments and no answer is incorrect- it is an opinion!
Talita 27th Jan 2019
Thanks for this tip Stephania, love it!
Nicola 24th Apr 2018
Would be great to add the celebs date of birth to this activity as the age is likely to change depending on when you use it.
Talita 16th Jan 2020
This has been updated, thanks for your feedback Nicola!
Angela 15th Nov 2017 Recreation therapist
Is there any way to put these images onto a TV screen? It sounds a great game, but it would save on printing & would add variety to the day if we could mix up the way our activities are delivered.
Talita 20th Nov 2017
This is an interesting idea Angela. I will put it to our team and see if we can come up with something!
Maggie 3rd Oct 2017 Hca
Hi guys i work with middle to late stage dementia. Alot of residents are sleepy, or they find things hard to understand. Any ideas on any activities that might be worth a try. I find it frustrating when other carers just sit there. Many thanks Maggie
Maggie, I work in memory care at my facility. The way that I do any type of trivia for the later stage is to read the question and then give them just 2 choices. Sometimes they say that they don't have any idea and I just simply ask them to just choose one answer. If someone answers wrong I don't say no that's wrong. I go to the next person and ask them. A lot of the time the next person can answer the question by process of elimination. If after two or three residents have answered if the right answer hasn't been found then I just simply tell them and praise them for trying to answer. After I tell them many of them say oh yeah that's right. We do a lot of trivia from the bible. Most late stage residents can remember things from the bible when they can't remember anything. One day we were doing bible trivia and one of my residents who doesn't talk and when she does everything is jumbled, began to answer the questions with no problem.
Pat 24th Sep 2017 Regional Lead Life Enrichment Director
I downloaded the game. Printed page 2-5 as the first page was instructions on print both sides and then laminated them. Went over well in both Assisted Living and Memory Care. Thank you a great game.
Tammy 11th Aug 2017 Recreation Therapy
Wonderful! Thank you for this awesome activity!
Emma 7th Aug 2017 Activity Coord
Im going to give it a go, some times i find guessing games hard but i might use an incentive to spure them along! and we have a few local celebs so ill add them in too, thank you for posting
Emma 11th Aug 2017 Activity Coord
I played this yesterday and it was a mixed response, i did replace some of the people as im in the UK and we didnt know who regis kelly was, but other than that it was a good game. I did it in a one to one setting as well, as some residents dont like joining in the group game and this worked very well.
Talita 4th Aug 2017
Love this Danica! This is a wonderful game that you have put together!
Danica 4th Aug 2017 Activity Coordinator
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Guess the Celebrity Age
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