Choose a word, phrase, movie title, book title, proverb etc & draw the dashes on the whiteboard that represent each letter of the word/phrase.

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Susan 19th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for that information Catherine
It sounds like something others could try
Catherine 19th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
We play this game in our nursing home. I find it works particularly well for our residents when we use songs and poems, as we sing or recite the words once the residents have named it, allowing for an inclusive activity as more residents to participate, either contributing to the guessing element or joining their peers in a sing along.
Dana 3rd Aug 2018 Life Enhancement Director and Photographer
I have done this game backwards--Build-a-Man--instead of Hangman. It was pretty much the same, Hangman without the noose! We drew in the grass, flowers, birds, the sun, etc. until we had the right answer. :)
Talita 5th Aug 2018
Love this Dana!
Wendy 17th Feb 2017 Student
Sandy I had a resident who asked to play hangman yesterday so I was so excited to find your post thanks can't wait to play with my residents
Shelly 12th Nov 2016 Lifestyle Team Leader
My residents love playing this game, and for something a bit different, lately I have been using a theme of "animals", and when we've solved what the animal is, I attempt to draw the animal. The residents ( and other staff) are having a ball watching me draw them. Sometimes they are great, sometimes a disaster, but we all have a great laugh!
Talita 14th Nov 2016
Love this twist on the game Shelly, I can imagine the fun and laughter!
paula 18th Mar 2016 RLO
I play hangman all the time with my residents, i write a topic on the whiteboard such as All about Australia they love it, great activity .
Susan 17th Mar 2016 Lifestyle Assistant

I have played this often with using the "noose". Thanks for offering other suggestions as spiders, beetles etc.
Talita 9th Mar 2016
Thanks Sandy, hangman is a great game that most people know! Great idea!
Sandy 7th Mar 2016 Recreational Activity Officer
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Hangman - a whiteboard challenge