Choose a word, phrase, movie title, book title, proverb etc & draw the dashes on the whiteboard that represent each letter of the word/phrase.

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Wendy 17th Feb 2017
Sandy I had a resident who asked to play hangman yesterday so I was so excited to find your post thanks can't wait to play with my residents
Shelly 12th Nov 2016
My residents love playing this game, and for something a bit different, lately I have been using a theme of "animals", and when we've solved what the animal is, I attempt to draw the animal. The residents ( and other staff) are having a ball watching me draw them. Sometimes they are great, sometimes a disaster, but we all have a great laugh!
Talita 14th Nov 2016
Love this twist on the game Shelly, I can imagine the fun and laughter!
paula 18th Mar 2016
I play hangman all the time with my residents, i write a topic on the whiteboard such as All about Australia they love it, great activity .
Susan 17th Mar 2016

I have played this often with using the "noose". Thanks for offering other suggestions as spiders, beetles etc.
Talita 9th Mar 2016
Thanks Sandy, hangman is a great game that most people know! Great idea!
Sandy 7th Mar 2016
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Hangman - a whiteboard challenge

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