Holiday Movie Recommendations for the Elderly

Holiday Movie Recommendations for the Elderly

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There is something special about sitting down comfortably with some popcorn to watch a good movie with a few friends during the festive season; especially if the movie makes you laugh, lifts your spirits and inspires you.

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Susan 1st Jan 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the information
Movies are a good idea when you don’t have staff there
Rebecca 1st Jan 2020
Hi there- In Ohio showing a movie is an activity---FYI
Kim 18th Dec 2018 Registered Nurse
Hi Sherlene, can't speak the U.S. but in Australia they certainly are as it provides the opportunity for the Residents to reminisce , socialise and to have fun. Your interim needs to pull their head in and let you do the job your paid to do. Good luck. And at this time of year, the Home Alone movies are a hoot. Merry Christmas.
Sherlene 11th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for all the great activity ideas! I have a question "is showing movies not considered an activity? The reason I ask is that we have an interim administrator who has come in trying to change my Activity calendar. She said that showing a movie is not considered an activity by regulations in Va. Is this accurate information? Can someone please tell me if this is so?