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Wendy 8th Dec 2023 Activities Co-ordinator

End of Year Message 2022

Thank you.
Yes at times Activity Co-ordinating can be challenging but it is the challenge that gets you motivated for the next day. Our job is made much easier with Golden Carers and all their amazing information. Thank you for that.
I luv to see the smiles on the residents faces when we do all sorts of funny, motivating and great activities with them.
Lisa 6th Dec 2023 Activities for Seniors

Words Starting With D Quiz #2

Thank you!
Love these
Lisa 6th Dec 2023 Activities for Seniors

Words starting with R Quiz

We love these!
Thank you!
Carol 5th Dec 2023 Activities Coordinator

Christmas Jeopardy Questions

Thank you for sharing your Christmas Jeopardy questions. Our Lifestyle Centre clients will enjoy a Christmas edition of this fun quiz game.
Theresa 4th Dec 2023 Recreation Assistant

Paper Mache Lanterns

I am looking to try and do this with my Residents', but trying to come up with ideas for alternative items to decorate the balloons with for a Christmas project. Ideas welcomed :)
Wendy 30th Nov 2023

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

The residents love these word games, thank you being an endless source of enjoyment, knowledge and creativity.
Lorraine 30th Nov 2023 Social Services Coordinator

Soap Making Recipe

Hello, did you use 4 cups of grated soap per person?
Rosita 28th Nov 2023 Activities Assistant

Song Titles with Colors

This year has been just wonderful for the residents of the home in which I work. They have been delighted with the short stories and jokes, the games and the all the words that make up a quiz. I would like to thank all of those who helped to make it such a good year for so many deserving people, to see them laugh and smile is all I seek each time we meet.
Krista 28th Nov 2023 Life Enrichment Director

Rebus Puzzles #1

I love this activity! I haven't done it with my residents yet, I scrolled through it. It looks like the answer in at the bottom of the slide though. I was thinking it would be an activity where the residents have to guess what it means. But the answer is right there for them. Am I missing how this is supposed to be played?

Thank you!
Beverley 28th Nov 2023 Community Services Coordinator

Gratitude Day Wreath

We loved your idea and had a Gratitude day in our Day Centre at The Salvation Army
John 27th Nov 2023

Pollock-Inspired Spaghetti Art

What type of paint do you use and how do you make it drip-able please?
Sylvia Garcia 27th Nov 2023

Old Wives Tales #1 - True or False?

Can't wait to try this with my residents. Thank you for sharing.
Letitia 26th Nov 2023 4theLOv3!

Christmas Jeopardy Questions

This is wonderful!! I’ve looked up Jeopardy questions for Christmas before online and they were just too difficult for my group! I know this game will be fun for them!!!
Joby 22nd Nov 2023 Nursing Home Admin

The Price is Right Game

We have done this game with our residents, they absolutely loved it. Most of our residents guessed items in lower amount so we keep saying higher, higher and when we revealed the actual price they were surprised. They wanted to play this game again, same with charade and musical ball. So much fun and everybody enjoyed it. Thank you Golden Career for giving us new ideas. Love your website. Its a great help for us.
Christine 21st Nov 2023 Retired

Christmas Quiz IV

All your quizzes are excellent and lead to so many conversations about a variety of topics. The Residents where I Volunteer always ask for them. Keep up the good work..
Pam 21st Nov 2023 Managing Director

8 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer in Nursing Homes

Golden Carers is absolutely fantastic - thank you so much - we work with Blind and visually impaired groups in the UK and many of your activities can be adapted for this client group.
Have a great Christmas!
Winsome 19th Nov 2023 Manager For Dementia Meeting Centre

Black History Month Word Search

Thank you for this. thank you for including Black history month is activities for senior.
Black history month is not just about the struggle for equity. It is. But it is more than this. It is about the wonderful achievements and creativity that those who are identified as Black have achieved and contributed to the countries and communities where they live.

It would have been good to see these included in the word search. Mention the scientists, musicians, inventors, designers, athletes, business persons, public speakers, champions of human rights - poets, playwrights and more - mention the black civilisations in Africa, as well as the words you have used such as oppression etc - because Black history month celebrates our wholeness.
Carol 18th Nov 2023 Activities Coordinator

Christmas Pictures Memory Game

What a Great Idea! Thank you **
Lori 18th Nov 2023 Activity

Thank you speech for Volunteers

This site is wonderful
Lori 18th Nov 2023 Activity

Thank you speech for Volunteers

Sally 15th Nov 2023 Volunteer

How to Learn a New Language with Residents

Has anyone tried the Learn a New Language and is it adaptable to learning Arabic or helping someone speaking Arabic to learn English??
Chrissy 12th Nov 2023 Activity Coordinator

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Ok I’m brand new, like just signed up. I’m trying to figure out this scavenger hunt works. Do you print out like 30 sheets of each item they are suppose to find, then they bring you back the worksheet for each item? Or do you tape a picture of one of the items say by the water fountain. Then they come and tell you they found the picture by the water fountain? Hope that makes sense,
Crystal 10th Nov 2023 Activities Director

Tree of Thanks

We made our tree today doing happy hour, and the residents really enjoyed it. It made for great conversations with some very positive moments of joy! Thanks so much for sharing.
Lillian 10th Nov 2023 Activities/recreation Services For Adult Family Home

What's in the Box?

I love this idea!!
Trudy 8th Nov 2023 Activities Director

Checklist for Social Outings

How does it work for groups?
Vanessa 8th Nov 2023 Activities Director

Conversation Catch

I love this!
Frances 7th Nov 2023 Retired

Newsletter Template - November 2023

looking for Christian humor short stories and jokes
Angelina 5th Nov 2023 Activities Coordinator

Activity Goals Presentation

Hi Amanda, I am also looking for KPI's and am designing my own Activities Program from scratch. Did you end up finding anything? I'm at the point now of needed to design my own reporting and evaluation for my program. It rolls out in 2024.
Alex 3rd Nov 2023 Activities Coordinator

Halloween Bingo

We had a great time with Halloween Bingo this week! The group was very taken with the cute pictures. Thanks for creating these resources, Sara.
Vicky Bell 2nd Nov 2023

Balloon Games

I am new to activities and this game looks awesome. Can't wait to try it.

Thank you,
TealLotus 2nd Nov 2023

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

We have started doing pictionary. Each table of residents is a team, they take turns drawing a piece of paper out of a bowl *no looking*, I draw it and the teams take turns guessing it. They love it, we play it once a month now.
Montclair 2nd Nov 2023 Resident Engagement Director


Great Idea
Teresa 2nd Nov 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Large Inflatable Dice for Memory Care

My memory care residents love this game - especially throwing the big dice!
Kalala 1st Nov 2023 Diversional Therapist

Create your own Bingo Games!

Hello there.. This is absolutely brilliant site. I love it. Thank you so much. God bless.
Kelley 1st Nov 2023 Student

Impressionist Hydrangeas

This looks fun, I'm going to give it a try!
Kathy 31st Oct 2023

Soap Making Recipe

what is the best soap flakes to use that anyone has tried
Sharon 30th Oct 2023 Head Activities Coordinator

Dear Agony Aunt Group Activity

Love, love, love the Golden carers ideas and find them so useful as a go to tool during a busy working day and more importantly my ladies and gentlemen love them too.
Well done to your team and keep up the good work.
ThomasWoupt 28th Oct 2023

Sunflowers Poster Group Activity

thank you very much
Tracey 28th Oct 2023 Wellness Director

Fill Your Pot With Gold Game

How many coins do you typically play up to?
Cornwall Manor 27th Oct 2023 Activities Aide

Odd Word Out Quiz

would love more of these!!!
Lisa 26th Oct 2023 Activities for Seniors

Hangman List

This is amazing. Thank you
Karen 25th Oct 2023 Day Centre Manager

Genesis Word Search

The members at the daycare centre I work at in Manchester, UK love your wordsearches.
Lays 25th Oct 2023

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thank you so much!
Sherry 25th Oct 2023

Christmas Bingo

Thanks so much. Love it !!
Jacqueline 25th Oct 2023 Activity Director

It Happened In December Quiz

Golden Carers is the best!! There are so many good ideas. Thank you for the support.
Linda Lee 25th Oct 2023

Balloon Games

I use foam pipe lagging, soft and versatile
Charlene 24th Oct 2023

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care


Do you have any ideas for people who are non verbal?

Matthew 24th Oct 2023 Activities Coordinator

1 - 90 Bingo

Haley 24th Oct 2023 Recreation Therapist And Writer

Read-Aloud Audience Participation Story #11

I love this idea! It's a "mad libs" approach to audience participation - well done. So happy your residents enjoy it too.
Karen 22nd Oct 2023 Diversional Therapist/Carer

Quick Fire Quiz

This was great. Lots of different answers