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Hugh 5th Oct 2022 Memory Care Director

This or That Questions for Adults

These are amazing, we need more questions!!!
Zoe 5th Oct 2022 Activities Manager

Armchair Travel to Romania

Emma 4th Oct 2022 Activities Coordinator

Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

Hi do you know if there is a similar shop available in the uk ?

The Wonderful World of the Butterfly

thank you for the trivia
Kathryn 3rd Oct 2022 Activity Director

10 Chances - Hangman Variation

i really like this idea. on the calendar in November !
Cecilia 30th Sep 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Sandwich Making

I did this activity with our residents and it was a lot of fun for them. they made their own sandwich with what ever topping they wanted, but the thing is, no matter what, some just want peanut butter & jelly. Some of the residents were creative but all in all they had fun.
I also included a game, and a glass of juice.
Alicia 30th Sep 2022 Engagement Director

1950s Headlines

This is awesome. What music did you add to the background?
Sharon 29th Sep 2022 Activities

Decoupage Wooden Hangers

thanks for the idea...they turned out so pretty!
Kim 28th Sep 2022 Day Program Coordinator

Wheel of Fortune or Hangman with Dice

Great site. I don't know what i'd do without it :)
Amanda 28th Sep 2022 Activities Officer

10 Chances - Hangman Variation

I have also changed the name from "Hangman" to Sitting Man where I draw a chair then every wrong letter given I draw a stick body, stick arm, etc until I have a stick figure sitting on the chair.
Dorothy 28th Sep 2022 Activity Director

Card Bingo

We call this "Throw Away Bingo" We do 10 cards and play for a nickle per win. They love this game.
Cecilia 28th Sep 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Mandala Activities for the Elderly

My residents enjoy the thing I have given them to color and are always excited when it is coloring time. there are times that I sit in the room and color with a resident if they are not in the mood for group coloring. I also include with coloring pictures a memory game, items that are the same, or animals and their babies, or even fruits, match the name to the fruit. These things as simple as they seem are big help to them and it might take some time for them to remember but it is helpful. So as they find the item they color them to as real as they can remember them to be. I call this activity Coloring with friends, and this encourages communication.
The things that we might think is childish for our seniors are sometimes good for them.
Eileen 28th Sep 2022 Recreation Manager

Halloween Bingo

I call regular bingo and to break it up a bit I use your bingo picture games. My residents love it and look forward to it.
Rev Joseph 27th Sep 2022 Chaplain

Shopping Bingo

Thank you Everyone that towards these activities of the elderly. They are very helpful and engaging. Blessings

Chaplain Rev Joseph
Annatjie 27th Sep 2022 Nursing Manager

Newsletter Template - November 2022

Thank you to Golden Carers for the brand-new calendar with so much to participate in! Our Residents should not have a dull moment. Love Annatjie
Gwen 27th Sep 2022 Activities coordinator CHT Acacia Park

Rainbow Sensory 1:1 for Memory Care

The Rainbow Sensory is an amazing tool particularly for residents with Alzheimer's Disease. I laminated the dots page and re-use it as much as I wanted.
Most residents were so keen and enjoyed the activity. Great for one on one memory and visual task. Thank you for this idea.
Loretta 26th Sep 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator

Fruit Bowl Wall Art Project

Hello and thanks for sharing this residents love that!
Sally 26th Sep 2022 Activities Coordinator

15 Minutes to Share...

This game is great but I would love some more ideas. I don't do it with the numbers as I have a mixture of clients with high cognitive functions and dementia. We've also added the concept of living in the city and winning the lottery so you can set up a farm from scratch. This is good as we live in the Hunter Valley of NSW.
So, more situations would be great!
Janine 23rd Sep 2022 Program Manager

Royal Bingo

We've really enjoyed this Activity and more so with the passing of the Queen. Thanks
Serena 23rd Sep 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator

Fruit Bowl Wall Art Project

Our MSU residents really enjoyed making this. It was something they all understood.
Rachel 22nd Sep 2022 Student

AFL Grand Final Game

I would love to see the A frame board if possible : )
Linda 22nd Sep 2022 Recreation Therapist

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

You have not included brain gym exercises
Abbie Patterson 22nd Sep 2022

Doll Therapy and Dementia

How do you properly clean the dolls if used between patients? What is the protocol on this?
Brigette 22nd Sep 2022 Activities Director

This Day in History for Seniors: January - 2nd Edition

3rd addition. I use these everyday in my opening email to everyone! They love it:)
Lorna 21st Sep 2022 Activities Coordinator

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

Great idea Cecelia to use foam noodles, I usually use fly swats ! I’m going to get the foam noodles. Thanks for that idea.
God’s blessing on you too.
Cecilia 21st Sep 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

Hi everyone.
Most of my residents are in wheel chair so I use exercise CDs, one in particular called Light and Lively. It has good rhythm and there is a voice coaching the moves. I also go to YouTube and find exercises that is good for sitting and wheel chair, using different ones so that the residents do not get bored with the same exercise. Having music while exercising is good because it keeps the residents timed. Sometimes we play "Balloon Tennis". This game, the residents sits in a circle, we use two inflated balloons, foam noodles and the object is to keep the balloons in the air. So as the balloons get to them they hit it to someone else and they all keep it from falling to the ground. Of course I am there with them for safety and to keep the balloon within the circle. They really enjoy that game and in the process it helps with exercising the shoulders and arms and helps with hand and eye coordination.
I enjoy this site because it has help me as activities director try new things and I have been learning at lot here as well.
I wish everyone all the best and God's blessings.
Darcey 19th Sep 2022 Activity Director

Mealtime Placemats

If needing to avoid HIPPA violations I am thinking maybe a person could make something similar but have them in a aides could reference but it not be out for the public eye. (?) Just a thought.
Gwyneth 18th Sep 2022 Volunteer

The True Story of The Rag and Bone Man

Thanks Adaora for the feedback, much appreciated Gwyneth
Adaora 17th Sep 2022 Community Dining Coordinator

The True Story of The Rag and Bone Man

This is an interesting story. I will definitely share the story.
Evangeline 16th Sep 2022 Care Home Manager

Royal Bingo

Absolutely brilliant activity , thank you :)
CGV 15th Sep 2022

15 Ways to get the Participation of your Nursing Team

Good Stuff. re: rewarding staff who go above and beyond: I use the local coffee shop cards for education purposes. Each Tuesday we have an inservice and with the most knowledge brings on a coffee card.
We are also reinstating "employee of the month" . Residents can speak up or families can inform us who stand out above and beyond for their loved one's care. Any/All departments qualify. A little recognition and reward is appreciated.
I love this article, and shared with our Director of Nursing and site manager. I plan to share with Recreation Manger's Team meeting, and with our company media facebook page.
Well done Golden Carers!
Isabella 15th Sep 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator

Painted Tulip Garden

We began this activity early this morning to fill a boring and dull space in our facility. So far this is what we have completed! And it looks amazing! Has made the space full of bright colours and each week we plan to add more things to it such as caterpillars, birds, bird house, more flowers, watering can etc.
Great idea! Would highly recommend and would do the same activity again switching up the season or event. I am thinking, 'Under the Sea', for the next one!
Ria Caldwell 15th Sep 2022

8 Tips for Successful One-on-One Visits

I have so enjoyed reading all your comments and ideas and they are all wonderful. I believe as an Occupational Therapy Assistant here in Ohio, the use of self is one of the most powerful tools we have. Whether you are selecting an "occupation" something purposeful and/or meaningful to you or to them, collaboration is key. Recently I have gained an enthusiasm for gardening and crafting, as fundamental as these concepts are both personally and professionally, this year is different. The ability to participate in a task either using their hands, if they so choose, or simply their input on a task is priceless. Remembering how difficult of an adjustment it is to lose your abilities, tasks that once came easily and quickly now must be performed slowly and methodically to promote safety, may we continue to strengthen one another by sharing ideas so as not to fall into the "same old thing." Personally, I can't imagine a profession or a past time that could be more rewarding than what we do. Thanks for all your ideas. Ria in Ohio
Diana 14th Sep 2022 Activity Coordintator

Logo Quiz (UK Brands)

Hi May i please get the answers thank you
Maurice 14th Sep 2022

Boarding Pass Template

Hi Kathleen!

We've just released a Word Document verison of this :)

You can type out all your details, and then for each passenger, type the name and seat, and print each one as you go. Makes it very fast to quickly print out a set.

Hope that helps!
Julie 14th Sep 2022 récréologue

Finish the Phrase Bingo

What a great way to incorporate language memory into a bingo game!
I love that there are slides as well.
Linda 14th Sep 2022 Recreation Therapist

Rhythm Activity with Percussion Instruments

With memory support residents the loudness of a group percussion instruments is frightening
Lynn 13th Sep 2022 Admin

The History of Bingo Presentation

residents love the bingo games especially winning a prize each time
Julie 13th Sep 2022 Activty Director

13 Ways to Include Math In Your Activity Calendar

We incorporate some counting into our Cranium Crunches program, using counting by 1, 2, 5, 10, 100, forwards and backwards. Once they recognize the patterns, most people join in, even those who rarely participate! Residents seem to enjoy the exercise.
Sinalo 13th Sep 2022

25 Comedy, Skits, and other Funny Ideas for Entertaining

Thank you so much Andy.
Cala 12th Sep 2022 Program Leader

Rhythm Activity with Percussion Instruments

Hello! Just wondering what percussion instruments are popular with your residents? Egg shakers are very popular but looking for something a bit different to add to the mix. Thanks in advance!
Aleah 12th Sep 2022 Lifestyle Officer

Recycled Hoy Game

I call 1of instead of Ace of which helps with the confusion of Ace & Eight :)
Cindy Watts 11th Sep 2022

How to Plan Music Activities for Dementia Care

I really enjoyed reading your article. I work in a nursing facility for Veterans as a Music & Memory Aide an I love it. It’s such a good program especially residents that have dementia. If we have a resident that’s agitated an we put the their music on it helps to calm them down. Music can take them back to happy memories from either their childhood or later in life. Music can be good for the soul. Thank you for sharing this article.
Jennifer 10th Sep 2022 Activities Officer & EEN

September and the Number Seven Quiz

Hi Golden carers, what amazing resources, these resources make my job exciting and very stimulating for my Residents, many thanks Jennifer Tilbrook Oberon MPS
Lorraine 9th Sep 2022 Diversional Therapist

Brand Names and Slogans Quiz 1

I celebrate spring with morning tea, music and ask the residents to dress in their brightest coloured outfits. Mr or Mrs Spring is selected. I had a royal chair made and the winner is seated upon the chair. A crown of flowers is placed on the winners head then the winner is presented with a bouquet of flowers. It is a fun morning.
Marta 8th Sep 2022 Activity Director

Birthday Celebration Song

Perfect! We sing a similar type song to “Jesus Loves Me” it’s a Senior version. It’s cute!
Shirley 8th Sep 2022 Day Service Manager

Famous Couples Quiz

Clients really enjoyed this quiz all 6 participated
Gwyneth 8th Sep 2022 Volunteer

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter Singalong & Exercise

Thanks for your feedback Sue, much appreciated. Gwyneth
Sr Rafaele 6th Sep 2022 Occupational Therapist

Mandala Activities for the Elderly

thank you for sharing your variety of activities. The mandalas are a great hit with our seniors.
Sue 6th Sep 2022 Therapy Assistant

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter Singalong & Exercise

Beautiful idea, Gwenyth. Thanks a lot xx