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Lisa 19th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Funny Short Stories #2

Especially like the Senior Special joke!
Adele 19th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapy

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi there
I thought you have added more backgrounds. cant see them now :(
Shannon 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Maths Quiz #1

i was trying to find something with Math in it as activity i have a resident that was a math/ physics teacher and this is amazing thank you so much
Yvonne 18th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Assistant

Client - Eco Map

Thank you for sharing Rob this is great idea
Owen 17th Jun 2019 Retired

Funny Short Stories #1

Great funnies, Can we have some more please. Owen
Lisa 16th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Rhyming Riddles #15

Cheryl-Lee 15th Jun 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Where did you find the plastic balloons??
Thank you in advance.
Carole 15th Jun 2019 Chairperson

Remembering Judy Garland

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Remembering Judy Garland
Sherrye 15th Jun 2019

Lucky Dog Card Game

We play this but with cards numbered one - six. Players push up two cards and then roll a large dice. If they roll one of the numbers pushed up its turned face down and push up another and repeat. If they do not roll one of the two- pass the dice to the next player. First to turn over all six is the Lucky dog Winner! They win a prize! I get really into the commentator roll! LOL
Kay 15th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Lucky Dog Card Game

We have been playing this game for a long time, but we play with pennies. Each resident has 10 pennies and I collect 1 penny from each player for each hand,The winner gets all the pennies in the jar for that round. so we play 10 hands. A lot of fun. the residents enjoy getting pennies when they win
Churchill 14th Jun 2019 Lifestyle

Lucky Dog Card Game

Yes we call this hoy one pack per four people
Julie 14th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

Lucky Dog Card Game

Sounds goo. I'm going to give it a go. Thanks
Solange 13th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist

Client - Eco Map

Hi Rob, this is such an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing, I hope many Activity Coordinators devise their own adaptation of it. Brilliant!
Michelle 13th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist

Client - Eco Map

love this.
Karen 12th Jun 2019 Activities Provider

12 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

Thanks for great information
Karen activities coordinater/Ireland
Erin 12th Jun 2019 Site Manager

The Price is Right Game

I work at a Senior Center in the U.S. I play this every few months with my clients and choose a decade from which to research prices. I use groceries, to clothing, to furniture. Each client has a sheet of paper and as I say the item, they write down a price they think it would have been. At the end of my list, I go back through and say what each item actually cost. I give a free meal ticket to the person with the most answers correct (or closest to the actual price). It has been a fun and entertaining way to spend an afternoon. I might try some of the variations listed above to switch things up the next time. Thank you!
Lorna 11th Jun 2019 Activities manager

Tips for Working With a Challenging Supervisor

Thank you, I really need this atm.
Charlotte 11th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

Autumn Guided Meditation

This is fantastic thank you I look forward to using this when Autumn comes with my residents, I would be very interested in any other meditation scripts you have!
Owen 11th Jun 2019 Retired

The Role of Leisure & Health Staff in Falls Prevention

Our staff at The Redwood Club in Wellington NZ insist that I use a walking frame when moving around as I am prone to falling, mostly because I have a balancing problem. Any ideas for help are always welcome and I read with interest the article above, most of which are common sense although carrying them through is sometimes hard.
I do appreciate help to stand up from a chair or walking up and down steps and playing some games at the club requires a friendly helper standing close by. But most people are mindful of when I need support and for this I am appreciative of their willingness to drop what they are doing to lend a hand. Thank you to the other residents and staff. Owen.
Jalissa 11th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Autumn Guided Meditation

Fantastic material! Thank you!
Tonia 11th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

Fathers Day Poems

Will be using in Father’s Day card too x
RACHAEL 10th Jun 2019 Enliven Host

Funny Short Stories #1

Great stories, my groups loved them. Any more to come?
Liz 8th Jun 2019 Activities Cordinator

Words starting with Con

Residents just loved this, I can see their brains ticking... They really get a chance to exercise the grey matter! One resident in particular loves the engagement as she has very poor site, but excels with this quiz.
Rob 7th Jun 2019 Team leader

Client - Eco Map

Hi Pamela
Yes, the activity could be adapted to suit many needs. We are also finding it helpful, long term by referring back to the Eco-Map Clients are remembering from the pictures/drawings what they had already included on the map then adding to it, this is opening so many avenues of reminiscence.
Lisa 7th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Funny Short Stories #1

My people liked these stories a lot! Made them all laugh.

Pamela 6th Jun 2019 Activity Coordinator

Client - Eco Map

This is such an awesome idea! To make it inter-generational you could have the grandchildren draw the pics too! Such a great idea! I love it!!!
Patricia 6th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Assistant

Autumn Guided Meditation

Thanks Adel. I hope you find it useful. I have written quite a few meditations nd intend to add these down the track.
Rob 6th Jun 2019 Team leader

Client - Eco Map

We try and encourage the Clients to do as much as possible but the Staff assist if required :)
Gillian 6th Jun 2019 Activities Co-ordinator

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Love that this is available to edit
Susan 6th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Client - Eco Map

This is a very interesting idea
who draws the pictures??
Jackie 5th Jun 2019 Director

What line of work were they in?

Brilliant activity makes my job so much easier. Thank you.
Leeanne 5th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

D-Day Presentation

This is great , thank you for sharing
Krista 5th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

Share your Poems

Here is a Memorial Day poem that I wrote
Krista 5th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

Summer Fun Words Word Search

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Summer Fun Words Word Search
Helen 5th Jun 2019 Home Manager

Name the Kitchen Appliances

great idea
Heather 4th Jun 2019 Recreation Programmer

Canadian Inventions of Note

Don't forget Penicillin and basketball! Ca
Canadian living and working in Senior Services in the USA
Adel 4th Jun 2019 DT

Autumn Guided Meditation

Thank you so hard to find meditation scrips
Rob 4th Jun 2019 Team leader

Client - Eco Map

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Client - Eco Map
Shirley 4th Jun 2019 Welfare Village Officer

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

I have been so thrilled to get the tips and ideas on dealing with Seniors across the board. Golden Carers has really helped me the past few months.
Thank you
Providence 4th Jun 2019 Lifestyle

Chair Exercises

We actually tell a story, that incorporates chair exercises. e.g.
Resident picks a place to "walk "to that also has a lake. We walk to the lake then after the count of 3 we have a short "run" Arriving, we get into a row boat and sing the song. The boat capsizes, so we sink or swim! Swimming first, then for those who cant swim, doggy paddle and for those who cant do either, put your hand up and say : help" We get back to the edge of the water, get our bikes that someone has kindly left there and go home for morning tea. Finish off with singing and do the actions to the chicken dance in the chair, joke of the day and the activity is always full of fun and laughter.
Carmen 4th Jun 2019 Carer/Lifestyle & Events Coordinator

Race Around Australian Trivia game

Thank you so much for the great idea, will give it a go today!
Carole 3rd Jun 2019 Chairperson

Quirky Quiz - Powerpoint

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Quirky Quiz
Carole 2nd Jun 2019 Chairperson

D-Day Presentation

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: D-Day
Susan 2nd Jun 2019 Activity Director

Wear The Hat Tell The Story

This is a great activity Fiona
It will be especially good for national hat week in Australia July 5 through the 14th
National hat day in the US January 15
International hat week in May
and these otherhat Activities on
Golden Carers
Carol 1st Jun 2019

Bringing Art to Life in Your Community

I love art. I volunteer in a day facility and for the last year I have been using different types of art to encourage participants. I always stress there is no wrong way to do art. About 6 months ago we had an informal art show. A couple were 'from scratch' but most were from coloring book or individual prints. Some were prints from your website. All work was matted and displayed. We have 2 different area and so we displayed half in each area for a week and then switched. Everyone was delighted.
Last week we had a Car Show. I have 2 coloring books of vintage cars and trucks and participants chose from these pictures and put their names on the back. I then mounted them on trifold display boards and put a letter on each picture and we had Viewers Choice awards. I use Hot Wheel cars mounted on napkin rings for trophies. Very well received.

Musical Instrument Trivia

Brilliant, just love searching through Golden Carers pages. Wonderful useful ideas that add to keeping older people mentally active. Thank you! Enid
Gaylene 31st May 2019 Activities Co-ordinator

Chair Exercises

We do the macarena to music and I have printed out the movements.
Loads of laughs.
Debbie 30th May 2019 Teacher

Name The Musical Instruments Visual Quiz

Great quiz
Kathie 30th May 2019 Activity C-ordinator

Flower Bingo

is it normal not to have all the matching pictures , there are several flowers missing off the "calling cards"
Angela 30th May 2019 Carer

How to Support Family Members of the Elderly in Long Term Care

Great help thank you so much ....