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Susan 25th May 2019 Activity Director

Talk for Cultral Diversity Day

Wow Joanne this could be useful to a lot of people because most facilities talk about cultural diversity and here youhave something that can be very useful to many
Susan 25th May 2019 Activity Director

Initials Whiteboard Quiz

This sounds like a great activity Heather
If you do not have a whiteboard you could put the initials on a piece paper and give each resident the paper so they can see
You could also get this to residents to do independently and compare what each wrote
Lisa 25th May 2019 Activities for Seniors

Film Quiz

Just wonderful Thank you!
Deborah walker 24th May 2019

How to Make Sensory Blankets for Dementia Care

Are certain colours better for twiddle muffs I seem to remember someone telling me that colour was important to people suffering with dementia ???
Heather 23rd May 2019 Recreation Officer

Initials Whiteboard Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Initials
Heather 23rd May 2019 Diversions Therapist

Nurse Trivia

Thank you for these great ideas for Fathers Day. I am always thinking/ looking for something for the men to do on this day. This year Fathers Day will be special. Thank you for your help.
Katy 23rd May 2019 Lifestyle Worker

Chair Exercises

I find the chair exercises are ideal for residents who have a larger range of motion. My concern was for our other less mobile residents just sitting there not being able to participate. I came up with a Move your Body class which is done in a circle and begins with a balloon tennis warm up, bean bag toss before moving into more mainstream exercises. This way, most of the residents in the group can participate.
Julie 22nd May 2019 Activities Coordinator

Famous Faces Quiz

looks a good game
Janet 22nd May 2019 Warrior

Table soccer

How do you play this?
Joanne 21st May 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator

Read Along Books for Dementia Residents

Hi Teri that is where I got my idea from as they were expensive and i thought it would be easy to write one on my town and they just kept about to do some more....
Solange 21st May 2019 Diversional Therapist

How to plan a Raffle for Mother's Day

Hi Jo-anne, raffle tickets can be bought at newspaper shops in bundles of 100 or 200. Alternatively, you can print them online.
Hope this is of help.
Jo-Anne 21st May 2019 Diversal Therapist

How to plan a Raffle for Mother's Day

Hello can any one please help me with a template for raffles or do you just do it in a book
Thank you
Joanne 21st May 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Talk for Cultral Diversity Day

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Talk for Cultral diversity day 21st May
Beth Kaiser 21st May 2019

Weather Song Titles Quiz

I work with a dementia friendly choir and I am looking for new ideas.
Haley 21st May 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Great idea, Olywn! I'm sure it adds a peaceful element in your community during a chaotic time (meals are always loud and bustling).
Haley 21st May 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

I completely agree, AJ. I'm also glad that we can meet the needs of our residents in a variety of different ways, since everyone is unique. Love your coffee shop idea as well - keep up the good work!
Patricia 20th May 2019 Lifestyle Assistant

Autumn Guided Meditation

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Autumn Meditation
Claire 20th May 2019 Administration

Chair Exercises

This would be a good movement for our people
Jeanette 20th May 2019 Cat Coordinator

Kitten Therapy

Can anyone advise of a facility that has introduced a cat to live full time at the home. I have been asked about introducing one of my rescue cats to a home and would love to speak with a home that has a cat currently. it would be great to get feedback
Joanne 19th May 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator

Anzac Day Wreaths made from plastic spoons

I have used a Christmas wreath and made handmade poppies to go on it and we have used them for years, I have also added at times small red Christmas lights to the centre of the poppies.
Sherry 18th May 2019 Activity Director

Chair Exercises

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Chair Exercises
Gina 18th May 2019 Activity Coordinator

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

love the article on exercises for the elderly. I'm getting ready to start a chair yoga class and love all the pointers!!
Carol 17th May 2019

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

I bought small kid’s rubber balls for our seated exercise group. They roll them down the front of the legs to feet and back to lap, lift them overhead, around their trunks passing from hand to hand, between their knees and squeeze, under one foot rolling forward and back or in circles. Also use long wooden dowels with rubber stoppers on the end. Sitting you tip the stick forward and back, make circles, lift the stick up and down like spear fishing, paddle, write words in the floor, etc.
Olwyn 17th May 2019 Diversional Therapist

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Lovely ideas here. Thank you Haley. Overstimulation can definitely be a problem. Some days in the afternoon, right after the lunchtime meal, I put a youtube movie on of fish in a fish tank, with no sound. Even the medical and allied staff enjoy this hour of peacefulness. There are many similar videos such as waterfalls, or waves crashing on a beach on Youtube. I have also found some DVD's in the Op shop thrift stores.
Maria 17th May 2019 Diversional Therapist

How to Turn Your Craft Classes into Well Attended Popular Events

Great Advice!.... Its the old saying.. " Fail to prepare ... prepare to fail. : )
AJ 17th May 2019 Activity Director

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Yes, the days of "activities as a party atmosphere all day everyday" are so outdated. We have leisure reading, at 2:30 everyday where residents can come in browse newspaper, magazines, do a word search puzzle, etc. 3x a week (during the winter months) we have coffee cafe where it is a coffee house atmosphere, light music in the back ground, coffee/tea/hot apple cider are served. Things dont always have to be loud, bright and in motion to be an activity!
Zelda De Wet 16th May 2019

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Wow, thank you for all the ideas.
I must start with group activities and doesn’t have a clue where to begin.
The elderly doi g exercises in the gym with bikes and treadmills but due to various work reasons we must steer away from the gym.
Any ideas please of what I can do to keep them interested will be appreciated.
Thank you.
Jackie 15th May 2019 Director

Scrambled Springtime

Brilliant our residents really enjoyed this game..
DEBBIE 15th May 2019 Activities Assistant

Songs for Seniors Quiz

This is brilliant :-) I can't wait to try this activity with my group on Friday. Thank you so much Joanne for all your hard work putting it together
Haley 15th May 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Glad you enjoyed this article, Jo! Here's to peaceful moments for you and your residents.
Haley 15th May 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Thanks for the feedback, Kim! Like you, I find myself overwhelmed and overstimulated during busy events or in big crowds - our residents likely feel that way sometimes too. Thankful you already see the benefits of peaceful settings - your residents are better for it!
serena 15th May 2019

This Day in History for Seniors: January

thank you
Cheryl 14th May 2019 Volunteer

Modified Beer Pong

Used this activity with no rules/no teams. I had 4 ladies playing and what a fun time they had! We probably played for 45 minutes & no one was bored!!
Kim 14th May 2019 Activity Officer

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

I just can't love this enough. Personally I am a big believer in silence and find that our residents can be over stimulated which therefore causes " behaviours" . I like to have a peaceful setting for our activities and read the feeling in the room before we decide to play music or chat. Myself in social situations where there is so much noise and commotion going on I feel anxious and angry at times so can completely understand how this would affect our residents on a daily basis. This is a great read and very informative. Well done.
Janet 14th May 2019 Coordinator, Adult Day Center

Playing Cards: All-Inclusive Games for Seniors

I think my clients would love Animal Grab. Thanks for sharing Karen!
Angie 14th May 2019 Activities Coordinator

Find The Hidden Objects - Car Yard

I love your "hidden objects"
BUT our residents find these too hard to find
Debbie 13th May 2019 Activity Director

D-Day Word Search

I love the bigger word search, the smaller ones are difficult to see your eyes start to go buggy. Just to small font.
Leeanne 13th May 2019

The Price is Right Game

I presented a PRICE IS RIGHT afternoon a few weeks ago and have another planned soon.....

I had 3 different groups of 6 items -
1. grocery group - actual items
2. Miscellaneous group - empty box of a kettle, signed football, AFL team scarf etc
3. Large laminated photos of cars, boats and houses

....... I had my residents in 3 groups and then gave each group one of the "Price is Right" groups to discuss and place in order on a prepared answer sheet.......after about 20 minutes of discussion each group got a different cluster of items to place in price order. (each group had either a volunteer or staff to facilitate discussion)

After each group had listed their items for each PRICE IS RIGHT Group we discussed answers, reminisced and laughed.

During the afternoon I also had a few spot games:-
1. all residents randomly took a colour coded ticket with a price on it......with the correct price winning the item (items where small items like chocolates, biscuits and small ornament)
2. A live PRICE IS RIGHT where all residents yelled out a price for a lovely bunch of yellow roses......residents kept guessing until the actual price was called out - with the person getting the correct price taking the roses for their room.

It was a great afternoon and enjoyed by all.
Christine 12th May 2019 Activities & Lifestyle Coordinator

Bird Types Matching Game

We did this yesterday and found them really engaged, which for a memory care area is sometimes hard. We started by putting home made bird seed feeders into trees on our courtyard, then putting photos out for them to try and recognise before telling them the facts. I then used you tube to put identifying bird sounds with photos and they really liked that part, so we used our senses with touch, visual and hearing.
Florence 11th May 2019 Activities Coordinator

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Hi everyone I joined this week and can't wait to see see what I can offer my resident am new coordinator so this is all new as I have been lifestyle assistant any help or advice would be great .
Vivian 11th May 2019 Executive Director

12 Tips for Writing Progress Notes

Can you please give me some suggestion. I am new have 14 clients were unaware that quarterly review needs to be completed. What do you recommend to rectify my problem? This does not include past clients.
Jo Elise 11th May 2019 Therapist

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Suette 11th May 2019 Bridge To Discovery Coordinator

Which Transport is Faster

This a great activity, Residents enjoyed it and it promotes exercising .
Haley 10th May 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Haley has submitted a new article: The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care
Solange 10th May 2019 Diversional Therapist

Words starting with V Quiz

Hi Lisa, thank you for your words of encouragement. We try to do our best. Cheers!
Rachel 10th May 2019 Activities Coordinator

Paper Planes Reminiscing Game

I like this game but we call it Around the world on a paper plane, as we throw them around the room next person to pick it up writes a name of a destination we do this a few times then gather all the planes up and its interesting to see how many places that one plane travels too, good fun.
Lisa 9th May 2019 Activities for Seniors

Maths Quiz #5



Lisa 9th May 2019 Activities for Seniors

Words starting with V Quiz

Simply fabulous!


Brian 8th May 2019

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

I am going blind. I am already considered legally blind. Being bored is a problem as i can not leave my house much unless someone is with me. I would suggest getting your loved ones out to walk. Take them places to buy things they need. Take them out to eat. Losing my independence has been the toughest part. I have to rely on everyone around me and often feel like a burden. I also struggle with the fact that i am no longer contributing to society. And my home has began to feel like a prison. My advice to you is to get them out make them feel useful and reasure them you enjoy their wisdom and company. Because i know my wisdom is about all i have left.
Lisa 8th May 2019 Activities for Seniors

Musical Masterpieces

Great idea....sounds fun