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RACHAEL 26th Mar 2019 Enliven Host

15 Sensory Activities for Late Stage Alzheimer's

Well done to all you people out there looking after these people. Amazing sharing your ideas and what works for you and your clients. Keep up the fabulous work, and thank you all for sharing.
Katja 26th Mar 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

Jingle Jangle

I still can't find the you have a link as well with all the jingles so we can play them on powerpoint? I love any resource involving powerpoint, its visual and wonderful for residents who are vision impaired. Love it to bits....
Owen 26th Mar 2019 Retired

Left-Handers Game

As a Scout I like to follow the lead of our founder Lord Baden-Powell and shake hands left-handed with other Scouts as well as using my left hand as far as I can for most normal activities. I am becoming better at using my left hand for many things like batting at playing cricket, golf, baseball, as well as throwing games like quoits, skittles, marbles, bowls and so on. Writing is one thing I have yet to master. But Baden-Powell was so ambi-dexterous he could write, draw, paint and do everything with both hands equally as well. It is really something to aim at in case you lose the use of your right hand through a stroke, an accident, or whatever. Plan ahead.
Life Member, Scouts New Zealand.
Jun 26th Mar 2019 Activity Coordinator

The Magic of Being Silly

Reading a couple or three hilarious short stories to all residents before starting exercises or activities will make them awake and very attentive.
Helen Jones 26th Mar 2019

Rhyming Riddles #9

It was a great activity they love it, Thanks so much.
Terrie 26th Mar 2019 Activity Director

Real Estate Guess the Asking Price Game

We played this one and it was a big hit!
Dawn 25th Mar 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator

Family Feud Game

Hi I'm looking to implement playing this game - I just can't seem to find where the survey results are -please can you assist

Many Thanks

Jan Adams Rucks 25th Mar 2019

How to Plan Music Activities for Dementia Care

I am responsible for the music in our Respite Ministry in our county. I disagree with starting a session by asking the participants if they can remember a particular song. I always begin with, let us reminisce together. I love your article but, I really disagree with this statement.
Greg 25th Mar 2019 Engagement Director

Words starting with N Quiz

Lauren Yntema: My residents absolutely adore these quizes. We have done all of these as well as 'words that start with -' and 'words that end with -'. Keep up the great work!
Joan 25th Mar 2019 Activity Coordinator

Artistic Quiz

Looking forward to use the program
Debbylynn 25th Mar 2019 Activity Assistant

'A' My Name Is...

Thank you for the A my name is idea Game, Can't wait to use it tomorrow!Debbylynn
Irene 23rd Mar 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Short Story - The Runaway Train

My residents were enthralled by this story creating much debate and conversation. Thank you
Lisa 23rd Mar 2019 Activities for Seniors

Words starting with N Quiz

THANK YOU! We love these quiz's. Please keep them coming
Debbie 22nd Mar 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator

Homemade Sugar Scrub

cant wait to try
Angie 21st Mar 2019 Activity Director

Egg Bingo

My residents love this game. We usually play 3 or 4 times and each time they win they get to pick a prize!!
Almira 20th Mar 2019 Recreational Activity Officer

How to Help People Find Their Sense of Purpose

Doing Buddy Reading with kindergarten children just across the road from our facility gave our residents a deep sense of purpose even to our dementia resident. At the end of the school year, the children and school gave a "thank you assembly" for our residents.
Janis 20th Mar 2019 Activitiy Director/pastor

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

I really enjoy this web site so helpful
Darla 19th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

Wonderful information, and thought provoking. For myself as well as other staff.

We are getting there with Client Centered Care model.
Bernadette 19th Mar 2019 Recreational Officer

Scarves on Handles - Exercise Activity

Hi, just new to this and a little nervous ... will be leading an exercise class for about 20 or so, and they will be in chairs of some sort. Space is also a little limited as well as staff. Some of the ideas I have looked at are fantastic, but not what I can produce for them.

Any ideas??

Thanks, - Bernie - the "Learner - LOL" :)
Salena 19th Mar 2019 Development Worker

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

Molly thanks for a great article, I will be using this with my volunteers.

Although I don't work in a care home setting (I deliver a service aimed at those aged over 55, socially isolated and lonely) the same bias is very evident on occasion by clients and volunteers alike. In the wider society, the way in which some statutory Social Work/Care services promote 'day care' services creates a bias for the clients who think of it as a 'nanny service and I'm not mad yet', it's changing these preconceptions that can really makes a difference to people's lives. Thank you.

Regis Ferny Grove 19th Mar 2019

Tips for Communicating with English-Second-Language Clients

Why not, as long as you can all have fun and enjoy the activity.
Owen 19th Mar 2019 Retired

Memory Tray

Congratulations to Liza and Fernanda.
We do this one in Scouting. It is called Kim's Game and was invented by Baden-Powell from the work of Rudyard Kipling. If you read "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling Chapter 9 you will learn what Kim's Game is. Baden-Powell thought that it was a splendid game for developing observation in Boy Scouts. There are many forms and it can be developed for Seniors with memory deficits, even dementia. See any Scout manual and it will be part of a Scouting activity.

Life Member Scouts New Zealand
Lorraine 19th Mar 2019 Activities Officer

Irish Carpet Bowls

Being Irish and working as an activities officer on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia we played this game on St Patricks Day and it was just the best laugh. I had 6 red rooster potatoes and 6 white potatoes so that was our teams. I had little Irish flags on sticks that I got in a cheap charlie shop as trophy's for the winners of the two teams and then I used the little plastic cups that their tablets are given in and filled them with green lime cordial and we all had a toast. It was a fantastic game thank you so much for the idea, Lorraine
Nesha 19th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator

Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

My residents adore sayings quizzes. I can do it 3 times a day and they don't get bored. They are always so proud of how well they do.
I've even found that some don't join in at first but after being around the quiz a few times they start to join in and answer more every time.
Kaimraj 19th Mar 2019 Recreation Assistant

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

Hi .Very interesting article.In changing society.We need to have staff and programs that the diversity of society.
Example of such diversity in our long term care community.We have residents who are black .How manny homes had any programs that an opportunity to shared their story.Just look at the month of March and you will see how much of st Patrick.
When recreation staff that reflects our society.It will take away the bias
Molly 19th Mar 2019 Activity Professional & Writer

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

Molly has submitted a new article: Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care
Maurice 18th Mar 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Susan!

We don't have a Weekly Calendar download yet for Golden Carers, but we do have a professional activity and client management system which has Daily, Weekly, and Monthly calendar downloads called Golden Care Tools:

Hope that helps :)
Owen 17th Mar 2019 Retired

Train Your Brain Tangram Puzzle

Here is a steal from The Scout Movement where the activity is called "Kim's Game. Baden-Powell was a great friend of Rudyard Kipling and if you read Kipling's book "Kim" you will learn what "Kim's Game" is and how developed the game for Scouts to develop their memories. It is a good game for Seniors to develop their memories, particularly for those with dementia. There are numerous forms of "Kim's Game" in Scouting books so perhaps Golden Carers Activity Team can come up with a similar activity for Seniors. I can help from my experience in Scouting if that would be of any assistance.
Life Member Scouts New Zealand
Michele 15th Mar 2019 Recreation Coordinator

Lucky Dog Card Game

we do this same game, but deal out as much of the deck (or two decks depending on number of players) so everyone has the same #. I use a very large deck as the dealer deck so all residents can easily see the card called (some have hearing issues).

we call this game Card Bingo - when the first, second, and third have put all their cards in the centre, they yell BINGO, and each win a small treat.
Solange 14th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist

Words in Words Game

Well done Melanie! I once had a session where 123 words were found and meanwhile, we had lots of fun. You can try the words 'tambourine' or 'catastrophe' next time.
Susan 14th Mar 2019 Life Enrichment Director

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Is there any way to do a weekly calendar?
Jean 14th Mar 2019 Activities Provider

The Magic of Being Silly

A true saying'Laughter is the best medicine'
AJ 14th Mar 2019 Activity Director

Movies for St Patrick’s Day

There are some other great movies too that aren't necessarily St. Paddys specific but take place in Ireland. Good to keep the theme going!
A few oldies "My Wild Irish Rose" and "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" I found on Amazon very reasonable.
"Leap Year" starring Amy Adams, as a girl who follows her love to Ireland and is tricked into thinking its an Irish tradition for the ladies to pop the question on Leap Day!
Finian's Rainbow, music, rainbows, leprechauns, Fred Astaire and Petula Clark!
And not Ireland or Irish but we always enjoy the Gnome Mobile! Cute movie about a couple of children and their grandfather who take a trip to the California Redwood National Park and end up meeting some mischievous Gnomes! I think its a Disney movie? Catchy tunes!
Gillian 14th Mar 2019 House Wife

Spring Crossword

I am so grateful for all the activities I have had access to from Golden Carers, I love them they are such a great resource to me. Thank you so much Golden Carers.
Haley 14th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Magic of Being Silly

Love this Salena!
Haley 14th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Magic of Being Silly

Great idea, Pamela!
Haley 14th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

The Magic of Being Silly

Yes Leslie! I love a good and loud sing along! :)
melanie 14th Mar 2019 Activity Director

Words in Words Game

I am an a activity director in the United States. In the state of Kansas. And I had a few residents come to this activity this morning and they made a total of 130 words from this word Pedestrian. They had lots of fun. Enjoy looking at this site. They have great activities. Melanie
Nancy 13th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapists

Tongue Twisters

My residents love this tongue twisters a lot of fun
Solange 13th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist

How to celebrate Harmony Day

Excellent idea Julie, with so much scope. You can later introduce some food of the countries represented or listen to their music. Thank you for sharing.
Janet 13th Mar 2019 Coordinator, Adult Day Center

Movie Star Bingo

I made up a 'movie star bingo" for my day center - this one is so much better! Thanks Joanne!!
Leslie 13th Mar 2019 Activities Assistant

The Magic of Being Silly

I also sing loud and proud during our sing along time (and am not that good !) but it always gets a chuckle from even the serious ones ! And will get other joining in !
Doreen 12th Mar 2019 Senior Ministry Director

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

I would love a copy of the Activity Survey but need it in a PDF form. Is that possible?
Leslie 12th Mar 2019 Activities Assistant

The Magic of Being Silly

Yes, we love the ballon volley with pool noodles ! I had a resident laughing so hard she had tears watching me attempt to use a hand held air pump for the first time ! Took me 20 minutes to blow up 8 balloons!!
Pamela 12th Mar 2019 Activity Coordinator

The Magic of Being Silly

I had the clients at our Social Day Program make some medium sized pom poms with yarn of various colors and we have "snowball" fights randomly. I had a full set of 'snowballs' however, we lost a few to a rambunctious group that REALLY got into the game.
This always induces laughter beyond the 4 walls we start off in and occasionally the directors of the program and the senior center join in! It is a certain guarantee that I will be the target and I am just fine with that!
Julie 12th Mar 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle

How to celebrate Harmony Day

Last year we asked all of our staff which country they had links to - it was amazing as we had staff not only Aussie, but English, Irish, Finnish, Scottish, India, Nepal, China, New Zealand, Pakistan, Iranian just to name a few.
We cut out an orange paper person for each person and added their name and country.
Hanging on the wall - It was a great point for conversation and our residents and family learnt something about our staff. Plus it was an activity that grew over the week. Everyone wanted to have their name on the wall.
This year I might add how to say hello just for more fun !
Salena 12th Mar 2019 Development Worker

The Magic of Being Silly

I definitely believe in laughter, as much for the clients as for the employees/volunteers. Like you say it is maintaining that balance of professionalism and having the chance to have a laugh and create a smile or two.

We always end up heartily laughing when we play balloon tennis, as the residents are sitting and whacking balloons around the room with myself and the volunteers running around to pick up the balloons and pass them back to them. Often they start off, no don't want to play, but then when we get started they all join in, even the quiet ones.
Solange 12th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist

Movie Night: Revisiting Man's First Steps on the Moon

Hi Mallory, thank you very much for your suggestions. We will certainly add them to the "Movie NIght'.
Mallory 12th Mar 2019 Life Enrichment Director

Movie Night: Revisiting Man's First Steps on the Moon

October Sky and Hidden Figures are also good for this theme.
Owen 12th Mar 2019 Retired

Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

Quite a good alternative Sherry. All our residents were excited when each letter was uncovered one by one. But there are other alternatives, each one being exciting and fun for the oldies. Thanks for the comment.

Life Member Scouts New Zealand