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Sharyn 13th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Carer

The Price is Right - Australian Version

Hi Melissa,

As I don't have the collection of mini coles items and I noticed you have taken photos of each and enlarged. Is it possible to get copies of the photos. You can email me on [email protected] if you can help me. Much appreciated.
Barbara 13th Nov 2019 Recreation Coordinator

15 Ways to get the Participation of your Nursing Team

I work with a great group of nurses! We had a monthly Total Brain Health program and one did a lecture on sleep and even came in her bunny sleeper! They've chipped in to serve at parties and wine/cheese socials. The Director of AL is an RN and speaks at our Resident Council meetings every month. Our NP gives bi-monthly health lectures. They are always willing to chip in for the good of our residents!
Julie Ann Delgado 12th Nov 2019

Client Assessment: Getting to know your Client

Hi there, I hope that you can help me out with my questions about the care plan.

"How would you ensure that the clients preferences are met by the services?" and give examples to support the answer.
Examples of external and internal opportunities for feedback opportunities in your role as a support worker.

Hope to hearing from you.

Patricia 12th Nov 2019 Caretaker

Vocabulary Synonyms Quiz #2

Oh how I wish I had this available to me back in the ‘90’s when I was activity Director!! Now utilize for my mom and mom-in-law who have dementia. I plan on volunteering in activities once I retire next year!!! Thank you for all you do
Dolores 12th Nov 2019 Retired

Anagram Quiz #5

Delighted I came across this site, lots of fun activities to take part in, love the quizzes and anagrams etc. that I can introduce to my local Day Care Centre!

Thanks, Dolores
Gillian 11th Nov 2019 House Wife

Christmas Poster #2

Brilliant ideas, Golden Carers thank you so much for making our life easier, and for providing such great activities for our "Young at Heart" social group. Ye are amazing!!!
Anne 11th Nov 2019 Community Cordinatorr

Funny Short Stories #5

Thanks for the funny stories my groups loved them.
Nucharee 9th Nov 2019 Home Care Worker

16 Ways to Promote Social Inclusion in Senior Care

Pop up Cafe great idea for residents , just wondering planning an outing outdoors for residents at facility currently as part of my placement any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nucharee
Kate 9th Nov 2019 Volunteer

Photo Christmas Tree

Can't wait to get started on this
Mohini 9th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Officer

Identifying Needs of Clients entering Long Term Care

Many many thanks for the infor. as I was offered the position ,when I just started to volunteer I had some ideas, working in aged care for years, but this is fantastic , makes May Day to day
job easier, so I can concentrate on other things and spent more time with the consumers
May god bless to all the member's input, really appreciated.
Michael 9th Nov 2019 Chaplain

10 Tips for Ageing Better

Great site and useful for elders.
Bonnie 9th Nov 2019 Personal Carer

Remembrance Day Poster #1

thanks so much for all the information you share
Nicola 8th Nov 2019

Famous Female Inventors

Excellent resource! Thanks
Alice 8th Nov 2019

Songs for Seniors Quiz

As a Seniors Day Club Coordinator, I am always on the lookout for new activities to share with my direct care team. Golden Carers really has something for everyone! Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to put these activities and resources together for us-you're all stars!!
Carla 7th Nov 2019 Lead Activities Coordinator

Artist Impression - Paul Klee - Giardino del Tempio

Hi we have a blind resident who thoroughly enjoys painting with sponges and also her fingers. She will literally just run her fingers through it. If they are not keen on the paint on their hands you could put a pair of surgical gloves on them. You could also use pasta and paint and glue on a piece of card then they will experience the sensory side of it also.
Joy 7th Nov 2019 Coordinator Recreation

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Fantastic, what a huge effort, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you Joanne.
rhonda 7th Nov 2019 recreation officer

My Life Timeline

We have done this as individual activities with each of our consumers. Added a photo to it and displayed them on our wall. It has been a useful tool for staff and the others that attend our Center.
Thank you so much
Barbara 5th Nov 2019 Recreation Coordinator

How to Setup a Pet Visiting Program

We now have pets visits Monday through Friday with different dogs and my residents love it.
You can contact Therapy Dogs International .
One thing I would suggest is that some of the owners do not want their dogs to have treats due to dietary problems so it's always good to ask first.

My community is very strict when dogs come to visit. Owners must provide current vaccinations and if the dog is with Therapy Dogs Int'l, we require their membership card.

We have residents who are not verbal but when those dogs come in, boy do they start to talk to them! It's amazing the connections between the dogs and our residents!
Solange 4th Nov 2019 Diversional Therapist

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you, Christine, we really appreciate your feedback.
MOLLI 4th Nov 2019 CNA

Artist Impression - Paul Klee - Giardino del Tempio

Any Ideas for the Blind? other then music, stories and positive thinking …
Adele 3rd Nov 2019

How to make Twiddlemuffs

My mum was given one of these in John Hunter Hospital as she was picking at her arm, the Nurse said it stopped her doing it and she fiddles with the items on it. According to the Nurse they are a new concept to the Hospital and they have enough for 1 for each patient and mum is going back to the Nursing Home with it. I have thought of making them and am suggesting them to anyone in Aged Care or those working with sensory problems or parents with these and anyone else in the medical and teach8ng profession
Brenda 3rd Nov 2019 Volunteer

Left & Right Game

I have seen this game played with a group passing around presents.
Kathleen 2nd Nov 2019 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Cookies & Biscuits Word Search

Do you have a more difficult word search? I have independent residents and these are very easy for them?
Christine 2nd Nov 2019 Assistant recreation

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Absolutely amazingingly wonderful, thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness!!! I did download the first part of this (the quiz) years ago but never knew you had written all the words out as well and this is exactly what I need, once again, thank you! You are an angel xx
Solange 30th Oct 2019 Diversional Therapist

Marble Sun Catchers

Hi Heather, I used craft glue PVA. It worked fine.
Prestige 29th Oct 2019 Owner

Match the Brand Name to it's Logo

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: MATCH THE BRAND NAME TO IT'S LOGO
Karen 29th Oct 2019 Activity Co-ordinator

Fun Riddle 23

Amazing!!!!! Soooo helpful and my 1st" go to" for quizzes! Thank you!
Teupola 29th Oct 2019 RAO

Funny Short Stories #5

Love these short stories. Will definitely use them. Thank you.
Heather 29th Oct 2019 Day Therapy Manager

Marble Sun Catchers

This looks like a great idea, has anyone in Australia tried this, if so what glue did you use.
Many Thanks
Shannon 29th Oct 2019 Activity Director

Color Go Fish

Sounds Fun thank you will try
Julianne 28th Oct 2019 Activities Officer

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

I have been using these cue cards and they are excellent.
I would like to fine sentence in other languages. Does anyone have any ideas or where I could get this
Dawn 28th Oct 2019 Social Support

Egg Carton Bingo

Brilliant game . Its a very popular weekly activity with residents picking out the next coloured
ping pong ball ( yet another skill ) and loads of laughter especially when they pick out their
own number. Winning a prize theve chosen makes their day !
Lisa 27th Oct 2019 Activities for Seniors

Words starting with HUM Quiz

Very Nice, Thank you!
Hadas 27th Oct 2019 China Medicine

25 Comfort Activities for Dementia Care

It’s an inspiration
Not only for dementia
But for life theme self
Cheryl-Lee 26th Oct 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Friendship Afternoon

Ive been doing the bread maker for a while now and they all love fresh bread with jam and butter. Only takes a few minutes to pop on and ready for the afternoon or they have had it for supper. I am yet to try adding some different flavours to the mix, sultanas or cheese and herbs.
ROCIO 26th Oct 2019 Student

Egg Carton Bingo

I would like a photo of egg carlton bingo please
Lifestyle Kincumber 26th Oct 2019 Lifestyle Team Leader

Left - Right Melbourne Cup Pass the Parcel Game

this looks like a fantastic game. thanks for sharing. This is my first time as a lifestyle team leader, so all this information is helping me. you all do a great job at your homes, thanks for all the tips.
Julie 25th Oct 2019 Activities Assistant

Left - Right Melbourne Cup Pass the Parcel Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Left / Right Melbourne Cup pass the parcel game
Linette 24th Oct 2019 Program Manager

Twister with a twist

We do this also. I had my dementia group paint washers the colours of the dots. This way I can have a large group. I have two mats. They Get 5 points for getting it theirs but minus 2 points if they get it on any part of someone else's color. Boy do we have some serious competition.
Tania 24th Oct 2019 Registered Nurse

And they're off in the Melb cup

Hey Julie Do you have a copy of the story? I can't seem to find one! I think it would be great activity to do at my hostel! Thanks
Terrie 23rd Oct 2019 Activity Director

Air Swimming Fish

I have bought this fish and it's quite fun and the residents really enjoy it. I have a special needs volunteer who enjoys taking the fish out in the halls too. It's worth the expense.
Hazel 23rd Oct 2019 Activity Leader

How to Acknowledge Mistakes and Apologize

I am so pleased I have found Golden Carers the information and variety of topics have been so helpful to me in my role as Activity Coordinator. Thank you.
Dawn 23rd Oct 2019 Community Life Director

Cheesecloth Halloween Ghosts

This is great. Thanks
Linette 23rd Oct 2019 Program Manager

Stuff the Turkey Game

Can't wait to try this!
Linette 23rd Oct 2019 Program Manager

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Trivia and Facts

Thank - You!
Linette 23rd Oct 2019 Program Manager

Rainbow Guided Meditation

I am going to try this with my woman's group. What do you think if I add a diffuser? Then have sweet lemon-orange water ready and turn it into a discussion group.
Owen 23rd Oct 2019 Retired

American Football or Soccer?

I say again that Soccer is one of many forms of football or footy, just as American football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, and others are. Actually those responsible for insisting that football is Soccer are correct but to rename Soccer as Football only are misusing the word. Let's all call the game Soccer and avoid the confusion with the other forms of Football
Debs 23rd Oct 2019 Activity Coordinator

Secret Word Game - Bonfire Night

Thanks Carole - just the thing to keep them busy whilst I set up for the evening!!
Patricia 22nd Oct 2019 Lifestyle Co Ordinator

Rainbow Guided Meditation

Hi Lee and, thanks for your question. My residents have been meditating well over 12 months now and are able to handle longer meditations. They sometimes say they "don't want to come back." Beginners can do 15mins.. up to 35mins can seem like no time t ok a more advanced student
Maria 22nd Oct 2019 Activity Director

American Football or Soccer?

I'm in the US and a former soccer player. I was surprised and pleased at how many of my seniors (all female and 80 plus) knew the difference between the soccer and football phrases! Who says sports are just for men!