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Dawn 4th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator


I have been having so much fun with this site. I also love how the word search pages have bigger letters. Since we are closed right now due to the virus, we have been sending activities home to our participants and the bigger letters are great for them.
Pat 3rd Jun 2020 Activity Assistant

Fast Food Trivia Quiz

Thanks for the update Linda. Our participants will enjoy this!
Val Williamson 3rd Jun 2020

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

What about getting them to talk about their life as a child,teenager ,first job adult life etc of you have a radio system where they can all here it you can choose One of the topics aand see of a couple are interested they talk for whatever length of time you decide it. It could be done like a radio programe ( it May take a few days to get going its tria and error ) the subjects could be anything types of holidays thhey went they drove what ever theyll chose the subjects eventually.s
LINDA 3rd Jun 2020 Resident Services Manager

Optical Illusion Fun

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Optical Illusion Fun
LINDA 3rd Jun 2020 Resident Services Manager

Logo Trivia & Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Logo Trivia
LINDA 3rd Jun 2020 Resident Services Manager

Fast Food Trivia Quiz

Oh dear, I uploaded the draft file instead of the final.
Yvette 2nd Jun 2020

15 Activities for Loners and Introverted Seniors

Another idea is to have them help with jobs. The CEO of our home often gives a resident small tasks such as sorting envelopes etc. They love to contribute and feel important.
Solange 2nd Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

Community Scrapbook Quilt

Brillant idea Brenda!
Brenda 2nd Jun 2020 Activity Coordinator

Community Scrapbook Quilt

It's great for reminiscing! I found a book of patterns too. We look through the book and talk about each pattern. I knew a little bit about quilts, but I have learned a ton doing this project.
Andrea 2nd Jun 2020 Program Coordinator

Community Scrapbook Quilt

This is awesome! I work in inpatient geri psych-I think my patients would love this!
Tina 2nd Jun 2020

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

I work in a group home, one of our client is blind and has autism. Iam not a manager. I am just one of the wotker just for the record. Every time I go to work. I come up with i deas to keep her active and smiling assuming that will help her day go fast and fun. This week, I feel like i am running of ideas to keep her active. any idea? but one thing I noticed which I am planning to keep on reapeating is that since she practice a christian religion, she laughs with the Jockes I find on you yube from Joel Osten and making shapes from a play-doh. please email me any new ideas? Thank you so much!!!
Pat 2nd Jun 2020 Activity Assistant

Fast Food Trivia Quiz

Hi Linda, love the quiz and layout but I don't see answers for #15 &16, also question 16 is cut off.
Margaret 1st Jun 2020 Activities Co-O

Portable Activity Ideas to Reach Every Resident, Everyday

HI everyone Greetings from a beautiful sunny day in Ireland
Just wondering would anyone have a photo of a cart they use for there portable shop
Thank You
Mag x
Kristen 1st Jun 2020 Activity Director

Reminiscing: How to Create a Memory Board

i'm going to start this this week!
Kristen 1st Jun 2020 Activity Director

Indoor Chair Volleyball

This is awesome!
East Grampians Health Service 1st Jun 2020 Resident Support Co-ordinator

Oktoberfest Party Ideas

We have traveled to Italy, Greece and England and this month, head off to Germany. Thankyou so much for the amazing range of ideas. Our residents are enjoying traveling the world so much!
Andrea 30th May 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

Cockney Slang Rhyming Words

I loved the idea of this and made up a 'cockney-slang' story. Alas, my residents found it very confusing and it did not go down too well. May be it was a big ask for Australians to understand if even Londoners can't. We had a good laugh but I think I will shelve this one under 'too hard'.
Gwyneth 30th May 2020 Volunteer

Words Starting with AIR Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: ALL THE ANSWERS MUST BEGIN WITH 'AIR'
Gwyneth 30th May 2020 Volunteer

A Feast of Fun Food Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: A FEAST OF FUN TRIVIA
Melody 30th May 2020 OTA

How to Create a Bird Sanctuary Sensory Garden for Seniors

Great article thanks. Not so sure that bird feeding is discouraged in Australia! Where did you find that information?
Solange 29th May 2020 Diversional Therapist

13 Fun Brain Activities for Seniors

Thank you, Sharon. They look happy and relaxed; we appreciate the photo-sharing.
Steph 29th May 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Whiteboard Word Quiz

You are most welcome

Just wanted to say to everyone here,
Keep doing an amazing job.
Tracy 29th May 2020 Lifestyle Manager

Who's Who in the Photo

If our residents lack mental capacity we are not allowed to take their photographs, GDPR,
Brenda 29th May 2020 Activity Coordinator

Community Scrapbook Quilt

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Community Quilt
Daphne 28th May 2020 Alzheimers Director

Label the Skeleton

I love this! However, how in the instructions, I cannot find where to print the skeleton?
Sharon 28th May 2020 Activities Director

13 Fun Brain Activities for Seniors

Yesterday we sat on the porch and did Golden Carers Activities. We learned we laughed we watched the chipmunks run by. Thank you
Tina 28th May 2020 Head Of Activities And Wellbeing

All About Africa Quiz

A few of residents resided in Africa so this one will definitely appeal to them
Vicky 28th May 2020 Daycentre Asst

Covid-19 Message for Family

thank you for sharing this, a lovely touch.
Maurice 28th May 2020

Create your own Word Search!

Hi Louise!

The easiest way would be to use the tool above, and once it's been generated, save it as a PDF.

To do this, you just print the page like you normally would when using a printer, and instead of printing it using your printer, you select "Word PDF", or "Adobe PDF", or "Save as Document".

Once you have it as a PDF file, you should be able to add it insert it into a newsletter.

I hope that helps!
Bernii 28th May 2020 Activity Co Ordinator

NRL Tipping 2020 - Updated

Thank you soo much for the updated footy tipping.
Susan 28th May 2020 Activities Director

Twister with a twist

thanks so much for this idea. I work in a facility with some very gentle souls. Our beanbags were so big that we decided two corners on a circle were enough to count for points. They had so much fun!
Robert 28th May 2020 Activities Manager

Hilarious Things Said in Court

This is grrreat! I am gong to read these to the residents once we can get a small group together.
Stacy 28th May 2020

American Football Teams - Fill in the Blanks

sorry to be nitpicky but your logo for this activity is a basketball team. could you change it to an actual football team. It kind of threw me off because of that. it was the Chicago Bulls
Soné 27th May 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader

Dog Bingo

Thanks for this. It will be perfect for a lady that loves dogs.
At the moment all our social interactions are one on one out in the community so i wanted to be able to participate in this game rather than just being the caller, so I put all the images into a random wheel. I hope that is ok?

Here is the link
Catherine 27th May 2020 Site Manager

Short Story - Crossword Puzzles turn 100th!

Hi Janice, if you scroll down you will find the completed crossword answers. Gilly
Doris 27th May 2020 Social Worker

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

I am a Social Worker at an Independent Senior Community. Your activities have been so helpful in keeping our community active and engaged during these difficult times. Thank you for your creativity.
Kim 27th May 2020 Activites

Find the Objects: - Sea Theme

I just got my subscription today, and I AM SO THANKFUL I STUMBLED ACROSS THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so wonderful and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah M. 27th May 2020

Words in Words Game

I am an Activity Director at a long term care nursing home. WIth the COVID-19 hitting all of us hard, nursing home specially, my aides and I are having a really tough time being able to do activities with the residents. Being stuck in their rooms, or having to wear a mask is NOT fun at all. We do video chats every morning with the ones who are set up to do so, but for the rest of them, it sucks. They are bored and need something to do. We are able to take up to 8 residents in the dining room to do activities with them, but they have to be at their own table. We can play some games using our large whiteboard but it's still very challenging. If anyone has any fun ideas that we can do with the social distancing, much would be greatly appreciated!!
LINDA 27th May 2020 Resident Services Manager

Fast Food Trivia Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Fast Food Trivia Quiz
Robert 27th May 2020 Activities Manager

Bunker Bingo

I am glad that you got some use with the idea! Enjoy!
Debbie 27th May 2020 Recreation Therapist

Canadian Inventions of Note

I just put together a PowerPoint for my group on this topic. Dont forget Superman.
Leanne 26th May 2020 Lifestyle Officer

Group Singing with Props

Hi, absolutely I loved this idea it inspired me!
Idownloaded several songs on spotify and had all my props together
I used the following songs:-
Green Green Grass of home and had a bag of fresh grass
Im forever blowing bubbles - whilst blowing bubbles
Teddy bear by elvis presley-using a teddy bear
Singing in the rain - using an umbrella
Well the residents absolutley loved it especially im forever blowing bubbles the smiles and delight on the face of the residents brought tears to my eyes. I got as much out of this activity as the residents did. Thank you so much for suggesting such a wonderful, special Idea.
Raylene 26th May 2020

What Am I Quiz #2

Thank you for some new ideas for the aged care I work in.
Gwyneth 26th May 2020 Volunteer

Using Music With Older Adults During Covid-19

This is a wonderful segment, one I totally I agree with. I have been a volunteer for over 30 years, in all categories, still volunteering, but nearly all my volunteering years I have introduced music to the people I am caring for. learning the piano, at 8 years taught the old way, scales, scales, scales, , but for many many years playing "down memory lane songs, " It works magic, not only for the ones you are looking after but for yourself as well. The thing is with me , an oldie, late 80's I remember all the really old songs, have a collection of wonderful "down memory lane" songs plus all my sheet music for the piano, I am never happier than playing this old time for myself, and lucky enough to be still passing it on to other oldies. Thanks once again for your .segment. Covid 19 music activities
Lynette 26th May 2020 Program activities

Make Your Own Dominoes Game

Thank you :)
Solange 26th May 2020 Diversional Therapist

Make Your Own Dominoes Game

Excellent, Bobbi! Thanks for sharing.
Steph 26th May 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Whiteboard Word Quiz

We did one aboard a Yacht, (We wanted to escape winter) I asked each resident, "What will you bring?" They came up with some simple things such as suitcase, various superstars, multitude of alcoholic beverages and some really wild things, some of the items are illegal (you get the idea) yet, it this was one of the funniest things I have experienced. Then other residents joined in as they heard laughter and squeals of delight. Of course this also started reminiscing along the way. What started as an hour activity became the whole day as the residents (even those with dementia) wanted to keep adding to the list of things to take on the Yacht and the various places they wanted to visit.
Bobbi Arthur 26th May 2020

Make Your Own Dominoes Game

I'm a Senior Center Director and miss our seniors during the COVID19. Blessed with amazing community volunteers and two staff members along with myself home delivering meals to 119 people in 89 homes. Word find ,adult coloring books, crossword puzzles are things we've delivered but the most fun they are having is playing in home bingo. We delivered paper bingo cards to everyone and each time we make food deliveries we send a newsletter that includes updates on center friends as well as 20 bingo numbers. They're asked to call a center council member who verifies the bingo and let's me know who we need to deliver prizes and a new card to.
Yvonne 26th May 2020 Activities Co Ordinator

Old Occupations Quiz

Thanks for sharing, brilliant idea thanks....
Clare 25th May 2020 Retired

Which Transport is Faster

I hope your residents enjoy the game.We certainly did and was an exscuse for alot of noise! I am sure it could be modified to suit the 2 metres apart rule!!