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Vanessa 19th Sep 2020 Therapeutic Recovery. Director

The Human Body Riddles

Love it
Laurie 19th Sep 2020 Activities Manager

Armchair Travel to Brazil

Did this on Wed and our residents loved it :)
Thank you !!!
Lana 19th Sep 2020 Memory Care Manager

Poems for International Friendship Day

so enjoy the poems of friendship. Friends can be like family
Dawn 18th Sep 2020 Gerontology

This Land is Our Land Display Board

As a new member I am excited to explore the possibilities that will empower being an advocate for Alzheimer’s and dementia
Dawn Baranowski
Francisco 18th Sep 2020

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

I added my own twist to "Cover the number" to play with my grandma after we had mastered the original version. Now we roll three dice, discard one of them, and then proceed as usual. It adds a little bit of strategy ("which two dice should I pick?"), which gets my grandma to think harder; and as an added bonus, it makes the game enjoyable for me.

We also added some low numbers in the blank areas on the side of the board, as suggested in a previous post. Also, I made the boards by hand with cardboard and colored markers (using one color for the 1s, another color for the 2s, etc.), and we use beans to cover the numbers, all of which makes it a more pleasant sensory experience.
Cathy 17th Sep 2020 Special Care Counsellor

Chair Soccer

Another way to play chair soccer is by using a beach ball and a bowling pin.
Seat the residents in a circle and place the pin in the middle.
The object is to try to knock over the bowling pin.
This can be done as a simple exercise or as a fun competition between the residents (1 point for everytime they knock down the pin), or as a team (every second person is on the same team...we use colored pinnies).
If there are people in the group that cannot kick you can give them a hockey or broomball stick. I will often do a quick pick-up game of Soccer Broomball.
Not only are you working the lower and upper body, but also eye-hand coordination and reflexes and most importantly, creating a fun, all-inclusive activity.
Wendy 17th Sep 2020 Lifestyle

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

Thanks for sharing we will give it sa try
Elaine 17th Sep 2020 Activities Director/ Speech Path

Noodle Soccer

For July 4th, I bought battery operated lights that look like capsules and are put into the balloons before blowing them up. ( Party City) Then after dinner and a parade around the facility with patriotic music from my I- pad, we made our own fireworks. We placed the balloons on a large parachute and then turned out the lights in our immediate area. The red balloons with
Flying up into the air with the lights looked almost like fireworks. Next time, I would buy the balloons earlier so blue ones would have been included.
Alphonso D Conceicao 17th Sep 2020

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

Hi, Thank you for sharing the Dice Game. Will be trying it out with our seniors. Due to COVI-19, I am also trying it out with our volunteers to play this game virtually over ZOOM.

Warmest regards
Operations Manager (Community)
Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home Limited, Singapore
Sara 17th Sep 2020 Activity Director

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

thank you for these
Julie 16th Sep 2020 Activities Co -ordinator

Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

I have started a Hangman & Music Idea, which has gone down really well.. I ask each resident to write or tell me a piece of music they enjoy. Then on the whiteboard I write the artist/ group in Hangman style, then underneath that again in hangman style, the title of the piece of music.
Once they have guessed I play the piece of music.

All great fun, especially when they guess the song first, and they try and remember the artist...
Debbie 16th Sep 2020 Ota

Target Letter Game 2

This Letter game was good, but we are trying to find out what the 9 letter word is??????
Deborah 16th Sep 2020 Recreation officer

The Magic Table: An Interactive Game

Rob 16th Sep 2020 Team leader

Emoji Bingo

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: EmojiBingo
Rachel 16th Sep 2020 Program Animator

3 Benefits of Video Games for Seniors

I have a VR headset (Oculus Quest) and I love it. It cost me $600 Canadian and can be used standing and walking around or sitting. The Oculus Go is half the price but can only be used seated which isn't necessarily a bad thing according to the population we work with. I work in a community center with autonomous seniors. Anyways, there is an app where you can walk around the Anne Frank house, a free movie called "travelling while black", Wander is great as well. There are many that can be used.
Jill 15th Sep 2020 Recreational Aide

This Land is Our Land Display Board

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: This Land is our Land
Amy 15th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

My backgrounds art working in windows format and I would also like to know how I can save the changes I make onto golden Carers

Thank you

Jane 15th Sep 2020 Executive Officer

World Gratitude Day Poem by Marlene Laporte

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: World Gratitude Day Poem by Marlene Laporte
Kelly 14th Sep 2020 Recreation Coordinator

For Giggles

I have just started working as a Life Enrichment Aide in a retirement home and I used some of these jokes to break the ice at our first coffee and chatting session. It was a great way to get some conversationsleep started. I even put one on our monthly calender.
Thank you!
Jill 14th Sep 2020 Activities

Karaoke Happy Hour

I love all the wonderful ideas. I use a lot of your ideas. My residents love the the games that I used from all of you. This is a wonderful site thank you.
Monica 14th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Traveling Light

We have a traveling game, where we pick different countries and the residents have to guess where in the world we are from the clues that we give them.
I have a young lady that volunteers with me and she doesn't feel comfortable with big activities so these are perfect.
SPNH 14th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi , I love the calendar but the dates are too small for the residents to see. I usually use a size 26 font for numbers and in the top middle of the box. Any chance of increasing your font? Thanks :)
Noreen 14th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Officer

Armchair Travel to Germany

I am German and I also work for a German facility. All my clients had a fantastic time. Thanks for the resources.
Karen 14th Sep 2020 Activity Professional

Finish The Song Titles

I play piano and accordion. We do Name that Tune some days. I like the fill in the blank activity! Music is the best!!!
Maureen 13th Sep 2020 activities officier

Newsletter Template - October 2020

This is excellant so simple to alter for workplace and saves so much time to time poor activities personal. Well it does for me anyway

Karen 13th Sep 2020 Activity Professional

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Self care is extremely important especially during these days of lockdowns with new rules and regulations in place. Practice self-care daily. Use all the tools we use with our residents: music, art, meditation and prayer. It works.
Lori 12th Sep 2020 Activity

Intergenerational: Colour By Numbers

Do you have other color by number. Not Christmas
Sondra 12th Sep 2020 Activity Director

Nine Letter Word Puzzles

The sisters at SSND really enjoy these puzzles. Every week I print out BIngo sheets and call numbers for them to do in their rooms over the weekend and I like to include an extra chance to win if they don't get a bingo. I put different brain busters on each week. They can try to solve riddles or rebuses or the magic math squares or these word puzzles. I give them one candy bar if they can find 25 words and 2 candy bars if they come up with 50 or more. This challenge is by far the favorite! Many like it better than the bingo.
Janelle 11th Sep 2020 Therapeutic Recreation

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Guess the Classic Car
Solange 11th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist

Canvas Creative Group Project

Hi, Elsie, thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it. All the best.
Solange 11th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist

Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Hi Alison, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
mylion waite 11th Sep 2020

Nine Letter Word Puzzles

It is cloudy today in Cleveland and the residents are looking for something to do --the puzzles are right on time. thank you.
Alison 10th Sep 2020 Activities Co Ordinator

Magazine Scavenger Hunt

I've been doing something similar to this, but simpler. Residents choose a magazine, I have a list of things to look for and we just all flick through looking for the same thing at the same time. We then share the found images and chat as a group.
Car, garden, cottage, castle (we are in Scotland), town scene, countryside scene, baby, plate of food, boat etc.
Elsie 10th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator

Canvas Creative Group Project

I absolutely love this site. I already print a lot of activities. I thank you so much golden cares.
Joanne 10th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Alphabet Game

My residents love playing this. thanks
Gail 10th Sep 2020 Activity Director

Hawaiian Luau Party

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Hawaiian Luau
Martha 10th Sep 2020 Director

This Day in History for Seniors: September

Our adult day program used this resource everyday right after we discussed the current events with coffee. Now, we do Zooms two times per week and the participants can see the information on their computer screen and follow along.
Helen 9th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator

Countryside Word Search

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Countryside Wordsearch
Jean 9th Sep 2020 Activities Provider

Apple Decor

Thank you. My topic at Monday Memory Club and will add this.
Steven Czyrny 8th Sep 2020

Tips for One-on-One Visits with Seniors

Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas. Yes, I have experienced in visiting in the morning, it is extremely the best idea to make the senior's day wonderful.
Lydia 8th Sep 2020 Activity Director

This Day in History for Seniors: September

Since I'm a staff of 1 with 65 residents, I can't change the "This Day in History" every day - no time!  So I print off the whole month, put it in a binder, and leave it on the table below the Activity Bulletin Board.  Someone (not me) flips over to the next day all month long, and I've observed residents holding the binder on their lap and sitting on the comfy chair by the bulletin board reading "today's" entry.
Stefanie 7th Sep 2020 Activities Director

Apple Decor

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Apple Decor
Jean 7th Sep 2020 Activities Provider

Armchair Travel to Germany

Thank you, this is great.
Jacinta Kelly 5th Sep 2020

Client Assessment: Getting to know your Client

Hi, can you give me the year that this was published as I would like to use this page as a reference please. Thank you
Dena 4th Sep 2020 Recreation Therapy Worker

Macarena: Learn the Exercise, Then do the Dance

That's perfect! Will be this teaching this one to our residents at our next exercise class. They will love it. Thank you for sharing!
Beverley 4th Sep 2020 Activities Co-ordinator

Words starting with E Quiz

This is amazing, there is so much for me to do with our residents. I am so glad I signed up. Thank you!
Gwyneth 3rd Sep 2020 Volunteer

The Human Body Riddles

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: PARTS OF THE BODY
Kathie 3rd Sep 2020 Activity C-ordinator


Hi, Try this recipe-- Mix equal parts of peat moss and potting mix or bonsai soil together. Slowly add in water and mix until a consistency develops, forming a soil ball that stays together, about the size of a grapefruit/large orange. We get the moss in a block and it makes up to 10 litres of wet product, so it goes a long way. Adding some Perlite to the mix, about two handfuls to a 9 lt bucket will help keep the mix aerated for water to be absorbed. Hope this helps, Kathie.
Kelly 3rd Sep 2020 Senior Living

Newsletter Template - September 2020

What are the answers for the word ladder?
Jean 3rd Sep 2020 Activities Provider

This Day in History for Seniors: October

Thank you for another month.