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Susan 29th Nov 2020 Care Activity Coordinator

Christmas decorations with Salt Dough

We made salt dough stars and the residents enjoyed it we ended up with so many. One resident in particular came every week to paint them and he had made most of them too. Sadly not sure if we will be able to display them this year due to the COVID restrictions which is disappointing but will store them ready for next year if we can't. The stars are in various sizes and some of the smaller stars I added initials so they all have their own star. Added glitter to the wet paint and hey presto a Christmas star.
Elizabeth 28th Nov 2020 Manager Of Recreation And Volunteers

The Sumatran Rhino Short Story

My Resident enjoy all the activities. Thank you.
Danielle 28th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator

What Do You See? Close Up Views of Every Day Items

Hi, have you got any more of these? My residents absolutely loved playing this both individually in their rooms and also in groups in the living room.

Thank you for sharing
Kim 27th Nov 2020 Manager

This Day in History for Seniors: January - 2nd Edition

really great thanks so much
Pauline 27th Nov 2020 Activities Assistant Dementia Unit

Snowball Garland

Great idea. Could also be used with home made pom-poms. Thanks.
Maurice 27th Nov 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Donna!

We've added the yearly calendar printing back for members - however this still only works for word documents (.docx), and not in the PDF version.

Hope that helps :)
Maurice 27th Nov 2020

Newsletter Template - January 2021

Hi Christine!

Sorry about that, all fixed - thanks for letting us know!
Christine 27th Nov 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Newsletter Template - January 2021

Hi, the calendar says 2020 and not 2021and Friday is the first day of the year :)
Donna 26th Nov 2020 Recreation Activities Officer

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi. How do I save the whole yearly 2021 calendar in one file ? I am only able to save each month in a file.
Claudia 25th Nov 2020 Recreation Coordinator Assistant

3 Ways to Practise Mindfulness with the Elderly

thank you for sharing this information i now our seniors will appreciate this so much.
Janelle 25th Nov 2020 Therapeutic Recreation

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

Thank you so much!! I just realized this was accepted. I will try to add more activities soon!!
Sandra 24th Nov 2020 Activity Director

How to Plan for the Festive Season in the Midst of the Pandemic

We always had a Christmas choir, however this year we can't have groups unless things change with Covid. Our residents are still in their rooms. We are trying to figure out how we can have a great event at this time.
Christine 23rd Nov 2020 Support Worker

Vegetable Quiz

Thank you for this, it will be useful for In- home activity support.
Meagan 23rd Nov 2020 Diversional Therapist

Card Concentration

Oh thank you for this!!! Will try and report back. Cheers!
Melva 22nd Nov 2020 Activity Director

Tin can Shoot 'em Up

We use a Nerf gun with soft foam "bullets" and plastic cups. Everyone really enjoys this activity and I get lots of exercise picking the cups up.
Jill 22nd Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator

How to Plan for the Festive Season in the Midst of the Pandemic

For our Christmas activities the staff and residents are setting up a choir. We have CDs and sheet music to help us.
Some of our residents will be performing a selection of Christmas poetry at our events.
Kathy 21st Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator

Santa's Beard Countdown To Christmas

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Santa's Beard

Race Around Australian Trivia game

You can buy this game, its called Aussie Quizz and used to be sold in a little styrofoam esky.
I made a map of Australia on a floor mat and used an old lantern, and other antique items to
move around to places on the map.
Season 20th Nov 2020 Activities Director

Newsletter Template - December 2020

Can you make a template of the Newsletter in a PDF file as well?
Nancy 20th Nov 2020 Manager

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

THis is an awesome activity....just one thought being that I'm fairly clueless......are the names of the cars available???
Zeba 20th Nov 2020 Senior Coordinator

Target Letter Game 1

I played this game with all the groups and they loved it. Good brain boosting exercises.
Thank you Golden Careers for your amazing sites.
But please try to add more videos related activities eg: "Do you Hear what I hear" sound exercises.
Thank you
ANKUR 19th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

We held a spa day yesterday where we gace shoulder massages , hand massages and nails if they wished, we sometimes add a foot massage and toenails in summer. We create atmosphere with candles, diffusers and spa images and music on the tv screen from youtube - they absolutely loved it as we all sit in a circle and chat away throughout the afternoon
Sue 19th Nov 2020

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Thursdays is my pampering day manicures hair and massages. The residents love it and I’m always booked up squeezing an extra one in here and there. It’s good to have a little one to one pampering

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Pamper days are not just for women. Men love to "hold hands and chat" and have their nails filed and creams with sandlewood massaged into their hands and face.
Always use disposable files. I wear a full apron(disposable) for them to lean back while I give a facial cleanse, clean & massage. I also have a session of look good feel great where the ladies have their "mini facial" and then some makeup. I schedule these before in house concerts or outings so we add a splash of perfume, their beads or scarf and they feel dressed up and special. Try to use the same lotion as the perfume to make the aroma last.
Erika 19th Nov 2020

Folk Songs Guessing Game and Singalong

That is a really beautifully done playlist on YouTube! I want to try this with my memory care residents tomorrow!
Maurice 19th Nov 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Philip!

When you say dropdown, do you mean the "Starts on" field? If so, this is just what day the month starts, when you download the calendar it should have all days of the week.

If I'm not understanding you correctly, can you please send a copy of your downloaded calendar to [email protected] so we can take a look?

Thanks :)
Restvale 19th Nov 2020 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

See my reply Carol.
Restvale 19th Nov 2020 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Hi we are in South Australia and do a 'Pamper Day' every 6/8 weeks. Our residents love this day. We use essential olds in a diffuser, have hand spa's, massages, cutting and polishing nails and foot spa's with flowers and marbles for them to roll their feet on. We also use a 'princess' chair where we can lay back a resident and do a facial and cucumber on the eyes! We play soft music and close the curtains. We do it as a group activity and the carer bring resident up when they are ready and they take it in turns to have the various things done. They love to chat; even the dementia about other times when they have had this done in their lives; weddings. For you Carol what we have done is do the nail cutting first, then the hand massage, leave it for a few minutes for the resident to enjoy the feeling and then use an alcohol wipe to give a good wipe over the nail bed. Leave it to dry then apply the polish. Seems to work well. Some people have their nails/massage done in the morning and come back in the afternoon for the polish.
Joanne 19th Nov 2020 Diversional Therapist

Treat Trolley

We also have the same, our trolley includes trinkets and bric and brac purchased from op shops, this is very popular with the Ladies they love ornaments and statues for their room or jewellery. The trolley also includes chocolate, lollies, coffee sachets or fancy coffee as the residents call it, chips, biscuits, lovely tubes of scented hand cream, hankies, birthday cards etc. it is very popular and many ask every day when the Jolly lolly trolley is coming.
Amy 19th Nov 2020 Supportive Service Coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Great idea and strategies for a spa day. In my rural region of Pennsylvania, we are still under covid precautions due to high numbers, so this will wait until we have a vaccine. Currently, we are maintaining 6 feet distancing. And have no physical contact.

Spa days are a great idea.
I agree you need protocols for cleaning the tools after each us, the best practice is an individual nail care bag for each resident. But if you cant do that due to large numbers, we found having a checklist we sign after each group spa helps us maintain hygiene standards and avoid cross contamination.

I know at our building, we will be re-structuring and adding in hygiene precautions for activities, after covid is resolved. Its made us think through how we normally do activities. I am looking forward to when my community can have spa days again.
Megan 19th Nov 2020 Therapeutic Activities Services Worker

What Do You See? Close Up Views of Every Day Items

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: What Do You See? Close up views of every day items
Julia 19th Nov 2020 Enfermera

Aromatherapy for the Elderly

Tengo algunas limitaciones para escribir en ingles, pero quiero manifestar que el tema de AROMATERAPIA es uno de mis temas preferidos, pronto hare lo posible hacerme miembro y acceder al curso.
Alison 18th Nov 2020 Activities Co Ordinator

Artist Impression - Wassily Kadinsky

Can we have more like this? I like that there is no right way to do this, just whatever colours you choose. Sometimes people are cautious when they feel they are trying to represent a real thing like a house, flower or person. This gives some lines to work in, but so much freedom of expression. Thank you.
Gwyneth 18th Nov 2020 Volunteer

Christmas Carols Quiz II

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: CHRISTMAS CAROLS QUIZ
Leesha 18th Nov 2020 Coordinator Day Centre

Who Am I? December Birthdays

Our clients love this activity - great for reminiscence and including all of the group.
Philip 18th Nov 2020 Student

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi there

I am trying to complete a monthly calendar however the dropdown box is not giving me all of the days of the week? Any suggestions?


Philip 18th Nov 2020 Student

Newsletter Template - November 2020

I just love this website I have just started my career in the Aged Care Industry and this website is my must go tool for ideas and inspirations

Thank-you so much
Shaquira 18th Nov 2020 Activity Director

Who Am I? November Birthdays

This works good for room to room material.
Margaret 18th Nov 2020 Activity Director

9 Examples of Activity-Based Care Plan Interventions

Does anyone out there have activity care plan with goals and approaches for a a change of condition with a resident in SNF with COVID???
Lorraine 17th Nov 2020 Recreational Director

Create your own Word Search!

Awesome I personalized it with names of places in our building to hand out to new residents so easy to use thank-you!
Philip 17th Nov 2020 Student

12 Habits That Make You Look Professional

Thank you so much for this article I have just completed my studies in aged care and found the information provided insightful and useful. I will certainly be using these in all of my interactions as I progress in my new career

Shaquira 17th Nov 2020 Activity Director

Who Am I? November Birthdays

This works good for room to room material.
Jack 16th Nov 2020 Activities Assistant

Paper Plate Poppy Wall Decoration

I am so pleased it was a success Laura
David 16th Nov 2020 Activities Co Ordinator

Who Am I? December Birthdays

Who am I birthdays is a real hit with my residents.Can be done on a one to one or as a group activity.
Been excellent during lock down.
Thank you.
Jean 16th Nov 2020 Activities Provider

12 Habits That Make You Look Professional

Thank you for your article 'Habits that make you look professional'. I use articles like this for myself and pass them on to my colleagues in the training program.
Norma 16th Nov 2020 Lifestyle

12 Habits That Make You Look Professional

During the Corona Virus it was extremely hard to find activities to do with the residents, keep them socially distancing whilst trying to keep them busy. We were, and are still not allowed to have volunteers come in which again made it extremely hard to run certain programs, and for us to try to keep our coffee shop going. The coffee shop is a good chance for our residents to be able to sit out in a dedicated area away from the normal communal area.
The hardest thing was the family visits with people trying to talk to each other through a window or a door wearing masks, most of the residents are hard of hearing, and with masks on and shields it was made so difficult to hear. But we have all come through it and hope there will not be another breakdown any time soon.
Gwyneth 15th Nov 2020 Volunteer

2 Happy Poems to Share

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: The title of this poem says it all - SMILING
Sylvia 14th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator

40 Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Hello everyone I hope you are all well . Thank you for all your ideas it has been a godsend that's for sure, covid has been a night mare for activity coordinators Christmas is now looming and today has been great .
Do you have any ideas for making a DAY TO DAY Board ,

for example what day is it
what's the date
what time is it
what is the weather like
what day is it

It must be senior orientated mainly for our dementia floor.
Jenny Jones 14th Nov 2020

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

Jeopardy was a huge success!!!!! Thanks so much!
Stephanie 14th Nov 2020 Recreationist

Reminiscing with Paul's Jukebox

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Reminisce with Paul's Jukebox