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Aranui Rest Home and Hospital 6th Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist I/T

Easter Bingo for Senior Care

I love your idea! We've got bean bags and I will use this idea to do Bunny Hunting for the coming Easter. Thanks!
Natalie 5th Mar 2021 Nursing Supervisor & Event Manager

NRL Tipping 2021

Thankyou !
Melo 4th Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator

Guess the Bird Quiz

Superb idea.... will organise this with other activities to make it engaging to all residents.
Fay 4th Mar 2021 Program Facilitator

Cross Country with Bud - Short Story

I love this site. Have been on it for nearly 3 hours now. Last March I lost my job due to restructuring and thought I wouldn’t need to be looking for activities. I’ve kept in contact with a few of the clients and try to visit in their homes once a fortnight. I take along with me some activities from golden carers. I visit one lady who cannot speak so being one on one finding it difficult to accommodate. Have managed some dice and card games and flower and garden collage and drawing and colouring in. Without golden carers I could not have been able to do this. Many many thanks to everyone who contribute. Fay
Gwyneth 4th Mar 2021 Volunteer

Welsh Love Spoons Folklore

Thanks Jean, I was a bit late in sending it in, but it is a lovely story and as you say it will keep for another year, but it need'nt be kept for St David's Day I think it is a lovely story at any time, we could all do with a bit of love during this pandemic. Gwyneth (Love spoons)
Solange 4th Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist

Things that go Together Quiz

Hi Linda, thank you very much for your kind words. We are so happy we can lend a hand. Your comments mean a lot to us. Thank you.
Solange 4th Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist

Color Go Fish

Hi, Elaine, thank you for your feedback. Very few people would steal paint color charts, and I agree with you; it is not the right thing to do. I believe most people would ask the shop owner for paint charts they no longer need like fazed out, discontinued paint, and bankrupt paint companies. For sure they would like to see it recycled. Cheers
Linda 4th Mar 2021 Social Clubs Manager

Things that go Together Quiz

Fantastic website. I had so much fun engaging myself. The site has so much to offer.
I am very excited at the prospect of interacting on our zoom link tomorrow for people living with dementia and their carer's - with some of the quizzes listed.
They are so user friendly and you can copy them up quite quickly with out the need of a printer.
It is such a friendly site, full of wonderful imaginative and innovative ideas to stimulate and engage with those we care for.
Congratulations on creating wonder and possibility with this magical site.
I absolutely love it. I am so glad we are able to refer to this. There is so much to make those in most vulnerable smile and happy engaging. 5 stars! Thank you.
Fantastic site! Thank you.
Elaine 4th Mar 2021 Recreation Therapy Supervisor

Color Go Fish

With all due respect, I believe that taking paint swatches from a store to play games with Residents is stealing. The paint swatches are for customers who are looking to paint walls and buy their paint. Stores have to pay money for those swatches, and ultimately, those charges go back to customers. If they wanted anyone to just help themselves for whatever reason other than painting, they would have posted signs to just help yourself. I believe honesty is a good habit we should all follow. Saying this respectfully.
Joelle 4th Mar 2021 Recreation Worker

Australian Animals Quiz

it would be absolutely FABILOUS Darlings if there were photos!!! What do you think!!!?? Most people don't have an image in their minds as to what a bilbie is... I sure don't!! Thanks :)
Matthew 4th Mar 2021 Resident Experience Director

Baby Word Search

I'd love the answer key to the babies word search!
Darla 4th Mar 2021 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Armchair Travel to the Philippines

Wonderful Arm Chair Travel. A great opportunity for our residents to connect with our staff and caregivers. from Philippines country and heritage. Will also provide opportunity to promote understanding and build relationships and tolerance from our Residents, Thank you for creating.
Janell 3rd Mar 2021 245D Specialist

Birds of the World Quiz II

Thank you for the quiz. Mom is struggling with language and this will be a great way for her to practice. I am creating a set of flash cards with a picture and the question on the front and the answer on the back. Let me know if you would like me to upload a copy.
Jean 3rd Mar 2021 Activities Provider

Welsh Love Spoons Folklore

I'm sorry I missed these Welsh activities, I did a successful activity: St Davids Day & Wales on Monday 1/3/21 but have printed this for next year. Thank you
Dee 3rd Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist

Covid-19 Poetry: Life in Isolation

Wow how so close to home are those comments, will happily share them with our residents they will be able to relate. Thankyou and please keep safe. From our resthome we wish you well and send positive vibes . Heads up and to all the nursing, domestic and management and every essential workers you are all doing a amazing job. Truly valued in every way.
Gwyneth 3rd Mar 2021 Volunteer

Words Enging with Ology

Thank you Lisa, Gwyneth
Patricia Filby 3rd Mar 2021

How to Plan Music Activities for Dementia Care

My friend and I, who both have/had husbands with dementia, have had a weekly “choir” of residents at our local aged care facility for some years before the management restricted this activity due to the pandemic. We have now been given permission to resume our much appreciated and enjoyable “choir” activities.
We have a mixed bunch, from some in the early stages of dementia right through to a more advanced stage. And a sprinkling of residents who are cognitively OK.
We intend to introduce various percussion instruments this time around. I would be grateful for any ideas or advice about this as I have never used them myself.
Thanks in advance.
John 3rd Mar 2021 Lifestyle Worker

Musical Stories and Song

As a Lifestyle Worker. Music is so important to our residents
John 3rd Mar 2021 Lifestyle Worker

Musical Stories and Song

I play a lick on the guitar, our residents have to put their hand up if they,ve hear it before.
Helen 3rd Mar 2021 Recreation Director

This Day in History for Seniors: March - 2nd Edition

These resources are a lifesaver during the quarantine!
Yvonne 2nd Mar 2021 Activity Assistant

Who Am I? March Birthdays

Thankyou for your amazing activities and ideas. My go to site for planning activities. Thanks Yvonne
Arlene 2nd Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator

Newsletter Template - January 2021

can you print march,april,may,june,july,sept,oct,nov.newsletter template like the month of jan.feb.pls. thank
Lisa 2nd Mar 2021 Activities for Seniors

Words Enging with Ology

Very Nice!! Thank you!
Maria 2nd Mar 2021 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Armchair Travel to the Philippines

This is awesome! I've done armchair travel in the Philippines with the residents years ago. I put on our National Dress, prepared foods, souvenirs, showed them beautiful places of the country. We had question and answer portion for them to know more about Philippines And showed them one of the Philippine Folk dance. The residents enjoyed so much and they loved it. So much FUN!
Cathie 2nd Mar 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

Soda Shop Cart

As great an idea the vaccination celebration is, unless you have 100% of residents who receive the vaccine it may discriminate against those who cant or dont want to have it.
Holly 2nd Mar 2021 Resident Liaison

6 Vaccination Celebration Ideas

Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to this website.
We have just had our first armchair travel, the residents enjoyed it very much, and asking when and where is the next one. With all your resources it was easy to organize. They loved the passports and boarding pass.

Musical Stories and Song

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Musical Stories and Song
Lindsey 1st Mar 2021 Manager Of Residential Home For The Elderly

This Day in History for Seniors: March - 2nd Edition

Loving the “On this day” ❤️❤️❤️
Solange 1st Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist

How to Discipline Your Activity Staff

Hi Elize, you should have a record of everything you do. Have you heard of the saying: “If it is not documented, it didn’t happen”.? Care Plans, Progress Notes, Residents Profile, Hand-over sheets, among other records make the continuity of care easier. Records can be hand-written or computer-based (electronic) or a combination of both. Record keeping ensures professionalism and provides protection for residents and staff. You can start with the links below but I urge you to contact other care facilities and find out what sort of records the Government in your country requires.
Maurice 1st Mar 2021

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Tonya!

If you're working with the Word Document, try and change the settign "1-Page" to "Multi-Page".

That will let you resize your table inside of word once you've generated it.

Let me know how you go! :)
Maurice 1st Mar 2021

Easter Poster

Hi Linda - all fixed!
Jan 1st Mar 2021 Facilitator

DIY Scattergories Game

Found this was an excellent activity for engaging all, even staff.
Berthe 1st Mar 2021

Laughing Together - Five Activities to Get Residents Smiling

Thank you Golden Carers to sharing us a variety of activities to cheer and put a smile on residents' faces, indeed they need to laugh in this period of time after covid-19 visited all the planet since one year, RN , EN or RAO or AIN all the staffs were putting all there effort to bring the joy for residents who were isolated and could not be outdoors or letting any family visiting, what we were doing is to bring the joy and the fun and putting a smile on our dearest residents' faces because laughing or smiling is the best medicine and therapy and take you to another place more calm and quiet.
Sending my best.
Nowadays restrictions are limited and residents can be visited and going bus trip and beong with families again but of course following legal rules and law and kkeping social distance 1.5 and not forgetting to wash throughly hands, no hugs and kisses, stay safe everyone.
Elize 1st Mar 2021 Creative Therapy Manager

How to Discipline Your Activity Staff

Aj.thanks for the idea of a music history week.Im for sure going to do this!! I .myself have been running out of ideas.
Solange 28th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist

5 of Quiz

Hi Lindsey, the quiz answers are five of whatever was said. e.g 'exotic fruit': Lychee, mango, banana, carambola, papaya - and so on. Cheers!
Lindsey 28th Feb 2021 Manager Of Residential Home For The Elderly

5 of Quiz

What do you have to do with this quiz.. sorry, I don’t get it
Sonya 28th Feb 2021 Health Care

Modified Beer Pong

What is a good name for this activity on ST. Patrick's Day? I would love to do this with my residents.
Solange 28th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist

Carpet Bowls

HI, Michelle, the system of playing is exactly like for Indoor Bowls: the team that scores the most balls closer to the jack wins. Here is how it goes:
Carpet Bowls Rules
The game is usually played up to 21 points
Two teams of 3 or 4 people
Each team picks one set of balls
As I said above the score is measured by the number of bowls closer to the Jack
The team that wins the match gets 2 points, if there is a draw it is one point for each team.
The first team throws balls followed by the second team and then records the score. How many points did each team get?
Keep going this way until one team gets 21 points.
NOTE: Having said that, of course, you adapt the game to suit the skills of the residents.
Instead of counting points, you can establish how many games are going to be played instead. This way many people interested in playing can have a go. So, for instance: 2 teams, 4 games - the team with the most points wins. You can adapt the game for certain residents (e.g. residents in wheelchairs) and leave the instructions above for low care, mobile residents. Anyway, you are the best judge in which manner you adapt the game.
It was very popular in my last place of work, we played every fortnight on a Friday at 3 pm and then had a Happy Hour.
Alison 28th Feb 2021 Allied Health Assistant

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

I have started to use these with patients on a psycho-geriatric ward. I feel that how the patient is feeling is so open to misinterpretation by medical staff simply because useful communication tools have not been considered. These cards are an amazing start in an attempt to break down some of the communication barriers however encouraging medical staff to get on board is unfortunately the main challenge. Can anyone recommend even more communication cue cards that might be available. So simple but soon effective. Many Thanks.
Lisa 28th Feb 2021 Activities for Seniors

Horse Quiz

Great quiz! THANK YOU
Julianne 28th Feb 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

International Women’s Day Quiz

Hi Wendy
this a fantastic idea Thank you im going to run with this also
hope your doing well
Gwyneth 27th Feb 2021 Volunteer

Welsh Love Spoons Folklore

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: WELSH LOVE SPOONS
Lindsey 27th Feb 2021 Activity Coordinator

Magazine Collage

Love all the ideas... we have used many of them thank you
Debra 27th Feb 2021 Lifestyle Therapist

Activity Goals Presentation

I have just joined, and the resources available have already given me and my team some different ideas for activities for our residents. We look forward to facilitating these activities in partnership with our residents.
CAROL 27th Feb 2021 Activity Coordinator

No-Sew Knotted Blanket Kits

I am happy that you enjoyed this project.
CAROL 27th Feb 2021 Activity Coordinator

No-Sew Knotted Blanket Kits

Update : Just went to and searched Make It Give It No Sew Fleece Blankets and there are only 5 available patterns that can be shipped. The coat is still 2 for $10.00.
We have started our third blanket, with only 18 more to go. This project will keep us busy for several months. Happy Knotting everyone.
Camilla 26th Feb 2021 Project Manager

Emoji Bingo

Great idea.
Thanks for this.
Michelle 26th Feb 2021 Activity coordinator

Carpet Bowls

I am trying to start up carpet bowls can someone help me with the instrustions on how to play and scoring and easy version please
Margaret 26th Feb 2021 Director

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

I love your calendar and so do my residents. Thanks for this option.
The Red 26th Feb 2021 Activities

The Shops of Old Reminiscing

On google search for photos of each of the shops in the 1950’s x