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Carman 25th Sep 2021 Activities Coordinator

Picnic Checklist Word Scramble

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: PICNIC CHECK LIST WORD SCRAMBLE
Gwyneth 24th Sep 2021 Volunteer

Pot Luck Quiz 27

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: TRIVIA
Jennifer 24th Sep 2021 Activities Coordinator

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? #2

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Who wants to be a millionaire?
Jennifer 24th Sep 2021 Activities Coordinator

Catchphrase Visual Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Catchphrase!!
Lynn 24th Sep 2021

Songs for Seniors Quiz

This is fantastic! Thank you so much. Such a great help :)
Gwyneth 23rd Sep 2021 Volunteer

Exercise & Singalong

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: EXERCISES TO MUSIC AND SINGALONG
DT 22nd Sep 2021 National Diversional Therapist

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Thank you so much, we just played this game today I make 2 groups the one who lead the group are the one holding the bell to ring if they know the answer. Our residents really enjoyed this. I thought the questions are hard for them but no they know most of the answers, sometimes I'm not finish yet to read the question but they are already ringing their bell. Thank you It's a great game!
Satomi 22nd Sep 2021 Carer / Activity Coordinator

BBC Reminiscence Archive

Thank you for these incredible value resources. No doubt that majority of MSU residents engage with this reminiscence activity.
Ruth 22nd Sep 2021 Site Mgr

Thanksgiving Bingo

I am sure our seniors will enjoy this Thanksgiving Bingo,just like the really enjoy playing the Travel, Sightseeing and other great Bingo. I am excited to play the Dice Bingo, am am sure our men will like it. Thanks for the easy to use and inexpensive resources for our seniors.
Julie 22nd Sep 2021 Wellness & Activity Coordinator

Fun Group Table Quiz

This looks exactly do you play?
Michelle 21st Sep 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

DIY Armchair Travel Postcards

What a great idea I love it
Jo 21st Sep 2021 Leisure And Wellness Coordinator

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Amazing work on this game. Well done.
Nikki 21st Sep 2021 Day Centre Coordinator

Sit & See Observation Bus Outing

I like the use of pictures and words on the card. I did a similar thing with words only to encourage observation on a 30 minute drive to a waterfront café. (pre pandemic) I added a couple of things at the destination such as yachts on storage shelves and the commuter ferry.
In lockdown I've used this type of card to encourage looking outdoors when Spring was beginning - 3 birds on the lawn, white blossom, a spring bulb in flower.
Another version was focused in the homes of people we'd normally have at our centre. I asked them to mark off things such as a favourite item of clothing, something they inherited, a photo with 3 generations in it. There are so many variations possible with the knowledge we have of the participants and our imaginations!
If treats can't be provided due to physical distance, I have suggested that a treat be had when the card is full - which has included 9 - 12 items to find.
Melissa 21st Sep 2021

This Day in History for Seniors: November

Do you have the November This Day in History in Spanish? Thank you.
Melissa 21st Sep 2021

This Day in History for Seniors: December

I don't see a Spanish version for December. Is there one available... maybe I am just missing it? Thank you. Thank you for all of the awesome resources... it has been a tremendous help during COVID.

Meg 21st Sep 2021 Project Officer

Music Bingo

Hi Val
Likewise - I had been browsing the site for a long time. I still find it incredulous that this site exists. I know how hard it must be for our Lifestyle teams to keep coming up with ideas and activities and to now have found this site - WOW. I really do think it says a lot about the immense value of community collaboration - because this site is about that! - I think!
Clive 20th Sep 2021 Co-Ordinator

Spot the Differences #10

We are re-starting ( after a year and a half due to covid) our Vintage Banquet for the over 60s and one activity they really enjoy is spot the difference, but from what I'm seeing, the drawings have not been updated since last year and they're the same or is it that I'm looking in the wrong section of your site.
Please help-Thanks.

Regards from Kingston Upon Thames-London
Harriet 18th Sep 2021 Activity Director

Fun & Delicious No-Cook Food Ideas for Seniors

Mariann 18th Sep 2021 Director Of Activities

Bunker Bingo

I love this idea and can't wait to try it with my residents. Thank you !!
Zeba 17th Sep 2021 Senior Coordinator

Food & Cooking PowerPoint Presentation

I love this website. This is my second year with Golden Careers and it is amazing the variety of activities you have.
My seniors love them.

Zeba Taj
Seniors Coordinator
Amy Leung 17th Sep 2021

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

Thanks for the tips of activities. Since during the lockdown, Ive been creating difference projects such as family tree story telling, stimulations exercises with clapping hands, moving legs, printing difference coloring page such as secret garden, sometimes with themes and sometimes with themes and bible verse. my senior mostly are 90s and above, and they love me to plays 80s or 70s songs music for them and with them.
Deidre 16th Sep 2021 recreation therapist/carer

Color By Numbers - Christmas Bells

thankyou I love this site
Linda 15th Sep 2021 Activities Coordinator

Halloween Powerpoint Quiz

Brilliant Chris,
Nikki 15th Sep 2021 Day Centre Coordinator

Fun With the Weather

I love this site and the thought of all of us who use it being busy enriching the lives of seniors.
I have been looking for a colouring activity which has a rainbow in the scene. I can't find one here today so if you are able to add one that would be much appreciated.
Currently I'm working from home to keep the guests at our community based programme connected and occupied. We are in our 5th week of complete lockdown - only allowed out to buy groceries, medical reasons and for limited local exercise. (Covid Delta)
I'm so looking forward to being able to reach the many guests who don't have email and therefore haven't received our weekly activities packages. Hopefully next week we will be able to post hardcopies to those seniors.
Donica 15th Sep 2021 Exec. Director/RN

Balloon Games

My seniors at my adult day center love competing with balloons .... but my back quickly let me know that this was not going to last much longer!
I ended up tying a long piece of twine from the ceiling and attached an inflated (punch ball) to the end of it. Now my members can sit and hit the ball around from one to the other and I no longer have to retrieve the ball! They love it and my back does too!
To give the punch ball some weight - I taped a small washer to the bottom of it.
Janet 15th Sep 2021 Executive Director

Fortune Fun

Residents will love this. Thank you
Nancy 14th Sep 2021 Activity Program Supervisor

Peace Poems

Thank you for all the great ideas! The residents enjoy them.
Sharon 14th Sep 2021 Leisure and Lifestyle Team Member

Armchair Travel to New Zealand

We travelled to New Zealand this week with our residents. We turned our conference room into a plane with print outs of plane windows We arranged the chairs to look like plane seating and numbered the chairs. Each resident was handed a boarding pass, passport and spending money as they boarded their 'aircraft'. We served refreshments by our acting 'flight attendant' while the 'captain' spoke about our flying time and weather conditions on our flight. We showed a film on NZ and chatted about their memories of visiting NZ. They asked questions as we read from a fact sheet. I relayed my stories of growing up in NZ. Thank you Golden Carers for all the resources to make this into a fun activity. We plan to make Armchair travel a monthly activity and everyone is looking forward to our next destination!
CECILIA 14th Sep 2021 Social Activity Group Facilitator

Nombres Femeninos - Word Search

A new activity has been submitted by Cecliia: Nombres Femeninos - Word Search
CECILIA 14th Sep 2021 Social Activity Group Facilitator

Nombres Masculinos - Word Search

A new activity has been submitted by Cecilia: Nombres Masculinos Word Search
CECILIA 14th Sep 2021 Social Activity Group Facilitator

Bailes Latinos - Word Search

A new activity has been submitted by Cecilia: Bailes Latinos Word Search
Tina 14th Sep 2021 Sr. Vibrant Life Director

Cover the Number - Dice Game

Is the template suppose to be all the same number???
Does each person roll the dice themself ?
Maria 13th Sep 2021 Community Support Worker

Pick Your Topic

Love this
Penny 13th Sep 2021 Activity Director

Red or Black Card Game

This game is what YOU make of it. You have to put your energy into it. They pick up that energy and will have a fun time. I have used it for years. It seems infantile but it ends up being very social and a win, win!
Lorraine Courts 12th Sep 2021

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

Hi I love all your ideas but does anyone have activities for men with dementia who may have difficulty putting a sentence together? There seems a great deal of ideas for women so any help is appreciated. Thanks
Ruth 9th Sep 2021 Site Mgr

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I can't wait to play this game, thank you for games like this for our seniors.

God Bless!
Val 8th Sep 2021 Supportive Housing Companion

Music Bingo

I love this site! I just joined, but have been looking at it for at least 4 year. I finally took the plunge. The only thing is I'm in Canada and have to change up a few things that are American for Canadian. So much to see and choose from on this sight. I'm super excited to use this stuff in this next year.
Virginia Santos 8th Sep 2021

Words in Words Game

It's help me to created more ideas for our daily program. Thank you
Hanneke 8th Sep 2021 Manager Services

15 Tips for an Active Resident Council

I love this, thank you for sharing it.
I will share it with our Client Council as well as the article on how to run a successful meeting and the template of the minutes.
Christy 8th Sep 2021 LEC

Armchair Travel to Japan

I used this program, it was amazing well balanced. I added Sake tasting, Japanese candy tasting and brought in some of my keepsakes from Japan. Thank you!
Debi 8th Sep 2021 Senior Site Manager

World Beer Types Word Search

So glad I joined Golden Cares. My members at our senior center really enjoy the stories, puzzles and quizzes each month. I like the new ideas for my programs and activities. Wish I had become a member of GC sooner.
Gwyneth 7th Sep 2021 Volunteer

Music for Memory: Nursery Rhymes & Singalongs

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Music for Memory/Nursery rhymes with actions/singalong
Teresa 7th Sep 2021 Activity Assistant

Armchair Travel to Japan

Hello. I love this idea of armchair travel. I'm starting the travel to Japan, and have printed up the passport. I'm wondering, how do I print those immigration stamps? They all seem to be dated. Is there a way that I can edit the dates, and print to glue into passports? Thank you.
Joan 7th Sep 2021 Retired

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

How is jeopardy played.
Joan fox.
Sonia 7th Sep 2021 Lifestyle

Masquerade Ball

When is ru ok day
LINDA 5th Sep 2021

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

I AM 73 and I am lucky to be involved in blind and visually impaired golf. It is played in 16 countries and there are national Opens as well as a World Championship. Our totally blind players are awesome and we all play to the same rules as sighted players. Each golfer has a guide to indicate aiming direction, find the ball and share in the trophy (it's basically a 2-man sport).
I am always surprised that so few people know blind golf exists. Pros and better golfers are the people less likely to believe you if you know about blind golf. It's because they can't imagine how such a difficult sport could be conquered by a blind or visually impaired person.
Well guess what - it can be!!
Valerie 5th Sep 2021

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you for the great activities
Rebecca 4th Sep 2021 DAHS Activity Director

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

I hope you all enjoy! Have fun :)
Rahoz 3rd Sep 2021 Finance Administrator

Blank Slate Word Game

The Blank Slate word Game is absolutely awesome great one thank you for sharing went down well with the patients.
Susana Meraz Montelongo 3rd Sep 2021

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Muchísimas gracias se me hace muy interesante todo lo que He leído voy a iniciar una escuela para adulto mayor y me gustaron todas las actividades para aplicarlas